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What version of windows are you running?

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    What version of windows are you running?


    old pc had windows 7 which was lean and easy to navigate

    the lappie and the pc have windows 10. could not download the cumulative update on the desktop, would go from 3% to 44 % to 100% and then give an error, read some "solutions" on the windows site and they did not work, had to download windows upgrade program, clicked that and it did whatever it does and that worked. pretty sure the desktop does not have automatic updates turned on, oh wait it does, i see it wanting to restart now, fuck you windows

    do you like windows 10? better than 6,7,8,9 ect?

    took everyone awhile to find out where the paint program was, where the audio set up was, the desktop thing was outputting sound from the headphones and not the speakers, ect. dam confusing. only good thing was the desktop was free off spamware

    the laptop is filled with spamware. it will freeze up and not work for 20 minutes and won't tell you what is wrong, you have to place it on the floor like a bad puppy and wait till it magically starts working again. finally figured out it was downloading stupid windows updates, and it does this at least a once a week, no idea what updates but you get that "apply updates and log off" massage when you are ready to close down, i have no idea why it freezes up when it is downloading that crap, the desktop does not freeze up. ohh the laptop is a HP, maybe that explains it.

    and the Laptop is using wifi the desktop has a lan cable, maybe that effects it.

    I’m using my phone. My kid uses the laptop for school. I honestly haven’t bothered to check which version it is.

    I plan on buying a Mac desktop as soon as we move.


    • cw_
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      You will love the Mac. There will be absolutely no regrets if you buy one.

    I'm currently and usually using my desktop which is running win10. Its getting a bit long in the tooth but managed to do its update quickly just a few minutes ago.
    I also have a macbook pro which isn't running windows anything. Its a joy. And a pixelbook, which is also a joy but has limited uses.
    Have a newer laptop running win 10, and an older (2011 alienware) laptop that is running win7. I almost totally screwed up the older laptop upgrading to win8, but managed to restore it back to win7. I preferred win7 over win10 but that's become irrelevant as all win pcs will have win10 or whatever win version is next going forward.
    Also, HP sucks ass.
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    • The Queen Bee
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      I had a brand new HP that blue screened a few months later. They are total shit

    • Sasquatch
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      HP put cheapo parts in theirs. Their power supplies were notorious for blowing up, and the motherboards they use are questionable at best if you get an asrock board. The PC i'm running now is one I built myself 5 years ago, and did my research before I bought any compnent on it. so far, i've had zero problems in terms of hardware

    • Filthmuck
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      Any company that requires third party vendors to supply parts that are locked to a particular family of builds, or persistently fails to adequately identify critical core components to prospective purchasers are a bunch of protectionalist pigfucking shitweasles looking to rape the wallets of the unwary. It isn't that HP is cheap garbage, but that it is cheap overpriced garbage and any masochist who insists in going back to them after the first dozen or so times knows what to expect.

    I hate Windoze.
    That's why I always upgrade to the latest version then for spite I run everything from DOS/PowerShell prompts.
    Take that, Billy!


    • cw_
      cw_ commented
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      haha That's stickin' it to the OS alright.

    I use windows 10...

    I loved windows 8, then they changed it on us.... I preferred 8.

    we have no choice but to update. If you don't update, they freeze you off the net.


      Windows 10 64 bit.

      My favorite op system of all time though has to be windows xp.Windows 7 wasn't to bad and I regret updating the old pc from 7 to 10.


        No-one had a choice in the update ultimately. I spent 3 hours on all of my devices doing updates that I had no choice over recently, and more to the point I had to access my own operating system by using my email account with a validation code from each of the three devices.

        A fucking disgrace, and the reason the Gate's monopoly on PC's and other devices should be brought to an end.