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  • parapodcast #1

    I decided to do a parody one. first guy is peaches. Who should I do next?
    Last edited by din365; 11-12-2018, 12:23 PM. Reason: fixed with the right link.

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    That's a dashboard link.


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      there. went back and fixed it.

      again, who should I do next for he next one?


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        I'm not done laughing at the sound effects in this one yet.


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          Originally posted by din365 View Post
          again, who should I do next for he next one?
          The first person to respond to this thread basically volunteered, didn't she?
          "He's not evil; he's just a bit rude." -Graeme


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            Apparently some people is a little bit unhappy that I did a parody of peaches, and think I might be riding poofer's coattails.

            That would be a good topic to discuss in din corner #2


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                apparently this one is a little bit controversial. I will forgive j00 for not remembering whether or not if peaches and I crossed path, but the thing is that we have crossed paths before in the past in the earlier days of TRF in 2014ish, and cosmicoutpost, and I have even done chops of him. those very chops are posted up here in flametruth in the user-created subforum in the image thread. I don't have a problem with peaches at all. I did it because I thought it was funny as fuck, and I thought it was a roasting and flaming forum. I will say Peaches is a great sport about this, and I do have a little bit of respect for him for it. If he wants to roast and flame me back, I would love to hear and/or read it. I really don't know why people think you have to have a problem with somebody to flame on a flame forum. I think my next one will be about CW, and that one is a bit of a challenge. I may have to think outside of the box on this one.

                you what we're supposed to do.



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                  Amen Brother Din.

                  Think Dalek, with googly eyes, in a pink tutu. With an awesome stage presence