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    Watching the following rant....

    ...I find myself recalling the outrage and cries of pedophilia and child porn that Sir Super Southern has been known to generate over the years whenever he chose to post scantily clad and naked teens which had been verified to US legal satisfaction as being of the age of majority. Or indeed the screams and wails of outraged Karens should someone post a photo of their daughter in a pair of frilly blue shart-stained panties, or horror of all horrors... make them really "think about the children" with gaping pudenda between their cherubic cheeks.

    And I find myself marveling at the chorus of crickets chirruping where one might expect irate and tottering moral outrage from the aforementioned protesters as one of the giants of streaming services gleefully exploit actual children in ways that would get your average Jeffrey Epstein client all hot and sweaty in their finest of linen undergarments.

    Perhaps I am being unfair here. Maybe i am not the only person in Flametown who wouldn't touch Netflix with a 40 foot pole.

    crushing swampdonkeys dreams, one at a time

    dance moms was the tv show that started this little girl pole dancer fiasco/movie.

    a bunch of crazy parents forcing their kids to take dance lessons from this fat fucking lady. that fat dance teacher would not be able to dance even if offered a lifetime supply of cripsy creamy, gooey chewy donuts. every episode had these scantily clad girls dancing in lady gaga like costumes, wearing more makeup than a TV evangelist's wife, gyrating more than Elvis on the ed sullivan show. the dance teacher would sulk in the background barking out orders like a cow critiquing a race horse. a real dance hitler whose only job was to stir up drama with the mamas.

    my daughter is not getting enough TV twerk time! you are being too hard on my daughter and making her shit the bed every night!! blah blah. that was the whole show, soap opera level acting with pre recorded bits of parents acting outraged when their daughter did not qualify for the top spot. and of course small girls dancing like they were auditioning for a Cardi B music video.

    this movie had a casing couch were underage girls were chain twerking while old men kept excusing themselves every minute to go to the bathroom. wtf is netflix thinking?

    they (the SJW overlords and dictators of what you can and can't read, watch, say) got more outraged over anime with characters they deemed "too young looking" even though they had d sized breasts than an actual film like this.


      If it's about that show "Cuties", yes, that's crossing the line. On IMDB they have *sexual content" as a parental warning.

      But then again, it's more hollywood bullshit. They seem to encourage pedo behavior or look past it.
      RIP King Martini 2006/2020


        I wonder if this is part of that whole "diversity quoteas" thing that Kneon was just banging on about on Clownfish TV.

        Want an Oscar for your new excursion into Wokeness? Well you'd better have the minimum requirement of fat transgendered melanin groovieness poking its dribbling pudendum on screen every x amount of minutes and leaving its snail trails of SJW styled USA id Gay all over the set.

        Mind you, if Rolf Harris and Guy Pearce were any guide, Australia's been at that shit for years...

        ...and TISM have been taking the piss out of it.

        crushing swampdonkeys dreams, one at a time


          One of my friends who used to waitress at RR did the whole actress thing.

          First she was on a talk show, then she was in a commercial, then she was in the background on a TV show filmed here, then she has a bit part on a really popular TV show.

          Her excitement was intoxicating. This is what she wanted her whole life and spent years acting in theater.

          She commented on one of my fb posts and we started chatting in DMs, you know "how are the kids" and the that of it. I asked her about her acting and she straight up said she refused to do any type of major acting and that the higher she got the creepier things around her was. That's a huge loss, this girl was drop dead gorgeous and pretty fucking intelligent to go along with being one of the nicest ppl I've ever met.

          This is why none of this shit surprises me. If somebody of that type is turned off by the daily garbage that goes on I'll just shake my head at pretty much the entire platform. Seriously, tell me one good movie outside of Joker released last year that wasn't some woke, agenda driven drivel? You can't.

          True story, I'm the only person who ever got her mad while we both worked at that restaurant.

          Veterans day is big. Every fucking moron with a vet card comes in for a free burger and doesn't tip. Like they are entitled to eat food free and fuck over the person who's section they are in when maybe, possibly, one of them could leave a buck or two. And it's not just the vets, the wives think that just because they are married they are entitled to a free, cheap burger themselves.

          They're not.

          One veterans day, everyone called in outside of me and one other person. The other person was a bar trainee so I had to wait on the entire floor for two hours until somebody else came in. On a fucking day when there was a line out the door before we opened.

          I was fucked.

          The good thing was, I knew exactly what these clown were getting and when tables got sat, I just punched in the free burger and a glass of water for everyone sat. Sure the fuck enough, that's what they ordered. I just started spamming glasses of water every free second I had.

          Well, the 1 o'clock ppl didn't come in so I was struck until 3 when the actress girl and four others came in. I fucking carried an entire morning veterans day on my back.

          And they bitched. I didn't care
          They wanted extra fries. I didn't bring them.
          Regulars came in. They were my priority.

