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Judge tels activist prosecutor to go pound sand

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    Judge tels activist prosecutor to go pound sand

    So, here's an update on kyle rittenhouse. There was a court hearing where the prosecutor was trying to get Kyle rittenhouse's address so he could make it public, get an arrest warrant for not informing of address change, and trying to jack up Kyle's bail.

    Bruce Schroeder was ready to give the prosecutor Krle's new address under the condition it be kept under seal and only the prosecutor and sheriff may only have that information.

    but activist prosecutor Thomas Binger would not accept that and threw a tantrum in court.

    So, the judge pretty much said "well too bad, you're getting neither" and cut him off when Binger whined and moaned that he wasn't going to get the public doxxing he was demanding.

    Schroeder shocked prosecutors by refusing to allow them to have Rittenhouse’s new address and said it was because he didn’t want to see more violence in Kenosha.
    That line right there should tell you everything you need to know that Judge Schroeder knew what Activist prosecutor Binger was up to, and basically said so without saying it out loud- Basically telling binger "look, you whiney dipshit. I know the real reason why you want this address, so you will get nothing,and you and your black-clad lynch mob can go fuck yourselves"

    Binger should've taken the original offer and walked, but that's not good enough and basically snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by acting like a complete twat to the judge,