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Trump is becoming a non person

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    Trump is becoming a non person

    No PGA golf at trump courses
    NY canceling all contracts
    2nd impeachment
    trump family shunned
    bill belichick refuses trump's medal of freedom (ok, that is fair. trump handed those medals out like they are participation trophies at the special olympics, all you had to do was tongue his anus and you got one, he really devalued those)
    duchebag bank won't do business with trump
    all maga products half price

    will he pardon himself?
    what will he do during the inauguration, play golf at mary lagoo
    will he move to russia?
    will he pardon snowden?
    will he plug up all the white house toilets before leaving?
    will his wife file for divorce?

    I wish he would pardon Snowden, Assange, Manning, and any other whistleblowers he can find.

    Melanoma will only divorce him when she has a bigger better deal lined up.
    Honestly I kinda hope that's never... those two deserve each other.


      Unlikely he will pardon Snowden, not when Pence was the one gunning for his ass initially. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that even assuming Trump was inclined to, this current impeachment shitshow was a put-on specifically as a cautionary "step too far out of line before you leave and we will fuck you up, cunt."


      • Vitty
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        cw_ :

        Wouldn't that be beautiful though?
        Fiscal conservatives and social liberals standing side by side, holding hands and singing "Kumbaya motherfucker!" until Joe abandons all plans to take us farther down the road of neo-feudalism.

        Divided we're fucked but united...
        F33r Uz!

      • Vitty
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        Blandscape :

        WW2 was the last time our military was used for anything remotely resembling a noble cause.

        Now it's a plague, an infection with hundreds of pustules marring the scenery in almost every nation on Earth. Even when we aren't actively bombing the shit out of a country we don't hesitate to cripple their economies with sanctions and blockades. Those economic measures aren't aimed at the ruling class who have the resources to sidestep or ride out such privation... their purpose is to make the lives of ordinary citizens so miserable and desparate that they tear down their own government just to make the pain stop.

        Does that sound like a nation worthy of praise or adulation?
        Not to me it doesn't; not by a long shot.
        That's a nation of sociopaths that deserves only ridicule and condemnation.
        Doing one good thing doesn't forever excuse subsequent heinous behavior.

        The 'Murica that existed almost a hundred years ago is long gone and not just chronologically.

        Other nations need to wake up to the reality of what 'Murica is *now* and act accordingly.
        For everyone's sake.

      • Blandscape
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        Never understood why empathy for humanity became "socialism" or "communism" in America. I don't really think anyone except the corporate elite did, because it was them that turned the antithesis of it into venture capitalism. After all what is national health care but a commie plot to overthrow the profit margins of Big Pharma.

        I still have a little faith in the United States. However, thinking yourselves the greatest democracy in the history of the world as I heard parroted today again in the HofR, is just plain bat shit crazy.

      Trump is becoming a martyr.


      • Ex-King Poo from Uranus on Ice
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        You got that right.

        And the disturbing part? A lot of what Tarl says there has a perverse logic to it. Optically, that is how Trump has been seen by many, and the efforts from the corporatists serve only to cement that in the minds of those who oppose them.

        That "storming of the Capitol" for instance... I've heard reports that his rally that morning numbered over 100,000 people. We know from the sound bites that were posted that he called for a peaceful march to the Capitol and to cheer senators as they entered. Imagine the carnage 100,000 people might have dpne if he had truly called for violent insurrection as the salty left are claiming.

        He didn't call for anything of the sort. A peaceful march, a bit of vocal support - that is what he asked for. Which is not how the left is framing it and thus the divisions will deepen between state and electorate. And his repeated calls for a peaceful transition? Likewise they too will be framed in a poor light, if they report it at all. Further division.

        So yes, the monster the left created continues to grow, they cannot rein it in. Continued attempts to destroy Trump and anyone associated with him, however loosely, only hurts his opponents in the long run.

        Check the direction of his approval ratings since the quixotic attempts to impeach him a second time and tell me I'm wrong.

        Indeed, it appears that Trump is becoming a martyr.

      #5 his own delusions of grandeur.