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  • Hey cockslop
    Where's the pokemon stuff you were harping on about?

    I know you would much rather prefer to tongue rotty's crusty old knot and do the whole "arm tied behind your back" thing, but I'm just going to warn you right now that your buddies sent you straight into a woodchipper. Mind you. It isn't the same woodchipper that you thought you were gonna be prevented from going through due to BC's rules, but the same.........actually...scratch that! It won't be the same result.

    This is a screencap of the administrator of the said forum posting a gif a lady sucking a dick right on the discord server of the site in question. This is a discord server that they have openly posted for anybody to come in and join. Now, I'm addressing this here because clearly it is pornographic in nature and not allowed at BC, and apparently you want to do the whole hobbled thing, but I'm feeling quite mean today, so tough shit for you. Unlike you, if there's a problem with something, I drink a barrel of "man the fuck up" and handle it instead of pulling a you and claim you can't because you need to remove the sand out of your vag and pedowang won't let you.

    I got so much more I will dump, because I'm just tired trolling idiots like flea and Bozo with it. You're just the unlucky bastard I'm choosing to impale to send a message to any other tards who mistake my kindness for weakness.

    Now, if there were "young kids" posting there like you and the tard brigade have insisted for years and feigned outrage over, then why haven't any of you got off your asses and done something about it? Especially you, boney. You were doing a whole lot of pearl clutching about "da children", and yet when faced with everything you claim to dispise, you fold up and break like a cheap chinese lawnchair and then hide behind a walking corpse like prickflop/rotwang as an excuse to do so. That's the reason why you showed up at BC with a group of the SG forum fluffers as the advance party.

    Flea spreads a half naked minor around Trf because she thinks it funny? You're on your knees sluerping her strapon like a good little bottom bitch.

    Decrying about Caskur's dead kid being photoshopped? You're licking the very bootprints of the very same artist that dropped this masterpiece:

    See, boney, you said it yourself. you like to be the milktoast nobody that doesn't cause controversy, but clearly you have left a trail of piss and controversy everywhere you go to the point all somebody with any authority has to do is order you on your knees, and you're already doing it a full minute before the said order. At first I called you a cuck because you basically act all subservient to old fucktard flea after what she did to you, but as time goes on, you're proving it is far far far worse than I initially thought. If flea were to come out tomorrow and said she was going to raid and take their members, you would be slobbering all over her fat cankles and declaring it the best idea since sliced bread because that's exavtly who you are. a little cuck that is there to simply follow orders.

    Take this how you like. If you want to hide at SG again, try to address in a hobbled way at BC, or finally drop a set and address it it here, it doesn't matter to me. I'm still gonna drag you out behind the woodshed and give you the long overdue pelting you deserve.

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    Wait - let me see if I am inferring correctly from your screed: our Boney is wagging his finger at you for the old chestnut of you supposedly chasing Pokemon forums for extra members over a decade ago? On a forum which has claimed repeatedly they aren't interested in the dramas of other boards and will in fact delete any and all attempts to bring them there?

    That doesn't sound like our Boney at all... getting such a bad case of the Religions that he would willfully throw another site's rules to the wind and actively break them. Especially not when there are venues about (this one springs to mind) where such coddling rules do not hold sway.

    And certainly not at a forum that numbers among its own moderator list as someone exposed by Brother Bumspud and Brother Trouble for being chased out of a gaming forum for improper behaviour towards minors no less. The same moderator who (if I am to understand you) our Boney himself is alleged to be cowering behind now.

    No, I don't believe it. I find such a claim incredible to believe in fact.

    Maybe our Boney (if indeed it IS our Boney) may care to log into his administrator's account here to establish his bona fides. Because from where I am sitting, it rather seems to me that whoever it is giving you a hard time over at the "Don't See, Don't Tell" forums, it's not our Boney.

    A man who, if you'll recall, stated flat out he was never going to register there.

    Just like Evil Blood stated flat out he was never returning to Flametown.

    Heh... and if I were to tell you the reason why he decided not to return, it would render the SG to be the biggest bunch of mentally deficient stinking suckbutt hypocrites to wander the forums since Brawl Hall during its fall.


