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      it's easier to find a download of this stupid movie than a ps5 or chris evans dick pic. WTF!


        I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have not even been bothered to look.


          train to busan 2 aka Peninsula is out, watch that for a good zombie film from korea that is better than TWD shit. freud saw the first one and if he liked it than it must have been good.

          most korean films are quite good. us studios are sitting on a ton of shit like that Saw remake with Chris Rock. Chris Rock in a horror film, that's wild. you got candy man remake, ect. all in their vault waiting for covid to pass.

          from the producer of get out and us........Antebellum is out today too.



            update: the state of texas is going after netflix:

            Yeah, so my guess is that it won't go anywhere probably due to jurisdiction or some shit, but good on the texas grand jury for at least calling out Netflix for their pedo bullshit.


              Yeah, I caught a commentary on that earlier. Nonceflix will surely buy the justice that agrees with them and the preteens involved will be screwed - if they haven't been already. We may even be treated to another Weinstein-styled expose arising from it in the years ahead.

              This is precisely why we needed have held the establishment's toes to the fire over the whole Epstein deal. Bloody Rotwang gets badgered for fifteen years near straight for attempting to secure a motel room with someone young enough to be his granddaughter, meanwhile our illustrious leaders are groping, fondling and outright fucking children while the media pushes reactionaries to burn and loot cities when an overdosing crackhead flatlines in the process of DUI... or when Russia's version of 4chan spends hundreds of thousands of roubles to change a ;iteral handful of votes. Talk about having your priorities out of whack.