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Fractals vs the "What are you doing thread". Which destroys a forum faster?

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    Fractals vs the "What are you doing thread". Which destroys a forum faster?

    I am going with the "what you doing thread".

    fractals can be shocking to view but are family friendly and may induce an interest in geometry and shit. one or two are permittable, it's when a whole section of a forum is dedicated to them is when they become an alligator death roll dragging a forum underwater to drown.

    mmp made fractals a fetish with vitty receiving sexual gratification with each one he posted. murdock's drooling all over whenever he posted one gave the whole thing a creepy vibe like something very unnatural was happening during their creation.

    a new fractal appearing became akin to a sacrifice of a human being (whicker man style) so that post count/crops would grow.

    this had the opposite effect, post count went dry and the site was barren. the site's seeds did not sprout. another type of seed was brought forth like a plague of locusts. the viagra spammers promising "dirty seed". this of course spelled DOOM for mmp and the site gave up the ghost.

    moderation in everything including fractals.

    the "what you doing" thread is more insidious.

    when the WYD thread is posted it usually means people are bored out of their fucking minds at the forum and desperately need a fluffer thread for people to participate in.

    the WYD thread requires zero skill or creativity to engage in. it soon becomes the go to thread for all members sapping the life out of everyone until no one even bothers to create new topics unless they are spin offs of the WYD thread like "what you purchase" and "what you eating" ect. these threads turn a forum into a zombified mess filled with the miserable moans of people yelling out what stupid things they are doing daily.

    it's like a group of anti social media influencers where people compete to out bore each other with the trivial shit that makes up their terrible horrible no good days. when the highlight of your forum life is telling complete strangers what you ate or bought, you are either in a coma or a useless cunt.

    people become like trained dogs, dutifully posting in these absurd threads with all the excitement of taking a morning shit. the banality is stifling, a forum that has the majority of it's posts taking place in WYD threads is a forum on the edge of extinction.

    fractals are bad but WYD threads are worse bordering on demonic.

    Heil spikey snowmen.


      The death fractal walks amok.


        Images of people fucking disembowled carceasses are starting to almost look attractive at this point, eh? I blame twenty years worth of people whining about what others can or cannot post. It;s leeched all the fun out of the ame and left us with precious little other than.... well, WYD threads.


          Originally posted by Arugula Flatulence View Post
          Images of people fucking disembowled carceasses are starting to almost look attractive at this point, eh?
          When I first discovered however many years ago I found it morbidly fascinating for all of five minutes.

          Since then that sort of content has been neither shocking nor interesting. It's simply grotesque.

          If the choices are WYD threads or shock schlock there's something fundamentally wrong with one's taste in hangouts and one needs to get that checked out with the quickness by a professional shrink before one ends up being the subject of a tragedy porn special report on CNN.


            Who said they were the only choices? I was merely drawing a comparison between the two, suggesting that in a contest between the revulsion of grotesque imagery and the simply pitifully vapid emptiness of a WYD thread (or indeed yet another Caskur/HC chop comp), "grotesque" at the very least enjoys the ability to make you actually feel something.

            As for tragedy porn reports on CNN, a bunch of us have that market covered over in Agni. Why, earlier today a bunch of us pooled our resources and grabbed a bunch of animesh avatars, decking them out to look like various key members in the recent election theft (democripples, Lincoln Project organizers, Ann Coulter), dressed them all in flippers, snorkels and canine strapons and threw them all in a wading pool filled with furry cum.

            Then invited a few Trump supporters around for a party. Handed out a few tazers, cattleprods and guns that fired fetuses with Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell faces on them. A fun time was had by all.

            Especially when we wheeled out the Ruth Bader Ginsberg piƱata and started beating on it with pork swords.


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              How execrable.

            • Ex-King Poo from Uranus on Ice
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              Yeah well, what can you do. A couple of us thought to invite the Antifa crowd, but thought it might incite a riot. Inciting riots are bad, mmmkay?

