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What are you playing?

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    What are you playing?

    Think we need one of these.

    Besides idiots like Dovey, I've been playing;

    Fortnite- Duos Cup at the moment.
    FF7 Remake- GOAT

    Played recently

    DQ11- greatest ending that wraps up the entire series in about 15 minutes.

    Kona- just a fucking creepy ass game. Starts off like an innocent point and clicker but gets nasty

    On deck;

    Yakuza 0
    MLB The Show 20
    RIP King Martini 2006/2020

    I don't know that it technically counts as a game, but I've had multiple clients of Firestorm running 24/7 on both the Linden Lab and Opensim grids for a while now. The LL grid is becoming a bit of a pain with the amount of user inquiries I've been getting and I've been marking myself as "away" so I can spend a little more time in the various OS grids where it's a little quieter and I can relax with friends more easily.

    I did stumble across a game that interested me on a YouTurd recommendation while watching a Razorfist rant. It's not Fortnite though.

    It's Cuphead.


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      Lets put it this way - it's got me interested enough to start looking for an X-Box styled controller to play it with. A little surprised at the asking price for what is ostensibly a few switches and some injection moulding but for the fun I reckon I'll get out of it, something I'll probably weaken and get eventually.

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      A controller? If your playing PC a controller shouldn't cost you more then 20 bucks. Of course you can get a paddle controller but for a game like CH that wouldn't be needed.

      I do recommend an Xbox style controller tho. The set up is perfect and I'm not into the analog sticks level like a PS controller if I'm playing a BR or FPS. Idk why, but once I started playing FN on Xbox my game took off and I credit the controller more then I do getting sick of getting beaten.

    • Arugula Flatulence
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      Well it makes sense to choose an X-box style of controller, all the gameplay and tutorial vids I've seen seem to indicate a preference towards its use and the last time I held a console controller in my hand was an original X-Box wired variety so I'm guessing I won't find it too unfamiliar. Not so much a fan of the Playstation ones, I don't know why, but they seem a little cheesy to me.

    Pocket Pinball...


      RE 3 remake. finished it in 5 hours. no real replay value. should have been dlc.
      Niho 2.


        Originally posted by Regina George View Post
        RE 3 remake. finished it in 5 hours. no real replay value. should have been dlc.
        Niho 2.
        This doesn't make me happy about RE3.

        RE2 was a great remake. I was hoping RE3 would up the ante a little bit, but this and most reviews from ppl who aren't die hards isn't encouraging.

        As for Fortnite, #ripfortnite was trending yesterday for good reason.

        "Pros" and streamers have taken to smurfing.

        To those who don't know, smurfing is opening up a new account to feast on noobs and lower skilled players to increase kill counts. It's a really shitty thing to do and would pretty much make me delete the game if I was a noob.

        Fortnite turned to skill based match making on all it's platforms. If your in casual in a bot lobby smurfing, you could basically average 25 kill games until the algorithm kicks you up into a better class with players on your skill set. Which, from what I've seen, is when the Pros/streamers stop playing and just sit on those ridiculous stats and tell everyone just how great they are.

        Pros are also upset that the same 12 year olds who watched them two years ago are now better players then they are and are the first to cry hacking, botting, stream sniping, any excuse they can find to justify they're really not that good any more.

        Wins are impossible now. Casual has been littered with Pros this whole season to the point arena is less sweaty. If your on console without a paddle controller your really fucking stupid, as pre-edits in your builds are a must now.

        And the thing is, pros don't want to play against similar skilled players. My last solo win was last Thurs and of the 8 kills, six were "anonymous" Twitch streamers. That's fucking embarrassing. I play casual to warm up for Arena, but these tards are living in casual. I'll play squads with Randoms only because it's filled with a bunch of noobs and lower skilled players and I'll do everything to get these kids a win.
        RIP King Martini 2006/2020


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          hot shots golf


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            in the hot spring, in a cave. niho 2




                What am I playing?

                None of the above.


                  Well, I've given up on Fortnite.

                  I've been averaging a dub a day, which isn't bad, but the last two days I knocked out like six wins.

                  Should I keep playing? If I was trying to hit high on the LBs most def. last couple days on solo I could have pulled out at least 15 wins. I just gave up on them because I completely out matched the last guy in a 1v1.

                  Look, I'm not bragging at all. I've put in the time and effort into saying I'm actually really fucking good at FN.

                  My strategy- when your down to three ppl, listen to the other two fighting, then make your move. You have a 75% chance the guy coming out that fight is cracked. He's at your mercy and he knows it.

                  Builders- can I build? Yes. Do I build? Very rarely. Builders are the easiest tards to drop so long as you have a projectile or a mini gun. When it's down to a 1v1, just build, drop down, throw a grenade, and the idiot over building falls easily to his death and it's a victory.

                  My kids would say I sucked at FN. Now they say I'm really good. But you have to understand, there's ppl playing who have dedicated themselves to this game in hopes of getting sponsored. If you can't build, you gotta use your brain. Of the 54 million FN players, there's less then 1% who actually play smart.

                  Thankfully, I'm in that 1%. When I see the kills I look and see if it's a streamer and only then do I actually put in the effort and that's to embarrass the streamer in front of their fans. If it's some random, I really have no problem coming in second.

                  I'm going to post up a video on how to beat a builder onto YouTube. I'll prolly link it here.
                  RIP King Martini 2006/2020


                    Oh wait....what I'm playing.

                    GTA5- my oldest got me into it. Wasn't a GTA fan but it's actually quite fun.
                    Daytona USA- here's PI- I used to have the world record on the easy track for over three years. I also once pumped in almost my entire paycheck at the arcade back in the day trying to hit low. The secret is the third turn and when to start your drift. I've been trying to replicate the experience on Xbone but it's not like the sit down cabinet at the arcade.

                    Crazy Taxi- still so much fun and I turned my kids onto it and we've been playing and having fun.

                    Retro- alot of retro and I think I'm going to be in this for awhile. Looking at the emu scores on TG and knowing what games I'm good at I'll be targeting a few of them. The only thing about chasing high scores on TG is the ppl who own the high scores take that shit personal when they find out your chasing their score. Like, really personal.

                    I was chasing space Invaders on 2600 and was coming close to breaking it and the person with the second place score started saying it was emu when it wasn't, then started sending me nasty DMs. It's hilarious. These are grown ass men.
                    RIP King Martini 2006/2020


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                      i got cooler looking armor in niho 2.




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