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    Cross fingers!!!


      Well, it finally claimed the life of someone I know. These people were having BBQ’s just a few weeks ago and I remember wondering why they were being so ignorant.


        Has anyone here received the vaccine? Do any of you plan on getting it?




            Originally posted by The Queen Bee View Post
            Has anyone here received the vaccine? Do any of you plan on getting it?
            My mother recieved a noticed from some state agency asking her to sign up for one (date and place to be determined), but that's just because her age puts her in the 'jab these people first' category. I think she said she gave them her info or was going to?

            I don't personally intend to get one.
            There's only one winter I can recall that I even got a flu shot and that year I got sicker than I'd been in a really long time.
            Yeah I know it could have been a coincidence but since returning to my "no thanks" policy I rarely get sick at all and never seriously.
            I think germs are afraid they might catch me.


              I personally don't see the point. Media is telling me in so many different ways that the vaccines currently on offer do not enjoy the efficacy required for us to shed our masks in the immediate future and it seems barely a week goes by where there isn't some new scientific report on the table detailing some new weird and whacky side effect.

              And okay, there's every incentive for the various pharma companies to cast shade on their competitors efforts, whoever gets the grant to churn out vaccines stands to make a ton of money. Yay them, but they aren't really in a position to offer me anything I particularly want in return for my submission as guinea pig for their "in-the-field" testing. I've a pretty good immune system, it gets its practice with minimal interference from big pharma and I've not come down wnth any of the previous plandemics.

              I think I'll sit this cure out thanks. If on the offchance I get sick, then so be it - I will self isolate as anyone should with a communicable disease and otherwise take my chances.

              I do however think the mask mandate is fucking stupid, the idea that a piece of cloth is going to function in anything other than a pathetically limited capacity to stem the transmission of this virus is laughable.

              These on the other hand....

              Click image for larger version

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              ...seem to be a more effective solution to the spread of all manner of disease and I am inclined to source a couple from my nearest military surplus supplies store or fetish shop.

              Provided I can also find a supplier of modern day Polish or Russian filters of course. I advise against the cold war era filters as they contained asbestos, which to my way of thinking poses a more clear and present danger to ones health than some bug that enjoys a 99.7% recovery rate.



                Masks are pointless, got it.

                Still getting my gas mask though. Hopefully it will assist me in not catching a fatal dose of society's stupid.