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  • What is this shit?

    found this under the house. lots of these strange turds. Is this cat poop? I know it aint rabbits cause rabbits make little goober like pellets. aint no dogs running around but there is some very smelly, unhygienic cats but i never see them under the house unless they are night shitters.

    are cats know to shit at night? could it be skunk or opossums, i feed the opossums crackers and cheetoes, they usually come at midnight and eat the whole pile and that saves money on trash bags

    how long will this shit take to disolve or will it last all winter. dont really want to pick it up and if i do i will just throw it onto the neighbors property

    the wood stakes are for Vampires BTW.

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    Under the house you say? Try buying a bigass bag of cayenne pepper and sprinkling it about; animals tend to think twice about shitting in places that make their sphincters burn.

    Mind if I ask why you're hiding your vampire stakes in piles of crap under the house?

    Or this thread in the media forum if it comes to that?


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      people always store bricks and assorted pointy sticks under their houses, acts like an extra storage shed. Kind of creepy to crawl under there though, not sure what is going to jump out at you.

      Is it legal in Canada to shot a cat that is on your property? Let say it looks like it is about to attack, can you shot? I do not understand why cats are allowed to roam around and shit and piss everywhere yet you can have dog shit DNA checked and the owner will get a fine, plus cops are always shooting little cute poodles in the great OL USA because they mistake them for black people or are just really scared of harmless dogs. You read about some pet getting shot almost every week and the cops do not get fined or reprimanded.

      How about putting a big rat trap baited with cat nip under there?

      Move this thread into the correct group if it is nor properly indexed. I thought any non flame post that included a photo had to be posted under Media.


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        Ever since my cat was murdered by an owl, I find I resent cat interlopers on my property. I don't mind the bunnies though. Bunnies are quiet, don't eat birds, and have cute poop.

        (Moved thread to the general discussions forum as it's not about media.)


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          Thanks Ceedub. I'd have done it myself, but I was holding out to see if Regan had a few pointy media spears tucked under his house next to the sticks that he maybe might have shared with us.

          Regan: I'm not at all certain if it's legal to shoot cats in Canada, it's never been something I've investigated. I would say that unless it's in a suburban area then the answer is likely yes, though why you would want to when they make for great rodent control is anybody's guess.

          And their musical abilities cannot be contested either.


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            Fair point, O U. There might have been a sudden media barrage. I.just.lost.hope. I blame the depressing nature of the OP. That shit is going to calcify.


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              Click image for larger version

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              Take heart Ceedub. Regan has probably never owned a cat and knows little to nothing about their toilet habits.


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                Glorified rats... 🤐


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                  That's pigeons. They'd shit under Regan's house, they shit anywhere,

                  Cats not so much. From the mighty lions down the most domesticated of kitties, their habits usually involve burying their crap in shallow graves, much as a dog will bury their bones (which is possibly why dog's also like to eat shit, but you'd have to ask one of them for confirmation of that). It's an instinctual thing, ingrained through many long millennia of evolution and rarely do they deviate from the practice.

                  There are exceptions to the rule of course, but they all seem to involve the cat leaving its turgler displayed as prominently as is possible. Tucked away under a dwelling doesn't exactly qualify for this, certainly not with what appears to the untrained eye as repeat offenses. A nice grassy hillock where other cats may see and smell it is usually preferred, though such alpha behaviour is the sole domain of feral cats. If one of those were lurking about I'd be keeping my distance - a friend once related an account of his attempts to drive off a feral cat with a 303, taking a pot shot at the cat from behind at a distance of around thirty yards. Nailed it right in the back of its furry little head. The cat just looked at him and hissed.

                  Anyway, I'd be surprised to learn a cat were responsible for the crap in the OP.


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                    we have coyotes, had 2 yipping last winter, must have been looking for those cats.

                    We got hawks who will actually perch on a bird house and just stare at shit, all the birds head for cover, though the hawks mainly catches pigeons, never seen him catch a morning dove or blue jay

                    Blue jays will attack cats especially if they are trying to eat their peanuts, i feed blue jays peanuts because that is how i roll.

                    Did you know Crows have facial recognition, if you fuck with them they remember it and will fuck you back. Be kind to the crows, they are not called a murder of crows for nothing, very smart birds.

                    i have not picked up that shit yet, i was hoping it would dissolve. It does not seem to be doing that.

                    this is my bluejay, i think he noticed i was taking his picture by the way he is looking off to the side


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                      That blue-jay looks smart enough to be a flamer. I have blue-jays too. And crows. The crows are noisome pests and I do not care if they remember me. They should.



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                        Thanks. That video was so worth it.

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                      Why would Fox be crawling around under his house in the first place??


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                        Originally posted by The Wise and Powerful View Post
                        Why would Fox be crawling around under his house in the first place??


                        Here is an article about dick birds. It has photos of birds and a bar graph.
                        Cuckoos Are Even Bigger Assholes Than We Realized



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                          Originally posted by The Wise and Powerful View Post
                          Why would Fox be crawling around under his house in the first place??
                          A novel concept for you, but if you've bought and paid for something (or even if you are merely renting it for your own use) then that shit is pretty much yours to do with as you please and the only excuse you really need is "because it's mine."


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                            Originally posted by The Wise and Powerful View Post
                            Why would Fox be crawling around under his house in the first place??
                            Hunting for mice and other rodents. Foxes do hunt, and have been known to kill house cats as well.