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      I laughed at this one all day.


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                I had to laugh at the way Rancid flamed the shit out of OAK at the CINDYS BEEN TRIPPING flame forum.
                Rancid shows no mercy as he unloaded the big guns destroying Oak with intelligent repartee

                Would you hit it? Thread Title by Milko who is talking about hitting men

                [Below is all of Milko's attack on Oak...I omitted Oak's humiliating effort to combat Milko's word blitz...
                Milko offered the link to Oak and CBT in the FT shoutbox] The whole thread can be read at CBT...


                LOL so, what about those gold diggers who marry corpses to get some nice inheritance?
                I try to refrain myself, but the shit you write makes it impossible.

                No. Common sense. But we all know you got none of that.

                As I’ve said, I imagine we lived two different realities. Americans are still fighting to stop lefties from destroying the US. In Brazoo, the thing has already gone full circle. We are already experiencing the full blown effects of the insanity you preach.
                So pardon me if I don’t fall for your bullshit.
                BTW show me where I’ve said that I’d have all immigrants shot at the border.
                Now those are two things completely different. I mean, you have too much of one but none of the other.
                But anyway, I keep forgetting how you’re the ultimate authority in just about every single subject, so I kinda feel bad for challenging your world-class expertise.
                Of course, there hasn’t been, in the entire history of humanity, a woman who married or even fucked a man she hated.
                I mean, even those Hollywood whores who fucked Harvey Weinstein for roles in movies and award nominations, they were all in love with that greasy, nasty looking guy.
                Yep. How silly of me to even consider something like that.
                And you’re being a misandrist who hates whites is just a great and normal thing, right?
                So, what you’re saying is that all about interest, after all?
                Men fuck cunts because of sex, women fuck assholes because of money.
                Doesn’t seem so different to me.
                It’s no narrative. It’s the truth. You were never too good in hiding your own hate.
                At least own who you are. You’ve been around long enough for everyone to know you.
                You hate whoever disagrees with you of pisses you off
                You can barely get along with people who share most of your views
                You’re just an extremely thin-skinned person.
                There’s no end-game. And we’re not jumping from topic to topic.
                I was just pointing out you accuse others of being exactly what you are.

                The ENDO

                Translated from Portuguese by Milko


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                  Bildo didn't like my going in there and kicking his swine farm.


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                    Originally posted by Lord Filthmuck View Post
                    At least you can't eat boomerangs!



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                      I rest my case for fish being the last to see water.


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                        Originally posted by rancidmilko View Post

                        At least you can't eat boomerangs!
                        Perhaps not, but they are fun at children's parties.

                        As for the subject of eating...

                        ...he's doing it wrong.


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                          Originally posted by Lord Filthmuck View Post

                          Perhaps not, but they are fun at children's parties.

                          That is one of the greatest movie scenes ever.


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