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    Released in 1998 this gem was overshadowed by The Matrix (released the next year) but is in its own way a fine example of the genre. Cast includes Kiefer Sutherland, William Hurt, Rufus Sewell, and a pre-anorexia Jennifer Connelly.

    Okay I don't know for sure that Connelly has anorexia but she did shed a bunch of weight even though she was already hot so...


    Where Matrix relied heavily on effects Dark City is more about the story, which unfolds much like the memory of the amnesia-stricken main character. That's not to say the effects aren't up to snuff... they are actually pretty damn good for the time (on par with Matrix itself).

    The plot twists and reveals aren't terribly shocking or unexpected but neither are they hamfisted.
    While it has some action sequences (the big battle in/over the city is a doozy) it's not an adrenaline-fueled slugfest.
    The whole thing just... flows.

    Well worth at least one viewing.
    "He's not evil; he's just a bit rude." -Graeme


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      ''...that's not to say the effects aren't up to snuff... they are actually pretty damn good for the time (on par with Matrix itself)....''

      Probably because the two films shared a lot of the special effects technicians.

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      I suspected as much but didn't think it was relevant enough to research.
      I only mentioned Matrix because it came out in relatively close proximity and they shared genre elements.
      Now if I'd been conducting a direct comparison of the two films... yeah that'd definitely be a crucial factoid.

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    The Monster Squad

    This movie has close to everything in it: charm just gushing out of every scene, except for the few which show mom and dad arguing about which of them deserves more time in front of the camera.

    It's full of laughs, and an adorable dog and a little girl who even blurts out a genuine curse word in the PG-13 treasure of the 80s which could not be made today due to the uses of "homo" and "faggot" many times throughout.

    I'd stop right there, wearing a warm smile while remembering parts about the movie I'd love to talk about but I'm such a great guy I won't spoil anything and you shouldn't read anything about it or watch its trailer or anything before simply (and quickly) download it at

    Why didn't I stop when I said I should've? Well you see, there's a *super* fine blond teenage bitch who is so hot that time actually slows down when she makes it onto film. I mean, the 80s were owned by Kathy Ireland (who never nipped us) and the now breast-less Christina Applegate who should've optioned for the doctors to cut off her head instead of both tits. I mean, she's worthless now.

    Getting back on track, Monster Squad hottie Lisa Fuller could've potentially been a household name we'd all still remember to this day:

    So who bought the bitch and chained her to the lead pipes under the kitchen sink?

    Uh, bu..buh...GhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Life SUCKS! Fuck me "ungreased backdoor Hammertime" style. My Brent moment has yet to conclude, like my one wish that I was some regular schmuck like the guy who puts up set lights or something who told Lisa that she needed to "Come with me, you really need to see something before everyone else does!" Hammertime...

    - when reaching for my full bottle of clonazepam with the intention of swallowing as many as my mouth could hold, it fucking exploded and I've lost more pills than I'd planned to take. hands and knees desperately searching for the run-aways, my eyes make visual contact with the pistol I keep under my desk by my LIFEFORM chair by my big badass PC. the end of shawshank redemption comes to mind


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      The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

      The Possession of Hannah Grace R 2018

      weird nude woman brought to a morgue/undertaker.check
      woman not really dead.check
      bunch of people killed by corpse.check
      woman possessed by demon or is a long dead witch.check

      DAM, these are the same horror movies basically, just change the woman from a long dead witch who will not die to a demon possessed woman who will not die.

      we gotta burn that body, screams the main characters/hero!!!

      Only one movie manages that, you can watch both and find out which one had the happy ending.

      so much for originality, they just copied the premise of Jane doe and hoped no one would notice.


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        Triangle, a timey whiney circle of conundrums and pathos

        watch it and then see if you understand it



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          King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

          For those of you who weren't exactly awed by Charlie Hunnam's character in 'Pacific Rim' and I know I'm in that club- every time he tried to look mad I just wanted to laugh out loud- this could be a pleasant surprise.

          It's also an unexpectedly interesting take on what has long been a done-to-death theme: namely King Arthur.

          The fact that so many really good actors appear in supporting roles and the main antagonist is portrayed by none other than Jude Law certainly helped but the script itself is obviously solid. There aren't quite enough laugh lines to call it a comedy but there's plenty of humorous moments and they all stick their landings. The effects are top notch but used sparingly enough to make the film feel like a story with a bit of whizbang, not the other way 'round.

          I don't remember hearing much about this movie when it came out but I'm pretty sure it'll keep collecting fans long after most "blockbusters" fade from memory.

          Yeah. It's actually that good.
          Do yourself a favor and check it out.
          "He's not evil; he's just a bit rude." -Graeme


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            This is relevant to my interests. o[]==[]::::::::::::::::::::::::::::>

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          Overlord 2018 (horror documentary/horror movie)

          This movie based on true story about the German Nazi WW2 human experiments where they turned people in lumbering, murderous nut jobs. Follows a group of army dudes as they discover this secret experimental lab and destroy it, this probably prevented the Nazis from defeating the allies.


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            Safe Room

            its basically SAW redone. The game master knows everything about the players, players not meant to survive, game masters have gawd like powers able to elude police and keep track of every move everyone makes. More fantasy than reality

            did i mention its just like saw, but at least in saw if everyone worked together they could actually survive, Safe Room just seems to be a game show no one wins, sort of like The Running Man with Arnold.


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              Happy Death Day 2: Really did not need this sequel at all. Sometimes a movie just stands alone and making a sequel is done only for the money and adds nothing.

              TV: The Dark Side Of Wrestling. New series on vice tv that explores shit like the Montreal screwjob and other wrasslen drama, pretty good.


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                Slice, a movie so wacky it was a decent horror film to watch. Pizza, ghosts, and witches. What is not to like, plus that kid who is in Stranger Things is in it. The kid who was dating that girl who then started dating that guy who was the son of that women who had all the christmas lights in here house as she tried to contact her son who was stuck in the upside down place...yeah you remember now don't you!!


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