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    The Show & Tell thread.

    After all of the recent discourse that lasts far too long in an American political transition between the intercourse of an outgoing administration and the inauguration of a new one, I would like to give my fellow colleagues here at FlameTruth an opportunity to reset the bar as we all attempt to limbo under the limbo of a failed Presidency.

    There has been many stalwart representation's of fact passed off with only a passing resemblance to truth, based on posters suffering bi lateral ruptures in both knees, as they attempt to scrape the bottom of their own fucking barrel.

    Let's present their truth in this thread, and kill it dead thereafter.

    Why was the American election stolen from President WhatsHisName, and why should we believe that an attempted coup is not a coup even when it is a failed one?

    I am asking for the proof herein that the American people have not heard, I am asking for the truth that no court has apparently heard in the 63 cases up and down the structure of judicial revue, and I am asking to see what an obvious autocrat could not prove to the world.

    It was obviously stolen? How? Let's hear this evidence that makes that a conclusion worth arriving at.

    I get that CW maybe can't be fucked reliving this as a thread, but I guess in terms of reconciliation we should start somewhere. Present your truth in an emotionless context, and let your truth speak for itself. I for one will listen. I for one will read, and I for one will confront that truth that someone else made up... and speak the truth with the same lack of emotion.

    Show us how your election was surreptitiously stolen from you in plain site, and in a translucent tidal wave of your despair.

    There is no actual physical "proof" the election was stolen and there probably won't ever be any absent an outside/independent group getting its hands on some voting machines and access to the intellectual property of the companies who make them.

    We (some of us, anyway) have known since the advent of electronic voting machines that it was a mistake. 'Murica has essentially turned over the process of casting ballots to private companies using proprietary unaudited software. In other words we only get as much democracy as the oligarchs think we deserve. What could possibly go wrong?

    Questions about tabulation (fractional votes, etc.)?
    Sorry, that's corporate IP and you can't know anything about it.

    Questions about the apparent on-screen vote being recorded properly?
    Sorry, that's corporate IP and you can't know anything about it.

    Questions about the security of machine data?
    Sorry, that's corporate IP and you can't know anything about it.

    Questions about whether or not machine data can be accessed and changed remotely?
    Sorry, that's corporate IP and you can't know anything about it.

    ...starting to see a pattern?

    We've privatized the cornerstone of our elections and given control to unelected, anonymous plutocrats.

    Until this is addressed there will **always** be questions, valid and otherwise, about the integrity of our elections.


      My understanding sir is that tabulation is extremely easy. All electronic data is backed by paper. This was proved not once, not twice but three times in the state of Georgia, as President WhatsHisName tried to expel the votes from that state based on his crowd size at rallies.

      The whole Dominion conspiracy has also been disproven, but maybe you could present new evidence that the courts never seen, what was it the Mayor of America said in open court, "this is not a fraud case" because there is no evidence of fraud. You see there is a sanction for lying to a court of law, in public you can say what you like.

      Dominion machines were also used in red states if my memory serves that Trump won. Why are they not questioned in terms of legality? Also why not calibrate to win an election outright at a state level while you are voting for both the Presidential GE and some senate seats? Why leave that race until the 5th January?

      You decided to privatise your own life when you bought a computer, it didn't necessarily privatise your opinion. There was no questions in regard to mail in ballots, not since 1865 after the war when it was introduced. It had less than a 0.03% misuse and fraud factor.

      What, because Trump knew he was losing 6 months ago, and decided that you and others should think it unsecure, you now think it fact?


        Dominion threatened all corporations with legal law suits that repeated those lies. Every single one of them backed down, including NewsMax and Fox. I wonder why?


          Why did anyone have to hand-count anything?
          Because of a lack of trust in the opaque unaccountable machines.
          For a good reason: we shouldn't trust them.

          And you can't simply say the accusations against voting machine manufacturers was "disproven" absent a forensic investigation of both machines and the codes that run them. Otherwise you're simply "trusting" that shit to a private sector that has proven again and again it will flaunt any law, regulation, or norm in pursuit of their own benefit and the perpetuation of our flawed system. That's a mistake, whether or not this particular election was tampered with.

          As long as there exists the very real potential for massive fraud and corruption behind a curtain of corporate proprietary hard/software people can and will dispute election results. And they should. I'm not saying one thing or the other actually happened during this election I'm saying it very well may have and we can't know either way because corporations and the donor class run this country, not the assholes we call our "government".

