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The Martini Flaming World Cup

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    The Martini Flaming World Cup

    Flaming is dead in this community. There's really no hope I'm bringing it back nor do I even care. I stated in another thread, I'm done on these forums. Like 100% done this time and I mean it. I have too much shit going on irl to put in an effort to create content on these forums when creating content is what I do in real life.

    That said, I'm going to go out with a bang.

    One thread with just flaming. Right. Here.

    I won't be posting any more at MMP, and you will only find me in this thread and the gamer thread. That's all I'm willing to give if even that. I do have a few ideas I've been working on flame wise and I'll put those here on display.

    If you want the rules, there at MMP. Winner gets FF7, pretty much and it must be original content and not shit that's been posted before.
    RIP King Martini 2006/2020

    Dear Illinois weed smokers;

    The novelty is over, move the fuck on.

    I am sick and tired of, and this is during a world wide pandemic, btw, a bunch of blown out idiots who forget their credit keys considering to get essential items, the only registers available at the self checkers.

    What's essential to a weed smoker? Munchies.

    These fuckers don't give fuck all about toilet paper, they will buy out the flaming hot cheetos then wait like the junkies in Requiem for a Dream when they arrive and scream in excitement when the truck door opens like seals at the zoo.

    And another thing these half baggers do, they have no problem walking around in public in pajama pants. That shit is my biggest pet peeve. If you can't put on a pair of pants to go out in public, then stay fucking home, stoner.

    Did I mention the smell these intellectual rejects permeate? You would think these morons would be smoking the good shit from the dispensaries, but no. They are smoking that generic junk the local dealer is peddling at premium kush that's just basement grown ditch shit. You mother fuckers and only recently have been wearing ventilators, but I've been wearing one since the beginning of the year and have no issue sounding like Darth Vader to the poor guy at the liquor store when I buy a pack of smokes because the stench of weed bleeds the air like a dirty tampon between the thighs of the motherland.

    And while I'm at it- blunts.

    I enjoy the taste of a cigar/cigarillo. What I don't enjoy, are the child like flavored ones. So when you see a grown ass adult buying "teh burry dutches, nikka" just know those are the same fools who make lean outta NyQuil and Sprite.

    heres a quick get rich scheme- buy a box of Swisher's wholesale and charge double to the idiots standing in line at the dispensaries. Trust me, they will buy them. Unless they are the cheapskates who can't afford the taxes considering here in Illinois the tax is almost the same as the price of the dope. You would think with no bills or rent at the moment, and no offense, if you over the age of 30 and renting you really need to rethink your financial situation, that these morons would be going big and getting the stellar sativa. Nope they're buying more the the shit that smells like a dead body and are talking to walls in public on account of they've cheifed themselves onto another plain of brain damage.

    Sorry, I don't smoke weed. I see the benefits for health and medical, but I'm not for mental drones drooling all over themselves, wiping the shit all over their faces, then touching shit
    ​​​​others will fucking touch because they won't even remember touching the shit in the first place.

    "Hey, you went to Walmart to get toilet paper"

    " I did?"

    "Didn't you?"

    " is KFC open?"

    And with all the jails in Illinois being breeding grounds for the covid, they are shutting them down and releasing all non violent criminals so mother fuckers are buying pounds of the shit and showing their bounties in the trunks of their cars like they used to pimp their systems back in the day. Why do they keep it in their cars? Cuz the fucking shit stinks!! They would much rather stink up the public then their own fucking homes even tho they're pulling bong loads at the crib. Backward ass logic but still logic.

    One time when I was working at RR in Rockford, a girl came in who reeked so bad we had to shut the place down and open all the doors to fumigate the place, and this was before weed was legal. She didn't even remember what she ordered and forgot to bring money with her so we called the cops. She had her weed, but not money. Trust me, I waited on her.

    Welcome to the Flame Cup
    RIP King Martini 2006/2020


      Flaming or Roasting Cup?