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      Maybe our Boney (if indeed it IS our Boney) may care to log into his administrator's account here to establish his bona fides. Because from where I am sitting, it rather seems to me that whoever it is giving you a hard time over at the "Don't See, Don't Tell" forums, it's not our Boney.
      Oh, but that's the best part. I don't really care if it is the real bonesaw or not. fakesaw is actually correct about one thing, and that I sure as shit haven't been mean enough, and have given them way outs and gave them way too many breaks. They had their chance to get over themselves and to stop being butthurd tards and post whatever shit they wanted in the confines of their locked down hovel, so now I'm just gonna hitch them up to a sled and drive them over a lane of hot coals like the world's dumbest and ugliest sled dogs.

      Whatever promises of social contracts I made with them? Shredded! Flea and the tard brigade have nobody to blame for it but themselves for the shitstorm I'm about to rain on their helmet heads.


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        Good luck with that. As is the case with most forums that purport to be flamer friendly despite being bankrolled by people with no skill in the craft whatsoever, they will ultimately shake themselves apart and you will barely need to lift a finger to see it happen. As of this moment I can see three which seek to model themselves off The Retard Farm's failures, namely the inequal application of rules and regulations designed to rein in the kinds of behaviour that made Flame4Cash and the earlier iteration of Brawl Hall interesting places to be. BH as you recall suffered mightily when they instituted their "protected class" of posters (regs) and sought to exempt them from the kinds of censure meted out to non-regs and it didn't exactly take TRF long to collapse in a screaming heap after I began dishing out Benzo and Human Porch level "flames" knowing full well our academic in-absentia was just itching for any excuse to ban my ass.

        And less than a year later....

        Click image for larger version

Name:	bawww,-the-retard-farm-went-bangfalldown-lol.png
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Size:	7.7 KB
ID:	915

        Now, while I don't pretend to be pivotal to the success or failure of THE MOR0N's wet dream of highly respected and lauded interwurb flametowne identity, I can at least be considered one of a select few to highlight him as every bit the cretin that people such as Evil Blood once claimed him to be. A claim he made way back in the day when THE MOR0N was pooping and farting about the admin panels on Rubeflog's dime. Interestingly enough, the very guy who dragged him into Flambetown in the first place can do the same, and under much the same set of circumstances too. Hi Freud, wherever you are! Best you managed was two, maybe three days for exposing just how FAILED a "political expert" THE MOR0N was (which is surprising when you consider what his field was AND where he practiced it). Whereas I managed to earn a six month ban for royally pissing him off for consistently flaming him, his alts AND his supporters. Actually, I think his butthurt was more rooted in his utter incompetence in thinking he could take me on and beat me. Except we saw how that worked out... Bra1ny-boi reduced to gutter level fucktardism, condoning PII distribution against the out-crowd and generally lapsing into cringeworthy cuddlefests with the same hatchet-faced moll who, despite her best efforts at sycophancy, wound up as fuckless in the wake of TRF 404ing as she was when BH expired like a damp squib. You can kind of see the same shit unfolding now with Martini and Dove... that alone should serve as an indicator to the sorts of dire straits Snipping Gonadz is in as of this point in time.

        So if you're planning to rain a shitstorm down on their furry little heads, I'm suggesting you get on to it, because time is obviously short in that regard. Fake accounts, Mills and Boon romance abortions, highly subjective interpretations on rules others are alleged to have broken where others have not... all the hallmarks for an eventual collapse are there. I haven't seen hide nor hair in recent weeks out of the crowd that were attempting to reshape Flame Truth in SG's image on my return this year, strangely a good many of them are absent from the eternal raids of The Empurpled Stranglecock and that (along with the recent exodus to Mudcock's Mulletpit) tells me that SG is bleeding out its members to the point they might as well rebadge themselves as The Coven Mk II and be done with it. They aren't a flame site, Scoundrel's pleas across foreign forums to make up the numbers for a simple PYP event highlighted that admirably and if we are to judge from the disparate amount of press that yielded in comparison to Jersey Gurl's and Martini's forays against Tweeter and the Monkeyman at TBC, you might be forgiven for thinking Scoundrel's efforts yielded results that were, to put it mildly, embarrassing. He was even reduced to begging for Twatty to come riding in to save him before vanishing up SG's arsehole. I did feel kinda sorry for the guy, but what can you reasonably do when you're slumming it with mentally deficient one liner artists who need a bunch of rules to regulate their incessant bitchfests to the tippy-top of the entertainment heap?

