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The countdown has begun, the promised land awaits!

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  • The countdown has begun, the promised land awaits!

    Sunday 14, October 2018 The day of reckoning

    will TRF live up to it's new creed of:

    flame subforum will de-emphasized and moved down on the index page to signify its diminished importance.

    Shitposts like this consisting entirely of 'fLaming' an inanimate forum will be summarily deleted.

    10 year old drama and stupid trolls where people pretend to be the admins mistress will be summarily shit canned, keep it short and witty and move the fuck on


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    There is a lot to be said for devolution and controlling forums void of members with creative imaginations. I suspect it will become a secret global message board for shemales , shemale lovers , alpha male wannabes, chicks looking for cuck situations, and beta male online bro contact.


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      5 days


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          Cowafuckingbunga !!! I thought the shit post button was a myth.


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            4 days


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              Is this like y2k??


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                3 days


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                  2...1......They all died!!


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                    I have seen that girl in downtown Eugene soliciting donations to buy a joint.


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                      What is it with Fax Modem and the Dumpster LOL


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                        Obi used to do the same thing with his life hack threads... shitpost them in Chapter 7 (or wherever), then when his posting diligence was rewarded with an adminship, he merged them all and shunted them into the Meatspin room. For extra traffic and prestige and all that shit.

                        Fox is covering his bases is all.


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                          Policies were written re: posting content from other sources without attribution or discussion. Obi persisted unabated and unchecked.


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                            Of course he did. "Rules for thee, but not for me"... it's not a new concept, it wasn't even new when Doomsday applied it back at BH either. The only different in Nuremsperg's case is that they didn't bother to overtly advertise who the "regs" were; even so, the end result was more or less the same in terms of what it did to the health of both boards.

                            On a somewhat related note, I watched Idiocracy for the first time last night. The opening narration that sets up the movie had a few parallels that I couldn't ignore, unlike the movie there was nothing in the end to save Brawl Hall or Nuremsperg from themselves. I took a peek at the latter to see what THE MOR0N was apparently getting so "giddy" over and frankly there was just far too much stupidity in the tale being pushed to shake my head at it all.

                            I guess the whole Feral & MOR0N troll wasn't getting the kinds of results they'd hoped for, so now this lot is getting trotted out. Stupid is as stupid does supposedly; why anyone would be jubilant at the announcement that it was a treasured long standing associate that had spent nearly three years trashtrolling his board into impending extinction defies any rational description whatsoever.

                            The guy is a complete cretin. I'm sure glad he's not teaching my kids; I'd sue any educational institution who put someone that incompetent in charge of my progeny's education.


                            • Regan Macneil
                              Regan Macneil commented
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                              Like that movie The Blob, the remaining posters at TRF have formed one large, stinking mass of spam and watery feces flowing across the website (sucking sound effects)

                              visual pic

                              kdjkjf djfjkjjfjjdkjkj ----------> moving across the face of TRF

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                            make sure someone gets a screenshot when TRF goes 402.

                            anyone notice a ghostly image of Obi's face when viewing TRF now?

                            It's not quite subliminal, more like a .00000001 second flash you see out of the corner of your eye.