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    Cun'Ts Cuphead odds

    It seems our resident evil here is going all in on Cuphead.

    For those of you who don't game, Cuphead is a wonderful shooter that has some of the worst boss fights this side of Gordon Ramsey in hell's kitchen.

    It's what some of us call in gamer lingo call a one and done, meaning you play it once, beat it, then throw that fucker into the closet.

    The game has fantastic graphics, on high end the game looks incredible. It is 100% worth your time and money.

    But the catch is, the boss fights. They are extremely hard. But because of its layout and presentation, you want to keep playing just because you want to see what the next level brings.

    I don't doubt Cun'Ts determination or dexterity, but I give him a 70% chance he gamer rages.

    Place your bets
    RIP King Martini 2006/2020

    Shit mang, I gotta track down a copy of the game first.

    And yeah, I know it's gonna be a total bastard to play, I've seen enough reactions of seasoned gamers playing to know this is going to be something that is likely to keep me busy, possibly for months. Maybe even two or three controllers perhaps. Last time I held a controller in my hands, it was for Battle Kart on the N64. So you might reasonably say that I'm in for one hell of a ride.

    Kinda wondering what you class as a rage though, because if it's full on AGK you're looking for, I don't doubt you're going to be disappointed. My mind drifts back to the first vehicle I owned, a Toyota Hiace that had seen far better days than when I had come into possession of it. One day I'd driven down to the river to pick up a friend, smoked a couple of doobies before heading back, which was a big mistake.

    So the odyssey was interesting to say the least. After about fifty yards I started swearing my head off, sotto voce, a steady stream of muttering a near endless stream of completely fucked up shit about the anything that popped into my head. The hairpin turns, the kinds of dickheads who thought it was a smart idea to build their houses on the sides of cliffs, those retarded caggabepatch children playing cricket in the middle of the street on a blind turn and shitty Japanese buzzboxes that couldn't make third gear from second without a quick stop by fourth. All constant stream of thought muttering, my friend was practically paralytic with laughter long before we hit the real traffic and I got oodles of fresh material to work with. Other drivers, pedestrians, street signs that looked at me the wrong way. On and on it went, that constant low muttering imprecations and insults. Hell, you've seen what I'm capable of when I set my mind to it, imagine that with a Paw Rugg style of delivery and you wouldn't be too far off the mark. And that didn't stop until we had pulled into the driveway and I'd switched the engine off in the van.

    I turned to my friend with a grin and said "that was fun, we should do it again sometime."

    So yeah, if that's the kind of "gamer rage" you're after then I'm probably going to have to track down some pot. Not that it's my thing, even while I was in Canada it was a fairly rare occurrence for me to smoke at all, let alone get shitfaced to the point where I'd let the filters down and cut loose like that evening in the Hiace. Truth is I'll probably be stony silent for most of it, maybe the odd groan, but lose it totally as I've seen some gamers do?

    Methinks you may have been drinking deep of the Trollkind Kool-Aid. I don't get that aggro, even if I know how to act it.


    • Arugula Flatulence
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      Anyway, got me a digital download of the thing, I'll look at installing it after I get caught up on all my Agni stuff. Might take me a bit though, I was already somewhat behind before all this gaywad "come to SG... swimming pools, movie stars... sheep... gerbils... gaffer tape" garbage got going again.

      If the little shitslurpers come barreling back in here wanting to know where I am, hose them down and tell them I'm busy with Important Things. After all, what could be more important than Cuphead, right?*

      * - yeah yeah, I know - you have a boner for FN, so what? Others have boners for lesbians and trannies running about destroying each others shit... just not as many as anyone trying to push Sony's TLOU2 would like to make out.

    i finished mortal shell, it was not as hard as a dark souls game in my opinion. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice had some rage boss fights.

    this crash game looks hard for as hell if you wanna get all the fruits


      This just in:
      Cuphead toys are coming to Arby's kids meals in North America!
      <a href= target=_blank></a>


        Ottawa's unfashionable west end is the only place in a 200 mile radius with an Arbys. And its parking lot is nearly always empty. I guess even Kanata has standards.

        I guess I can stand to order my Cuphead merch off eBay... though honestly? It's the graphics of the game that drew me in, along with the challenge of playing it. Don't need a buch of plastic junk on my shelves, I got a CD collection for that.


        • Madcow Klitzgasm
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          Where do we get that any more? This whole 5k shit storm means that we order meat in a fortnight, and the best buy date is only 3-5 days further. If it doesn't get cooked right away, then frozen, then rethawed, we're looking at a huge meat net loss...

          We got on kilo from Woolies 3 days ago and it was smelling off despite having a best buy/use date of October 2nd. Had to cook up the whole lot into hamburgers and nearly did a vinegar wash on that shit.

        • Sasquatch
          Sasquatch commented
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          I don't blame you. i've had stuff go bad weeks before the best buy date and stuff stay good weeks after the best before date. Transportation and storage is a huge part of that as things that are stored in places that have constantly fluctuating temperatures(especially on the warm side) us going to spoil quicker. There was a milk company that was getting in shit here (lucerne) because their milk would always go sour a week or two even before the best before date. turns out they were being retards in storage and transportation from the factory and blaming the retailers for it. They finally smartened the hell up when they lost some big contracts like Wal mart and their product stopped moving because people stopped buying it.

        • Arugula Flatulence
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          Welcome to North America. Canada particularly has been suffering under that... for YEARS. And for any slow learners in the room, that's before Spooky Wu Flu got a chance to fuck with the supply chain. Well, sans the 5K limit of travel bit of course. Few enough places can boast the kinds of martial law being practiced out Klitzgasm's way. Point in fact, the suspension of liberties going on out that way, you want to lock and load if they start practicing that shit in your back yard. Before it gets to government employees raping citizens in lockdown.

          MK, I dunno what to tell you. If you could shake off your state premier's progressive ideas, support of terrorist organizations like Antifa and dubious business dealings with countries hell bent in disrupting the democratic process in capitalist societies, I could recommend you some eateries in places like Cheltenham or Smith Street Collingwood. But in light of you facing multiple thousand dollar fines before you cover a poofteenth the dstance to their doors, it's probably irrelevant. It's unlikely they are trading at this point anyway, and the Booger Kings and Dirty Ronnies of this world are making off like bandits.

          Welcome to our new normal. This is what our (mostly) unelected officials have been gnawing on the ankles of our supposed leaders. Who largely are not kicking them to the curb, while karens and manlets scream for their blood, Thunderdome style.

          May I suggest you invest in a larger freezer and cultivate a good working relationship with your local abbatoir? And a chainsaw? It'll be cheaper in the long run and your red and white proteins will be much fresher. Lady Filthmuck's dad did as much, and even traded some of that shit among the community for things he needed... cheeses, vegetables, farm equipment, technology. Tax free.

          Just a thought.

        just got cuphead. cunty won't get past the tutorial!!!


          Cunty still gotta bother installing it first. Rest assured, I've already watched the gameplay on YouTurd, the tutorial is the least of my troubles....

          ....ya stoopid bitch.


            Cunty has gone AWOL !

            Quick people start having fun.That usually brings him out of his sabbatical,cause he absolutley HATES people enjoying these forums.


            • Vitriol
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              There's nothing wrong with being a curmudgeon.
              Wait- I should clarify: there's plenty **wrong** with being a curmudgeon, but it's not strictly illegal or anything that I know of.

              Curmudgeons of the world unite... BUT NOT ON MY LAWN!!

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