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  • Flametown Musings P'Cast #1

    Listen to "Underappreciated Contributors etc." on Spreaker.
    "He's not evil; he's just a bit rude." -Graeme

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    I agree wholeheartedly on your choices.

    Both Fox and Bland bring something to the table that's unique to these boards and should be encouraged to post more.

    Fox had me dying with the "look at the flowers" reference one post. As a pop culture nut myself, I get what he says every time and his level of comedy is one of the best on these forums.

    And all I can say about Bland, if everyone is walking thru life, Blandscapes riding a skateboard. I feel sorry for those who don't "get" him. The guys a talent, and imo, the best guy on these forums at the moment

    Great cast Vitty, as always.


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      Fox can be can Blandy...

      ...with Bland, what I struggle with is how one can often follow his train of thought and see where his brainstorming for wordplay either delivers him a great result, decent result, or really mediocre one.

      He's generally worth reading though, on an off post, he can go sideways very quickly to the point where the editor in me goes, "really? You couldn't have a second mull over that?"


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        Nobody nails it 100% of the time, that's true.
        Mostly I just wanted to go on the record because so many people claim fits of narcolepsy every time Blandscape posts and a fair number offhandedly dismiss Mulder's contributions as well. They ought to know/remember that some of us at least consider it a 'win' when we see their nyms in a thread.
        "He's not evil; he's just a bit rude." -Graeme


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          I'll pay you those thoughts... however, I'm still waiting for a Scarlett type attempt at the garden scene of GWTW from you....

          It's important to me... you'll never meet a bigger Gettysburg Park junkie than me (I reckon I've camped and walked those grounds for over 200 hours back in the day...)

          Do your South of the Border patriotic duty and give me some drawl, y'all....


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            I spend half my trying to *fix* my nasal-y verbal twang only to have you come along and ask me to kick down those building blocks for your own selfish amusement?

            I'm in hell. I have died and gone to hell.
            "He's not evil; he's just a bit rude." -Graeme


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              Two of my favorite posters. But I think they know that.
              Let's talk about the shite music dig. My musical taste is exquisite!


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                Originally posted by cw_ View Post
                Let's talk about the shite music dig. My musical taste is exquisite!
                I had in mind the intro and background "music" the other P'Casters have been using.

                Things I'd rather hear:
                Fingernails on a chalkboard.
                A flock of angry geese loudly expressing their extreme displeasure.
                Rosanne singing my national anthem.
                Ace Ventura doing an impression of PeeWee Herman doing an impression of Martini doing an impression of Peaches. With autotune.

                Sorry if you felt disparaged; that was never my intent.
                "He's not evil; he's just a bit rude." -Graeme


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                  The music on this one was pretty good. :thumbsup:


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                    Umm i cant play the x files theme on my podcast since that is copyrighted, i cant play any type of music that is not royalty free crap? i was hoping to pad my pod with 5 minutes of music