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    I cannot believe it's actually on YT. I downloaded it off TPB, figuring it was a hard film to find due to its... content/message/lots of artsy stuff done uniquely.

    The second it begins, an invisible French style hat appears on your head. Regardless of gender, you now have a scraggly soul patch under your lip. You are now holding one of those plastic things that women, faggots, and artsy circles use to smoke cigarettes through. Don't fight it.

    If nothing else, watch the first fifteen minutes - I uhh. Watching it first then reading reviews by people at IMDb may be the way to go about it, but reading up on it first so you have a clue what it is you're watching, that might be the best thing to do. I've never recommended that you "spoil" movies you haven't seen for the first time, but it would help in this one case.

    The first time I watched it, the first fifteen minutes or so - it is/was - possibly very interesting? Sure, the first fifteen needs to be seen, and again, if you're an uncultured American you honestly may wanna read up on it AFTER watching the first fifteen.

    The sounds/music agree with the film, no doubt. It's speechless but from the starting shot I paused it so I could slowly read and think about this line. There are a total of six or so lines of written language. Nothing after.

    QWONT: Like a flame burning out the darkness.

    I finally came around to think Well, shit, the dark itself is on fire! The dark literally burns!
    That thought alone before the film started running festooned me in official artsy clique clothes and I still won't look in the mirror. Maybe tomorrow morning. Maybe not.

    Give it a quick shot, you know you have to. It's only an hour long, and if you know what the hell is going on it's a good watch. When it ends outta nowhere the same sounds are still audible. I sat there without taking my eyes off the credits, in an odd place I'm not quite sure I've been to before.

    C'mon, first fifteen minutes... go!!!

    - I should tell y'all something but I shouldn't

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    Interesting piece.