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Our perceptions of food reality...

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    Our perceptions of food reality...

    Food food.... in particular.

    When was the crowning moment when you ate something and thought, "it's never going to be better than this"?

    For me, it was being dragged into Philly on the weekend because my dad wanted to work for a few hours but we eventually went down to Broad Street...

    My dad often did that to me. Drag me into his boring work, then drag me into food...

    He would often take me to accredited restaurants and not my three other brothers...

    I worked for over 12 years prepping and cooking food in restaurants (bistro/Italian/pub).

    It took me nearly as long to learn to enjoy food again once I got the fuck out of the kitchen.


      I've had a few "ohh, this is quite nice" moments, but nothing that's ever had the kinds of religious level epiphany to which you're alluding to. good food is as good food does, but it is also in the back of my mind that if you don't eat, then you don't shit... and if you don't shit, you die.

      crushing swampdonkeys dreams, one at a time


        Food is a continuous reminder that we are filthy animals. The entire process of eating is disgusting and inconvenient. (I may have watched mr creosote one too many times.)
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