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Watched money in the bank WWE PPV

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    Watched money in the bank WWE PPV

    The only time WWE has some half way decent matches is during the PPV's. The 3 and 2 hour primetime shows are really just filler and build up for these PPV's.

    AEW always has a good prime time shows and the PPV's are usually top notch.

    another thing about wwe, Goldberg is back. the guy with zero wrasslen skill who does only one move

    they brought back JInder Mahal the guy who looks like he just got off an India rape bus. sweaty, slimy motherfucker who exudes rape vibes. He has 2 Indian lackeys who also look rapey. it's very unsettling.

    they have bobby lashey as the current RAW champion and that guy looks like he is roided up and his "ring rage" is probably not an act

    so yeah, wwe still sucks.

    Ballerinas in knee high boots...