        I did get one solitary laugh out of the tag team match over at Stranglecock, and of all people to deliver it, it was Wankmop that came through. Longwinded, boring old wankmop, I'm sure you remember how long his screeds have been known to get. Right up there with some of mine in fact, something the Jersey Gurl has been known to wibble uncontrollably about when their actual content forbade him from addressing them directly.

        So you can imagine the barked hilarity from this end of Canadia when I caught Wankmop complaining that Jersey Gurl had penned a "novel" instead of a "flame".


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          Oh I will. I got something hilarious to point out. And I did let the site in question know that flea and the tard bridgade has stolen part of their name has been going around running their name down by calling them little kids playing pokemon, because quite frankly, I want the O.G's of the "groundz" name know there's some cheap dollar bin copy of them running their cred down.

          stomping groundz( a certain content thief likely suggested the unoriginal name) vs Duelistgroundz(the best damn groundz of the two)
          Now, it may not be "nice" to compare duelistgrounds to its retarded little sister, but i'm no longer in the business of being nice. I'm in the business of making sure the internet's version of a poorly copied nigerian prince scam doesn't snag any unsuspecting victims from the real deal Duelistgroundz, because who the fuck wants to drink a diet RC cola that somebody scribbled "pespi" on it and dumped a bunch of unknown fluid in, when you can have a real pepsi without the fear of catching some disease?

          Lets start with

          the administration:
          It far........hands down going to duelistgroundz. The owner is actually an IT guy who knows his way around coding, and a Canadian to boot(sorry. i'm being a little biased, but fuck it!) While the owner of the copycat is a 40 some-odd fat sperm dumpster that has had more dick in her than a richard convention,4 kids with 4 baby daddies that have been in and out of jail like objects in johnny storm's old worn out wizard sleeve ass hole. She doesn't know jack shit about coding, is on welfare, and live in some ghetto slum in the shit-crusted taint of America. Ash/rei was a chunky motherfucker when I knew him back in the day, and he was slightly emo to boot in his younger days(not brent levels, mind you), but he strapped up and got a degree, a decent job, lost a few pounds, and got a hot fucking girlfriend to boot. He did this all before he even reached his 30's, and I admire the fuck out of him improving greatly. Flea, on the other hand, is still the stagnant welfare slug that has to use the system,the people around her, and any resource around her to just get by.

          Has rei employed some noseless fucking ghoul that jerks his gherkin to a 12 year old natalie portman? fuck no! Has Rei employed some fucking piss-fetish loving old geezer that goes full looting mode on other's people's content and possibly the nursing home medicine cabinet? fuck no! While he is not perfect and has made some questionable choices in staff at times, he always righted that ship and dealt with whatever situation that arose. That fucking lazy diabetes beast Flea? Treats situations like a joke, and even circled her fat fucking wagon around a known child predator and even cunt grunted on about him "being a good guy". Flea is not good enough to carry Rei's discarded water bottle, let alone have any business own a site

          Real O.G. and competent Duelistgroundz-plus 5
          Copycat incompetent copy- negative 10.

          The women:
          This is also a no contest. The women of the vastly superior duelistgroundz has the likes of the hottie named cameron. Now, I will warn you that what I'm about to post may cause weaker men to destroy their microchodes, so be careful with this.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	camerontitties.jpg
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Size:	29.8 KB
ID:	918
          When you look at that cute face and nice fucking boobs with pierced titties, you just want to go run to the nearest private spot and beat the shit out of your meat like a loan shark boss beats up a delinquent who owes them money. You can say her official title would be Cameron: the destroyer of dicks!

          What does the women of the cheap ripoff destroy? your fucking eyes!
          Click image for larger version

Name:	9ew0GLP.jpg
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Size:	42.3 KB
ID:	919

          Sorry for the size difference. Large marge's fat heads needs all the pixels you can possibly get. Jesus fucking christ! look at that fat fucking beast! I wouldn't be surprised the camera that took that picture self-destructed after taking that shit out of sheer shame of having that face on its memory. It is no comparison. A deluded, washed up, old retard factory can't compete with a young, smoking hot little hottie above. Cameron has a whole fucking group of young and successful men who would gladly pump her full of their baby gravy if they were ever given he chance, while the only men that hang around that beaten down orifice pig is some desperate old man that has a piss fetish and felons that get sent to the klink for pulling a jessica yaniv in front of the popo. Who the hell willingly fucked that beat? stevie fucking wonder with a bad head cold, half deaf from a concert, and a series case of the blue balls? There is no doubt that her kids are either quadruplets or turkey baster kids, because you would have to be extremely desperate to willingly impregnate that just once, let alone 4 times, unless LA county has a string of wildebeest-on-man rapes that could easily be solved with DNA testing her bastards.