            Originally posted by Arugula Flatulence View Post
            Who said they were the only choices?
            Pretty sure I said "if", as in IF that was all a place had to offer.
            WYD threads are nothing to stick around for and neither are gorefests.
            IF a forum had naught but those two items on the menu and one STILL haunted the place I submit there's a serious malfunction in one's thinking bits.

            As for the rest of your poast...


            I'll never say I'm worried about Mulder again.
            I now feel that he's possibly one of the most well-adjusted weirdos extant, I just had no idea how deep that hole went.


              Ahh, it was all in fun and certainly a much more acceptable way I think to blow off some badly needed steam. "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable"... isn't that what JFK believed up until they ventilated his brain in Dealey Plaza?

              I happen to agree wholeheartedly with that philosophy. I put it to you that if any one court had bothered to hear the evidence for election fraud instead of dismissing case after case on procedural grounds, enough Trump supporters might have been defused that the silly little Capitol Hill stunt might have been over before it started. The very fact that the evidence was NOT heard and tested in court says to me there are those out there who want the Trump supporters to begin behaving in like manner to the riots we witnessed in democrat strongholds last year in the wake of Fentanyl Floyd buying the farm.

              And they are going to ensure it happens, by hook or by crook. You gonna help them? Or are you going to fight it as I did? Would you prefer that the little show I helped create earlier today had not happened, that people who are genuinely upset with the state of the world and the direction it is headed be deprived of the little relief they had?

              That pressure valve needs to be released every once in a while. Our fun was virtual and resulted in no loss of life or property. I'd call that a Win for all concerned. Except the warmongering pigdogs of course, but they can go and get fucked in my humblest of opinions.


                I don't tell people what to do or what to think. I'll leave that to the folks who believe they have some obligation to proclaim the one true path because they're "right", or "better", or whatever.

                Keeps me busy enough just monitoring the condition of my condition; ain't got time to be minding anyone else's business too.

                I do though reserve the right to point and laugh when and where I find it appropriate and that's basically always and everywhere these days.

                Humans really are the worst animals on this planet and the ones who takes themselves seriously are also the funniest.


                  Humans aren't animals.


                    i am totally desensitized to movie horror gore due to nana buying fangoria magazine for us at a young age. reading about how all the FX effects were done and being taken to horror movies all the time by horror movie loving aunt, you are no longer prone to freaking out or gagging during horror movies.

                    this makes you not even bother with splatter movies and instead watch horror movies that actually have a story and a sense of dread instead of a movie that throws a bunch of gory effects at you but gives you no story. that is why korean and japanese horror movies are usually always better than the usa ones. practical effects like used in John Carpenter's The Thing still hold up better than the state of the art crap they use now.

                    as for these gore sites, grotesque sums it up, saw one and for a shorter time than vitty, 2 minutes and i was like, fuck this disgusting shit. animal abuse is especially evil even in a movie, it should make any sane person revolted and outraged. when playing with my lesbian in the last of us 2 we are killing all these dogs, that can give you post video game stress man! no wonder that character was all fucked up at the end of the game, i tried, like may youtubers, to spare as many dogs as possible by running away or avoiding them. that zebra stuck in the barbed wire scene in the game, that made me queasy and i was hoping they get this zebra unstuck and don't make the character shot it like old yella.....good news it was freed.

                    the real problem is the WYD threads are usually mixed in with feces and gore and politics at these forums. is that not how Rome fell??

                    that is why most of these SG refugees did not go to pure political boards, they are shitposters posting the usual ad hominem insults, memes and lames in a never ending barrel scraping contest. it's nothing but 2 monkey troops flinging shit at each other day after day, no real debate or interest in learning different points of view.


                      Originally posted by Misaki Nakahara View Post
                      the real problem is the WYD threads are usually mixed in with feces and gore and politics at these forums. is that not how Rome fell??
                      Rome never had WYD threads, so "no".


                        when freud starts a thread in a forum, that forum is either deserted or the boredom level at said forum has reached critical mass.

                        when frued starts 2 threads in a week at a forum, flee from that forum immediately, something horrible is about to happen.