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SG really is dying

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    SG really is dying

    From time to time I take a quick glance at the other forums in this dilapidated community.

    BC is, right now, the social hub of traffic. Nobody is putting up the view numbers that BC is pushing.

    I also looked at the numbers at SG, and sure enough, the place is dying out at a time, thru this whole pandemic, it should be booming.

    Blue Cashew has become the biggest forum in this community.

    I recall SG getting 1000 posts a day at times during my tenure as Mod, all of which in the flame section. And now the place is hardly getting 500 in a week.

    Why is this?

    Look no further then the members there, all of which are the shit the bigger forums threw to the side and have congregated as the left overs of this community, accept being the left overs, and enjoy being the left overs. When you get a cluck clique together when none of them have anything interesting to say, what happens?

    Well, you copy shit from here to drum up interest, I guess, when everyone there is already either posting or stalking this site already.


    I said SteveSimp ruins everything he touches. He isn't a draw, and sure enough, just like every forum he's had a hand in before, the life span is already expiring.

    Little advice- SG needs to swallow their pride and give their database to BC, so others can actually read the shit that's posted here. SteveRube isn't cut out for anything other then ruining forums with his stupidity. Just like Murdys forum that's dead in the bandwidth.

    Here's ass backwards logic-

    You have a Mod, who created a shit ton of drama who so happened to use one of the forum members as a prop.

    Ban that guy, not the prop.

    Ban the guy who created interest, who could battle back thru flaming key word there, not the idiot whos only claim to fame on these forums is as the biggest train wreck Victim.

    Sounds legit.

    But, looking at the situation now, I'm glad it did work out the way it did. This place gets a steady stream of quality material while other forums are trying to desperately recreate themselves into something that isn't a flame forum and failing because most of the vagabonds on these forums are too stupid to think outside the box and create great content.

    Speaking of which, I didn't forget the Bonesaw trailer and it will be out today. I had deadlines I had to hit. I'm also dropping the song smack shortly.

    All in the members forum, of course.
    ​​​​​​as for SG, I'll give it til October before it hits Mudryshitpit numbers.
    RIP King Martini 2006/2020

    why is sg still closed to public viewing? is it really because cunty is viewed as the night king and the sg wall is really "the wall" that is keeping him from destroying all life in westeros? or is their a legal liability when you have members like lokmar posting daily about exterminating homosexual and liberals. turd rail was open and had the same type of content. bc's reject is open and they get their fair share of hitler cartman posts.

    the sg flame section is akin to some creepy old guy breaking into the neighbors house and stealing underwear and bringing that underwear back to his house. he and his brother will then sniff the underwear and giggle.


    it is like being back at alt.flame.

    in alt flame you would have a post called RE:the kof are two dollar whores who suck dried out donkey dick.

    in the header you could direct where that post would go besides alt.flame

    so you type alt.flame, alt.evil,,,,, alt.cascade

    hit send and your post shows up in all those groups. using the exploit merle found, you also send that post past the webtv firewall and into the secret kof clubhouse.

    webtv groups were not viewable unless you had a webtv and their firewall prevented pc user from seeing them or posting in them. but an exploit was found and you could flood their group with posts from alt.flame until webtv fixed it.

    posting at ft is like that, your post will magically end up at a some forum that is down on its luck or is lacking anything interesting to read. like a food bank making a delivery to a poor person.


    if a ft post helps save a life on another forum, that is worth any annoyance you may feel when your content is "borrowed"

    but bc and sg should merge. you already have a well established political section filled with the same type of red hat cons that post at sg. any "flaming" can be put in the rejected section. you save money. merge murdys pit with bc/sg too, that will allow vitty to post fractals.

    anyway. i do not read many groups now. BF dried up after uncle dill went mia. the busy threads are the "what you doing" ones. i have an account at gamefaqs. i posted my psn id and now i get strange messages from people along with 100+ friends. some of the friend requests are suspect especially when they misspell easy words.


      This 'get your stuff re-posted' game is pretty sic [sic].

      Click image for larger version

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        Heh, new name for Benzover... "delivery boy". Or "the unhired help", whatever takes your fancy.

        /me whistles

        Hey, delivery boy! Yo! Yeah you, the one with the No-Frills head... got another delivery for you over at to copypasta to the cheap seats. Don't worry if it doesn't make any more sense than the takeout you've been busy with here, all of it's beyond your pay grade and all.

        But you can still throw all the "BOOM"s and "COHAB"s at it and nobody there will know. One whiff of those paragraphs of juicy text and the herd'll be crying "tl;dr" at it no matter whose nick you stick at the top of it!


          Grats, the first three posts in this thread were reposted at another forum. KM, you just won a brand new car!


            Awwww, and the deliveryboy balked at posting the fourth? What a pussy he is!

            Never mind, I'm sure we can always find us a better deliveryboy, once the Chinavirus shutdowm is over and they're all let out of their hideyhole to go play again.


            • Regina George
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              your post showed up now. everyone in this thread gets a new car. i am donating mine to charity.

            • Arugula Flatulence
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              Getting a bit slow in his old age, is our deliveryboy. He's supposed to be on hand 24/7 to get those posts out the minute they roll off the presses here, not let them stack up while he wedges himself out of his momma's COUCH to get down to the newsagent!

              After all...

              Mick Jagger just called Sperging Groundz a bunch of nobodies. As if that was ever news to the rest of us.