          Why not skip all the irritation and confusion by just hand-counting paper ballots everywhere always?

          Because whether or not they use it the people who actually run this shit want the ability to obtain the result they want regardless of how people voted.

          It's the only explanation that makes sense.


            that no court has apparently heard in the 63 cases up and down the structure of judicial revue
            What were the 63 cases in question? who were the plantiff(s)? and what was the matters brought before the court?

            Lets start with that.


              I think he might be referring to the 63 cases that were dismissed on procedural grounds, evidence unheard. If the evidence is not being presented, it cannot be tested, ergo there can be no proof. Which was precisely the point.

              I wonder if he is aware the speaker of the house attempted to launch a military coup against the president, in spite of his having already conceded. Probably not. you have to go to independent commentators for that and Homo's only attempts to do so are his cursory efforts here. Which he has already telegraphed he plans to dismiss out of hand. Yay free speech.

              I predict Joe Biden has a 60% chance of being replaced within the year. I predict the US has a 2% chance of unifying and a 90% chance of violent outbreaks escalating throughout the coming months.

              I also predict a 100% chance of my being very grateful I am not in North America by Christmas.


                Gentlemen, I was expecting more, but more can be a concept that few can seemingly grasp.

                I asked for evidence, and like the courts in the USA you have presented none, merely supposition and the spoon fed ambivalence toward a reality that we have spent nearly 3 months confiscating. Actually that itself is untrue, Trump saw that he was losing, mainly due to his Coronavirus response months before that and attempted to hobble the USPS, and subsequently assumed he could steal the election through the courts loaded with judges that he appointed. Alas there was no evidence of voter fraud, none.

                "After the 2020 presidential election, the campaign for the incumbent President Donald J.Trump and others filed and lost over 60 lawsuits contesting election processes, vote counting, and the vote certification process in multiple states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

                Nearly all the suits were dismissed or dropped due to lack of evidence; judges, lawyers, and other observers described the suits as "frivolous" and "without merit". In one instance, the Trump campaign and other groups seeking his reelection collectively lost multiple cases in six states on a single day. Only one ruling was initially in Trump's favor: the timing within which first-time Pennsylvania voters must provide proper identification if they wanted to “cure” their ballots. This ruling affected very few votes, and it was later overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court anyway.

                Trump, his attorneys, and his supporters falsely asserted widespread election fraud in public statements, though few such assertions were made in court. Every state except Wisconsin met the December 8 statutory "safe harbor" deadline to resolve disputes and certify voting results. The Trump legal team had said it would not consider this election certification deadline as an expiration date for its litigation of the election results. Three days after it was filed by Texas attorney general Ken Paxton, the Supreme Court on December 11 declined to hear a case supported by Trump and his Republican allies asking for electoral votes in four states to be rejected."

                This was the only case that was held as being procedurally unsound. The evidence in all other cases were argued and rejected. That is to say that if you are filing a law suit, you actually have to turn up to court with verifiable evidence. That did not happen. Ever. Suspecting the DNC of mass voter fraud along with the CIA, the FBI and the collusion of a voting system that is widely used in the US is not evidence, it is at best hearsay. Marry that to the attempts of both President WhatsHisName, Rudy Giuliani and Lindsey Graham to find ballots is compelling enough evidence for their own attempt to overthrow the will of the American voter.

                "Fact check: Dominion software was not used only in states where Trump is filing lawsuits- source Reuters.

                Thousands of social media users have been sharing posts which claim that software from Dominion Voting Systems (a company that supplies election technology) is used in the same six states where President Trump is filing lawsuits in connection with the presidential election, suggesting that Dominion Voting is responsible for election fraud. These posts, however, are misleading. Dominion Voting systems were used in at least 24 states."

                I am OK with discussing this with you, however I was hoping for a more cognisant response. Maybe I was spitting in the wind, and maybe, just maybe you could actually string your conspiracy together, into a viable point.


                  Originally posted by Homo View Post
                  I am OK with discussing this with you, however I was hoping for a more cognisant response. Maybe I was spitting in the wind,.
                  Yeah, maybe you were.

                  I see Ron Paul is now too spicy for Fecklessbook, kicked off for being too much of a nazi it seems. Which is kinda ridiculous given he was anything but authoritarian.

                  Shit, even Mengele Merkel is raising an eyebrow at Sillycunt Valley and the US at this point. You know you're fucked up when even the krauts start muttering "nazi" under their breath at your most soycialist of institutions.

