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  • William says

    First impression:

    The F bomb stuck out like a sore thumb. With over a 170 thousand current words in the dictionary I betcha your members are too stupid to use anything other than repetitive curse words because they lack the intelligence to articulate their emotions or thoughts with proper net ettiqutte. Teach them to express themselves in a more educumated mannerism. That is, unless you don't care about imbeciles overrunning your forums?

    In case you're an imbecile yourself, I thought to translate the above post for you:

    "De F bomb stuck out like a sore dumbeh. Wid obeh a 170 dousand current words in the, uhhh, dicshun I betcha your membehs are too sputid t' use anydigg odeh dan repetitibe words cuz dey lack de smehts t' articulate deir emoshuns or doughts wid propeh net ettiktte. Teach dem t' express demselbes in a more educumatid mannehism. Gawlly!Dat is, duuhhhh, unless you don't care bou' imbeciles obehrunnigg your f'ums. Uhhh...."

    Hope you don't mind my humor, seeing you run a flame site.


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    Hey... that's my old forum visiting tactic... from the year 2000. Buy that poster a popsicle!