          One guy said something "how come there's only one server I want more fries" and I fucking told him straight up "cuz nobody wants to work on veterans day because you guys don't tip"

          That was the game changer. The place got quiet and I started seeing money being left on tables.

          I was told "I fought for your freedom" and I told him "dude, I'm a bartender, there's no bartenders day where I can drink for free"

          I got the nickname "18 table Kevin" cuz I worked 18 tables by myself for 4 hours.

          When the actress girl finally showed up, the place was a mess and none of the side work was done or even started. I was outside smoking when the manager came out and said she said I couldn't leave until everything was caught up.

          I told her"fuck that. I ain't doing shit. I made 100 dollars when I should have made 400" She gave me this evil look and said "Kevin, just go fucking home".

          So I went home. She didn't talk to me for like three days then we were buds again.

          And lemme give you vets a little secret- on veterans day, the food you are eating isn't the standard, but the cheapest shit restaurants can find. If there's meat sitting on a truck for three days that somebody wants to get rid of that's the shit they are buying and using.

          Wait....what was this thread about?
          RIP King Martini 2006/2020


          • Sasquatch
            Sasquatch commented
            Editing a comment
            Reminds me of that asshole who ordered a steak right at closing.

            We were about to close up and go home for the evening, and about 11 minutes before, this guy comes in, sits down, and was instantly rude to the waitress and ordered a T-bone steak. Well, I was the guy who had to cook that steak, and I had just finished cleaning the flattop grill and restocking everything, and I had to go get a t-bone from the freezer, thaw it out in the microwave(the trick is to do it in 1 minute intervals and flip it), then throw it on he charbroiler, along with the garlic toast and also dirty up a pan to sautee the mushrooms that go on it.

            So, here we are staying open to cook a dish that is the longest cook time aside from the pizzas, because our steaks are 16 ounce monsters that come straight from the local butcher shop. if you use a large dinner plate, this steak would easily take up about 90% of it, so we have these long plates for entres and steaks, and they come with a choice of potato, comes with a vegetable of the day, and either a soup or a salad. for 26$, it's a lot of food, and that's only possible because we get it from a local butcher shop that has their own abbatoir, so we get them for about 7$ each, and once you factor in everything, they still have a healthy profit margin on them, because garlic toast and veggies cost dick all.

            Anyways, 20 minutes later his food comes out, and he's still being a dick to the waitress and it is already 10 minutes past closing, we pretty much let the guy eat his food in the restaurant and in peace and he's still making snide comments towards the waitress, and when the guy was done, he didn't even leave a tip for the waitress, but he did say the steak was good.

            Well, being this is a small town, word gets around lightning quick and some guys made sure he was in the next day to apologize to the waitress.

          Children humping floorboards while Sir Super Southern's biggest fans find other things to talk about?

          crushing swampdonkeys dreams, one at a time


            Originally posted by Tectonic Anus View Post
            Children humping floorboards while Sir Super Southern's biggest fans find other things to talk about?
            Things getting destroyed more than rotwang's dick after he watches cuties?

            That's going to be a short list.


              Originally posted by Sasquatch View Post
              Things getting destroyed more than rotwang's dick after he watches cuties?.
              He's never going to live it down, is he?

              Shit seems like a lifetime ago when I was arguing against calling him a pedophile at Chat Chimps, people are still treating his name as synonymous with child buggery.

              crushing swampdonkeys dreams, one at a time


                SSS has an Elle Fanning fetish.

                watch asian films, they are way better than US films. look at all the remakes us studios do on asian films like the ring, the grudge, ect. that is all us cinema is good for, endless sequels and remakes.

                has anyone seen Tenent, that was supposed to be some huge blockbuster before covid had all the studios freezing their films or streaming them for 30 bucks.

                Mulan cost 200 million and i don't see it. no name stars, average FX effects, maybe all the money was spent on wardrobe. terminator 2 cost 102 million and it still looks better than most of the cgi shit you see in those transformer movies. the first jurassic park is even better looking than it's more expensive remakes.


                  Meanwhile congressmen call for DOJ action against Netflix over "Cuties,... it must be bad when even left wing commentators are screaming about this shit... and those who would scream about Sir Super Southern's barely legal teens (and even Peaches' comments about masturbating to roles Natalie Portman played at age 12) for years on insist on giving Nonceflix a free pass for its child pornography.

                  Or is it bad? Jeffrey Epstein's "suicide" fell off the front page in pretty short order. maybe the abuse and exploitation of teens and preteens is part of this "new normal" I've been hearing so much about...

                  And inviting comment on it...much less action... is a wasted effort.

                  crushing swampdonkeys dreams, one at a time




                      this is a french movie not american, that explains a lot. fuck the french


                        Now is that any way to talk about the kind and considerate snail guzzlers who sent you all that aid to throw off the shackles of taxation without representation?

                        crushing swampdonkeys dreams, one at a time


                          The world would be a far less glorious place sans french kisses.

                          Maybe they should just stick to lip-mashing and leave the film-making to others?



                            crushing swampdonkeys dreams, one at a time