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  • The Exorcist III

    As one grows older, more mature, deeper in thought, it's easy to look back at one's self during certain times that habitually repeat themselves. In this film's case, I'll elaborate a little on the above.

    I first sat through E3 half bored, half shocked. Shock value eludes the experienced, so the next couple of times I watched it were ho-hum. I just opened those dusty curtains again to my very pleasant surprise (not shock).

    The performances by George C Scott and Brad Dourif weren't exactly made for those who love guns, tits, and gigantic irrelevant explosions - hrph. I've picked up on subtleties that were done so well that the viewer must pay close attention of everything both seen and heard to arrive at the intended meanings that fly right under the table to casuals waiting for a shower scene.

    To pet my cock, I did much of the same when I insisted a thread I was in to be judged by women to make everything fair. To those paying close attention to the whole, the Act was a practiced one-post show that made the wide-eyed crowd looking around confused, while a few shrewd readers made the same faces when they were told bad news before. Means used to produce their expected ends can sometimes be so deceitful that the sadly honest effect can be saved for rainy days.

    E3 ignored E2 but referenced the first one through both unnoticeable, seemingly unimportant visuals and dialogue that add deep allusion to things that just *might* make the movie that much more serious - if your brain is awake.

    E3 has no constant hysterical screaming from talent-less actresses who can rightly blame the shitty scripts. Those dames are never very bright, and neither are the film's critics who pan E3 for one reason or another that gives their bored readers a clue about how daydreaming about big tits is better than reading the opinions of some buffoon who daydreamed about big tits while watching a fantastically orchestrated filmwork that went all but ignored before the penning of their opinion began.

    You... you poor lost soul on the internet who has no business being in the places I am or have been: click the X, pull off your jammies and put them back on straight, and avoid the things on this planet that intentionally worm their ways into your vacuous timid mind. Do so soon, I may return to post a song I've occasionally worked on, and you're not going to like it, E3, or yourself afterwards...

    - the theaters were empty for two reasons

    short clip, long dick:

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    But more importantly, what are your views on air hockey, inverted nipples, and Woodrow Wilson?


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      Air hockey, or Air QWERTYs? You wouldn't be able to score once at AH before handing over the cash (I actually hate cash, it's all been up nostrils in flu season. Gross

      ​Inverted nipples - interesting. I'm certainly no doctor and don't even get paid to dress up as one just to get myself on television. I envision breasts outgrowing their pokies in an unfair race that I'd pay to watch. Some women get those pierced so they look like they've come up from the fold for some fresh air.

      WW - too lazy to do a bit homework on him now, I jerked off about twenty minutes ago and still feel lazy and content. So, no comment, next question, move along...


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        number 3 was a masterpiece compared to number 2

        i liked the part where that lady ran through the halls with a giant pair of scissors.....and the detective was surprised someone's head got cut off...never run with scissors

        how about the exorcist tv series....sucked! they never get the demon voices is all stock sound effects and audio tuned shit unlike mercedes mccambridge vocal work in exorcist 1

        plus one of the priests is gay in the series and i already reached my quota of "oh look a gay character, this is another win for diversity" shit on the walking dead