          The sexy and successful people of the best Duelistgroundz:Plus 105
          The copycat glorified farmyard called stomping groundz: negative 1000

          The Content:
          Now this one is a great chance for the clonegroundz to catch up to the O.G Groundz of duelist.


          I'm sorry heh..pffft...heheheh. give me a sec...


          There's just no chance in hell of that happening, copyright infrigement-groundz. While they got 10's of thousands of members and pages upon pages of great and original content talking about an array of subjects in a respectful, intelligent, humorous manor, you got 60 viewbots, maybe 4 members at best all talking about how you want to get revenge on the meanies who ruined your flame parade for yours, and recycling the same and very limited content over at babyraper-groundz. While they talk about important life topics about loans, stocks, personal relationships, jobs, moving and other topics, you, the pissdance kid, a really big natalie portman fan that doubles as a parking meter, and a few others are arguing about what brand of anal beads don't chafe eacthother's ass holes. even if SG has had the decade and a half run that duesistgroundz has has, the stooges there would never even come close to licking the very sandy and rotting garbage their lowest of the low discarded. Unlike the unoriginal-shitgroundz, the god among groundz don't need to lock down and chase people off their site out of fear somebody might come in and take your one flame like a fucking homeless bum protecting their last dollar he or she sucked dick for and chase off pissdrinker bozos who do it for free.

          Best of the rest Duelistgroundz: a whopping plus 1105
          Slobbering-clone grounds drags its carcass to the nearest ditch to die at a negative 1 000 000.

 is far far far superior to the retarded copiers that tried to take their name and defame for years without their knowledge(up until today, at least. tough break for you spambots). After all, they deserve to see me use their defamers who ran their cockholster unchecked use them as my personal toilet bowls.

          You can't say that princess porkchop wasn't warned this day was coming. enjoy the fallout, bitchtits-groundz.

          *mic drop


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	peanut gallery.jpg
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ID:	920

            Looks like I got the poor peanut gallery sweating profusely on how the fuck they are going to get out of this one.

            Enjoy spergatory, tards.


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              Feels good to get it off your chest, eh? And imagine, had you posted this literally at any other forum within window-licking distance, you'd have earned a stern lecture for breaking teh rulez of whatever flame-lite forum you happened to be in.

              I must say I find it amusing to see the thinly veiled pleas of certain people attempting to dismiss this site as a place where nobody comes to read. Thing is, I encountered a few posts venerating my content here when I was guest posting at The Empurpled Stranglecock, so they at least do stumble across here when things are slow. And they just like anyone else get to make up their own minds regarding the state of play, which in turn requires ever more strident claims of non-readership of those desperate to maintain face in front of their peers.

              There's a reason why I donated that particular thread to your recent charity event. Anyone who takes the time to peruse it will find it sheds way more light than is seemly on why The Empurpled Stranglecock has found itself weaponized in a war it had precisely zero interest in, save for one bitter old man who still holds me responsible for accusations I in fact defended him against and dropped many years previously. And neither he nor the latrina who insisted on revisiting his epic bashing of more than a decade ago particularly wants the community at large to remember how it fell out because #BlameCunt.

              But make no mistake, in a publicly viewable forum, someone will. And given the reluctance of the protagonists to address it directly, that leaves it to the sorts of people who would use it against them.

              It only takes one person to spot it.... and to publicly question why the people mentioned are busily trying to shovel it all under the carpet.


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                Oh, and for what it's worth I don't find either of the chicks you posted as overly attractive, though without a doubt the picture of Rei is significantly cuter and in better shape. I bothered to take the time to slope on over to the forum in question and while substantially more patronised than anything the remnants of Flametown can boast, there's not a great deal I saw that would interest me at first glance. Window dressing is as window dressing does, but for my part I have to find something worthwhile in someone's personality to be bothered dealing with them and I simply didnt see that coming from the few posts I read of Rei.