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                    Jesus laddie, are you really turning up in my thread with Fox News talking points. Talking points that ignore the facts, exorcised in a news cycle that denigrates the recent coup attempt led by President WhatsHisName, in a vague attempt to change the topic and hope upon hope, that all of the media platforms who ignored and allowed for that sedition to take place, are now simply taking responsibility for their own rules and regulations? - initiated I hasten to add long before your President took office. Inciting violence was never allowed on Twitter.

                    As far as the President's (while he is President) account with Twitter, I agree with Merkel, it is a mistake not to give him more rope to hang himself. He has already proved treason by assembling a mob to take down the Capitol. He should still have that right.

                    Stay on topic, show us where the American election was fraudulently stolen.


                      Imagine the news cycle at Fox if Obama did this.


                        I was hoping for a more cognisant response.
                        and I didn't ask you to parrot back a Wikipedia page that you wouldn't even cite as your source, I asked you to name the 63 lawsuits, who the plaintiffs are, and what they wanted., but clearly that was too much to ask from you.

                        So try again


                          You're wasting your keystrokes. Homo isn't here to debate, he is here to parrot lamestream establishment talking points and excuses.

                          Here, I know Tim Pool is left of center, but I'm listening to his latest podcast and he formalizes a few of the arguments against the left.


                          I know you'll at least give it a fair hearing, even if Homo is reluctant to do so. Pay particularly close attention to the timeline of events, specifically the bit about how the Captiol was already being stormed while Trump was talking to his rally elsewhere, calling for a peaceful march and to cheer the senators as they entered.

                          Sound like incitement to you? No, me either. And this is in addition to graphs like the one adorning my avatar at the moment that show the outright wholesale bumping of suspicious ballots into the count. Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia... they all had similar "cirves". So when the incoming administration is out there calling for the wholesale deplatforming of any political voice that runs counter to theirs, the truth is hard to escape.

                          They aren't just about stealing the 2020 election. They are about removing all opposition that they might steal every election going forwards and are entrusting the reins of power to non-elected oligarchs under the understanding the democriplles will be allowed to function as their mouthpiece.

                          It will bite them on the ass eventually, but we won't be able to do much but laugh at their plight when that happens. People like Homo fought for this and there will be nobody in a position to fight for them when it is brought to bear on those who thought it was a good idea because it suited them in the moment.


                            Addendum: (from Tim Pool's other channel)

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	rebellion.jpg
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ID:	11679


                              PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller Incites Political Violence In Radical Left-Wing Agenda


                              from The Washington Post (where "democracy dies in darkness")...

                              PBS lawyer resigns after being caught in Veritas sting
                              By Associated Press
                              Jan. 12, 2021 at 10:03 p.m. UTC
                              NEW YORK — A lawyer for PBS resigned Tuesday after being caught describing President Donald Trump as “close to Hitler” in a right-wing sting operation.
                              Michael Beller, a contracts lawyer in PBS’ general counsel office, was recorded offering political opinions in what appeared to be a barroom conversation with a woman. It was released Tuesday by Project Veritas, a conservative group known for using undercover methods to reveal supposed liberal bias.
                              Beller is heard saying it was “great” that coronavirus cases were spiking in red states because they might infect Trump voters and suggested Republican voters should have their children put in re-education camps.
                              The lawyer did not speak on behalf of PBS or make any editorial decisions, PBS spokesman Jeremy Gaines said.
                              “There is no place for hateful rhetoric at PBS, and this individual’s views in no way reflect our values or opinions,” he said.
                              Efforts to reach Beller were unsuccessful.


                              That's it, is it? Trump asks for a peaceful march, calls for supporters to "cheer a few senators" and "go home with peace and love in your hearts" and it's impeachable incitement, kick him and everyone he knows off the web... and weeks worth of drama and brouhaha ensue on the 24/7 international news cycle.

                              Media lawyer for a major TV network openly admits to plans for calling child services on political opponents for the purposes of hauling their kids odd to re-education camps? A couple of column inches, then bury the story in the news cycle.

                              I wonder if Homo realises yet why many view Beijing Biden as being worse than Trump. After all, wasn't he busily comparing Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to Goebbels only last Friday?

                              So I guess the big question is "when are impeachment proceedings being undertaken to remove him from the white house" and "why the fuck hasn't he been banned off Twitter yet"?

                              And why haven't I heard any calls from democrippled sympathizers to hold cable companies accountable for continuing to serve PBS on their networks? You know, like they're trying to do to that other establishment schill network Fox?

                              Asking for a Homo.