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Video Games you should try for August 2017

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  • Video Games you should try for August 2017

    Little nightmares has a new DLC called The Depths.

    Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice looks good, its a PS4 store download 30.00 due aug 8

    Uncharted the Lost Legacy is the uncharted spin off

    Dishonored 2 Death Of The Outsider is the stand alone expansion for dishonored 2

    and hot shots golf for PS4, all titles due this august

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    I have all the DLC for Little Nightmares and I haven't gotten around to playing Dishonored yet. Dishonored2 is too expensive. Don't have a PS4. I have an xbox, wii, and pc.


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      do you have a video game shop that sells used games? I can usually pick up a game for 25 to 30 a couple weeks after the initial release. I traded in dishonored 2 after finding out the DLC is not really DLC but a whole new game, I guess they wanted to make even more money from people instead of just releasing a simple 15 dollar add on download.


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        Sure, doesn't everybody have a Game Stop? DIshonored 2 was crap...

        at after you sign in. And steam has the cool-looking 3D puzzler Back to Bed for free.
        (limited time)


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          Middle-earth: Shadow Of war

          looks like a dynasty wariors game with orcs looks like it could get repetitive

          evil within 2 looks interesting


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            Gosh, I wonder where cw_ got her avatar pic from? Oh yeah, it's that one where at the end a nigger needs to be healed, and there's one in that room sitting very close to him.

            Sorry dog, I only have 6 - make that seven. This is a hard world where one must be as tough as the one named "Sue." Take care.

            The last hour or two of Homecoming is just marvelous - no exaggeration. Anxiety, suspense, it delivers heaps of it and you'll wanna run it back in your new unlocked costume.

            Silent Hill 2 remains/arguably the best game. Ever. To start the game, you hop outta your car to find your wife, killing anything in your way including Pyramid raping a nurse in the hospital you're in.

            At the end, you find out the bitch you were looking for was dead in the trunk of the car you arrived in at the very begging. She left you a very touchy, forgiving note to you for killing her in a fucking hospital bolstered by a slow sad song.

            The end after the note? Yeah, you get back into your car (she's still in the far back), and commit suicide by driving into Silent Hill's lake so your corpses could be found together, underwater.

            Could that game be made these days? Probably not but Homecoming's big decisions centered around your mother and father before the Saw gore starts is worth an unnoticed biting of your bottom lip...

            - Resident Evil Remastered is brilliant too, except for the dialogue



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              Humble Bundle has :Outlast Deluxe Edition (Win/Mac/Linux) for free. (for the next 23 hrs)

              Steam key available.



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                Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus saw a gameplay video.....did not like the previous games but this looks better than those...all the really good stuff has release dates for 2018 like god of war and days gone

                oh look another need for speed game is due this november.....swear they make a new one of those every dam year

                Farming Simulator 17 Platinum.......experience life as a farmer with out the pesticides and economic hardships


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                    oh look another need for speed game is due this november.....swear they make a new one of those every dam year
                    Sad but true. that's because it's been a cash cow for them for years. the last NFS game I bought was NFS:Most wanted for the xbox 360, and I barely touched it after playing maybe an hour or two of it.

                    I might pick up star wars battlefront II if they don't fuck it with the loot crate shit, shadow of war looks interesting and may be vastly diffferent from shadow of mordor(which was insanely easy once you get the right power ups)

                    And at one point I did consider getting a WII-U for the sole reason to get Mario maker and Smash brothers, but thank god I passed on that, because the Wii-U flopped, and I don't think I'll be getting the switch any time soon,either. I think i'll stick to my PS4 and PC. I will have to upgrade the graphics card in my PC, but with the rate that consoles are starting to come out and the arbrituary "upgrades" they come out with, it may be the best use of my money.


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                      Silent Hill + Don't Starve = Darkwood