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    Grave of the Fireflies

    I dunno how I finally heard/read about it, but checked its ratings out and made an awkward face that GotF was rated higher than just about everything. When Ro mentioned "Bloodlust" I assumed he was mentioning Vampire.Hunter.D.Bloodlust (2000), because that one kicks some serious ass.

    Some of the finest films, IMO, hardly break 7 while this one actually broke 8, meaning it's up there with the small group of 8ers you've seen at least twice. So I cringed and DL'd it.

    Now, the bad news is that I can't talk about this one without spoiling it. Do I agree it's worthy of a genuine IMDb 8? Possibly... possibly. This film was not intended to remotely interest sleazy misanthropes like myself and all the other voters that bomb good movies.

    It is the only one that is about something that I should know back and forwards, I really should, but...

    - touching

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    Originally posted by SirSuperSouthern View Post
    When Ro mentioned "Bloodlust" I assumed he was mentioning Vampire.Hunter.D.Bloodlust (2000), because that one kicks some serious ass.
    No, I was referring to the 1992 Jon Hewitt / Richard Wollstonecraft movie which was complete and total crap and all the more hilarious for it. IMDB has it listed at I have a copy of it, but actually finding it online is proving somewhat difficult.

    I could always see if I could have it hosted somewhere I guess.


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      dear god i just accidentally deleted a long review i cant get back. suicide is like, bad, so please kill me when you get the chance. it was fun to write but the first NFL game begins very soon


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        Fuck. Shit. Piss.

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      My hero...

      *accompanied with the real version of the song by Cheap Trick (lyrics included, awesome!)


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        What we do in the shadows. Comedy, Horror

        One of those 'so bad its good' kind of movies that you'd need to be in the mood for. It's about vampire cohabs.


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          I should've been keeping this thread updated with movies I don't think you've seen but may like, unlike most of the films on my Utorrent. So away we go:

          I should tell you all that Bloodlust is actually the second/last of the series, so go right ahead and watch it first: Vampire.Hunter.D.

          So this movie isn't like another gay Japanese anime. In fact, it isn't like any other I've come across. The frame of the film sets up pretty quickly, and is somewhat predictably straight forward. To begin. The rest is intriguing to me because the characters are so different than the ones we always watch. It's hard not to fuck this up by telling you all of the different powers and goals the characters have.

          Almost every drawn female's breasts are displayed, the puzzles are awkward and new, and oh yeah, there's a group of hardcore humans trying to beat the hero to the finish line. That group of humans have their own specialties I hadn't thought up before, and I doubt any of you posters have either. The curveballs thrown into this one are frequent and alien and never make you wanna just hit pause or stop and find something else to do or watch.

          Do NOT read the goddamn reviews of this one at IMDb - just go there and see its grade, but I'll go ahead and tell you that it gets a good score of 7.7/10. For those of you who go to that site a lot to see scores movies you're thinking about giving a stab, the highest score on the site is 8.8 - Godfather - if I'm right, and nobody argues that score. Most get a 6 or even 5 and they still have reason to watch, but a 7.7 tells you all you need to know.
          I won't say anything about it and you shouldn't read other reviews before it ends. It's worth a watching, it has many cool things in it and characters you've never seen the like before...

          - go steal it


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            This honey is one of John Carpenter's least known films, but it'll always be on my U list. It starts lowly, introducing its audience to the characters (alongside with one minor role character JC includes in almost all of his movies) in a way that makes an easy goin' start. It doesn't pop the champagne for some time.

            Then again, it reminds me a little of The Thing when the shit hits the fan after a slow beginning, which JC can do with his work. Anyway, a team of invitees have come to a nice church that's hiding something. It's been hiding for God knows how long. Well, the last priest dies early and his key is found.

            What is down there isn't something anybody expected to see, let alone the audience. I won't even try to explain it - it's unique in that the singularity of evil has never been shown as it is before or after this one. Interesting.

            The dialogue cannot be understood by the average blue collared Rusty's of the world. In fact, even the educated must pay close attention and possibly even have to click some conversations back to grasp what a professor is attempting to explain to the grad students who have come to try to help for reasons unkown by anybody.

            So a slow start and deep lectures/conversations between just about everybody on screen turns most people away to grab another beer before changing what used to be called a "channel(?)." Thank Fuck, pass out wearing your boots.

            The movie is tense, and some would call "scary;" Rusty wouldn't know what the Hell you were talking about. Hell, Rusty, Hell. I'm very proud of you. Now go read the Drudge Report so you can tell us what we have no clue about the "Truth!"

            I won't tell y'all about much more about the movie itself because I don't need to. Do you really like movies made by John Carpenter? Do you think you might like movies based around a new concept of pure evil? Got some time to burn? Good, like the movie. As always, you know where to go and know whose nic to click (YIFY)...

            - boo!


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              SPOILER ALERT!!! Halfway into the film there is an incredibly tender lesbian scene in which Kelly projectile vomits into Lisa's mouth. Top stuff!!! I remember watching this at age 18 and wishing there was more of it; sadly I would have many long years to wait until the offerings of Two Girls One Cup would surpass my wildest expectations of the genre.


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                Prince of Darkness never loses my interest. Most good movies suck by the third time you watch them (many/most), but not PoD. If you need me to quickly explain how to save and watch or stream it through uTorrentPro 3.5.3, ask...

                - gotta be somewhat intelligent and patient for this one, but it's worth every second