                Which arguably stands her in better stead than the walking makeup factory you've posted beneath her. Three and a half years of that pathological old sow holding me accountable simply for shit I didn't instigate because she was too paranoid to admit her error in a timely manner... man, even if you stuck her brain in a supermodel I'd still find her terminally ugly. Just another aging e-thot desperately trying to hold on to her popularity in much the same way they accuse Mudcock of doing. And tragically (for her), the beards she attempted to promote as the be-all and end-all of masculinity are viewed in exceptionally poor light in the wider community... and with people tiring of her games and dividing their attention at foreign boards, it shouldn't surprise anyone that her efforts to prop them up have become... infrequent.

                Unless your talking about Bonesaw of course. I'm still not entirely convinced it's the genuine article for reasons previously discussed, the main one being his complete absence from this site since his stated holiday. Strangely affirming his desire to retain his admin panel here before he left, instead he shows up at the exact same forum he had previously swore up and down he would NEVER join to hobnob with someone he has made no secret of his antipathy for.

                Not that it's overly important of course. Whoever it is, at the end of the day they are still fighting Muffcabbage's battles for her because she is incapable of fighting them for herself. Danger was exactly the same... and while she maintained a measure of slobbering support of anklegummers for many years, in the end it was her inability to marshal the heat to warm an orphaned bacterium that found her staunchest defenders scattering like cockroaches from her bloated carcass.

                Which is the usual fate reserved for e-thots when they have no more looks or smarts to give. I hope for your Rei's sake that this is not her eventual fate, I'd have to stick about DZ a lot longer to see how she fits in to the dynamic to make an educated guess as to if it was.


                • #BLAMECUNT
                  #BLAMECUNT commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Ahhh right. Well whatever, nobody stood out as someone I was overly interested in talking to, not surprising though because the main focus of the forum appeared to be stuff I wasn't interested in rather than any underlying scumbuggery. I did find it mildly interesting that they were openly calling for interested applications for staff posts though, particularly after watching certain Flametown owners promising to confine their posting efforts exclusively to whichever forum would hand them a panel.

                  I can't begin to think of the new lease on life it would have given to Poofer's MiTM podcasts if DZ had lured him to their shores. I wonder if he might not have found an actual looker to brag about in place of the dwarf with a dick we were supposed to have gone apeshit over.

                • din365
                  din365 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  That I have to concede, though. Most of the women in flametown(with few notable exceptions like CW) are hideous fucking ghouls or transvestites. At least the ones still posting in the confines of flametown. I remember somebody posted fashionista's pic a while back, and she wasn't bad looking,either. however, Fashiomnista herself admits BC is not a flame site and she's not a flamer, so I really can't count them as a part of flametown.

                • #BLAMECUNT
                  #BLAMECUNT commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Mmmm, I can overlook a fair bit in terms of looks. Deception and flat out lying not so much. TBC may not be a flame forum, though they do bend and in some cases suspend their rules in favour of certain preferred posters and ultimately it's the site owner who gets to carry the can for that.

                  It goes a little deeper though. I was guest posting a fair bit at TBC before my return here. I did take the time to familiarise myself with their rules before I started posting and abided by them religiously. Nonetheless, within half a dozen posts I had a third of the active membership threatening to leave if I wasn't dealt with, largely off the back of ''I'm convinced its Mel'' or ''I'm gonna get Bricktop to run you off Cunt'' In all, I was suspected of being half a dozen posters, nobody could agree on exactly who it was. Bottom line, it should not have mattered since I was following their rules to the letter.

                  Then one day, I ran up against an IP ban. No explanation as to how or why I had earned it, not that I expected there would be because I had, as I said, been following their rules. All of them. So I flipped my VPN to another city and proceeded as usual. A few posts later, banned again. I don't remember exactly how many I received that day, though I do remember Fash herself denying any bans were being levied. So rather than make a song and dance out of it (which is exactly what I anticipated they were aiming for) I simply returned to posting, flipping the VPN to a fresh exit node whenever I encountered one of those ban messages.

                  That's more or less where my estimation of Fash took a nosedive. Oh, I continued to follow the rules and all, right up to the point they gave up their transparent attempts to troll me into registering an account reached the ''well, we'll just turn off guest posting then'' stage, but my decision to honour the rules was purely borne of my own moral code, all consideration for any other parties be damned. I've been about enough asian groups to understand their notions of a code of honour, a code I have determined Fash to be... deficient in, shall we say. And that's okay, she is after all in the western world now and dealing with a variety of round-eyed monkeys she feels are beneath warranting any traditional expressions of honour. I'd argue that it stands her in good stead when immersing herself in places like the SG, or even putting up with Hermione's and Wankmop's perennial flouting of the very rules I abided by during my stay there.

