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  • Kudo's to cuntty

    As I wander around with a jaded eye on this "flame town" chatter cathy devoid of skills, watered down pii outlands, I noticed something.

    You just killed Bra1n and his strap-on knaves on his own forum. Damn masterful job.

    Idiots can't even "dogpile" correctly and wound up getting "dogpiled" by one poster.

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    Yeah, I think I might have mentioned something about it to you over there, I really do find it a lot easier when there's a bunch of them trying to take me down at once though, makes it easier to play their words off against each other. I could have gone a few steps further and roped in a bunch more posts from various threads, though at three posts length it's already far in excess of what any of them could reasonably be expected to handle so fuck it.

    I did have a lot of fun putting the TRF sick letter together. The minute I saw Bra1n's letter from his host... it really was a case of "anyone could have written it". Maybe they were getting DDoSed too and maybe they weren't, it's hardly the point I was making. TRF has been suffering frequent outages for years now, there isn't a single other forum I've been at which has tolerated such shitty service and all Bra1n seems to be able to do is offer up excuses like "DDoS" and "the power went out". Fuck a duck, how hard is it to get Cloudfare to broker a better service provider? It is one of the services they allegedly offer, yet Bra1n can't seem to take advantage of it any more than he can wrap his head around a sizable chunk of text.

    No matter. I'm thinking a post a week ought to keep the pot bubbling quite nicely and if the board is DOA for whatever reason when I arrive it doesn't kill me to come back a little later to drop the weekly offering, The chinks in their armour have already started to show with Bra1n siding against Flea on the subject of my being Ant... again. What do you reckon is going to happen if I'm only showing up once a week and leaving them to stew in their own juices for the remainder? Pinning your hopes on one person doesn't work if that one person isn't turning up on a daily basis to be "the bad guy" or whatever, I'm thinking it won't be long before they're rattling each others cages in frustration over each others egos not being afforded the chance to run the narrative exactly as they would like it.

    Anyway, good to see you back. Stick around if you like, there's plenty of cw_ sponsored bandwidth I'm sure she doesn't mind sharing and the tranniecawk is few and far between.