                  And that's okay. There's a fuckton more honour to be had elsewhere and that is where I am invested. I won't say ''never ever'' like Bonesaw has done, though I cannot see any driving need to register at a forum operated by someone who has openly lied to me at first blush, nor where staff and regs are openly hostile towards me with no good reason. They could turn guest posting back on tomorrow and I probably wouldn't even know about it for weeks. Certain invested interests have poisoned the well there, I think there's been a total of one post I might have bothered responding to since guest posting was turned off anyway, so ''meh''.

                  They know where to find me if they wish to redress the balance. Shacked up in the house Stoppa built and Ceedub yet maintains. No guest posting here of course, never was, but our ''rules'' such that they are are even easier to navigate than the ones currently in place at TBC, or indeed anywhere else in our little community.

                  And you have no idea how much I respect Ceedub for making such an environment possible. Despite our differences, she is to put it bluntly, worth a hundred of these site owners. And anyone unwilling to comply with her more than reasonable expectations are more than welcome to go hang elsewhere.

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                That ain’t me at ... Empurpled Stranglecock was it? Why the fuck would I waste my time there flaming you about a forum on which I’ve never set foot on a forum which I’ve never wanted to set foot? A bunch of Canadians discussing libturds is not a hot vacation destination for the discerning Bonesaw, one would imagine, even a pretend one. But it takes all kinds. That’s some hot piece there, but even if I’ve never visited the place, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree about the names being similar so they must have done it on purpose. Had Joodog or Flea ever heard of Duelistgroundz? They certainly never involved me in the naming brainstorm, so I can’t be sure but the comparison seems pretty far-fetched if they haven’t.

                And does said ‘OG Groundz’ have a flame forum or is it generally anything goes? And how many times have I been cloned over the years? I thought Dvlos and Pickles were netdead. /shrug. I’m not a fan, but I’m not joining to right a terrible wrong. They should know you can’t beat the real deal.


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                  I'd figured it wasn't you, for more or less the same reasons I knew the Evil Blood account at TRF was a fake before even a word had been typed.

                  Sure, people have flip-flopped on their word previously, people like Caskur made an entire industry out of it, though you had made it abundantly clear that your interest in not joining TBC was as set in stone as much as Evil Blood's steadfast unwillingness to return to anything remotely Flametown was. Ironically, it's this exact same level of gutter trolling that convinced him there was no point in continuing to spend his time trawling the boards. I was in the same room when he declared his boredom with it, along with his disgust at finding those he had previously associated with descending to it. There were other reasons I knew the clone to be a fake too, much like when Jersey Gurl came roaring out of the blocks to say the Ant Agoniser account couldn't possibly have been run by Moronica Corningware.

                  Now you're here telling us that it's not you over at TBC and in the balance I'm inclined to take your word for it. Of course there is also the claim of you not posting anywhere that Din does, though I only have other peoples word for that and a wealth of experience of watching people misinterpret the written word to question the veracity of any such claim. Your abiding disquiet regarding Rotwang on the other hand is a matter of record as far as I am concerned and that is the cornerstone I base my inclination of thinking the Bonesaw at TBC is a clone.

                  We'll see more clones surface of course, it's an old ploy which has been waged for decades and is, as such, quite boring. People were cloning me at BH long before I arrived there, that's how old the stunt is. A certain someone tried to pretend themselves as Projectile Vomit at Digital Strife even past the five minute mark when I knew categorically it wasn't them and had told them so. Johnny Storm attempted to pass himself off as King Martini here, THE MOR0N attempted to float the idea that VC had returned to Connecticut to operate from an account he had previously asserted the only IP match he had for the account in question began with the letter "B". So I imagine that someone who thinks its clever to piggyback on methods that predated Pickles and Poofer's material is so ball-twistingly clever to keep flying even when simple logic blows it out of the water before it even has a chance to get going, then that is a blunted tool they plan to continue to wave about. Ironic in and of itself due to their fingerwagging at others who effectively do the same to them.

                  It's not inventive or engaging enough to bear any moniker other than gutter level trolling. If the tards engaging in it sat down for five minutes of sober reflection, they might realise it as the virtual albatross about the neck of their efforts to draw truly entertaining and creative icons to the game.