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    Ask him to please next time be in the same room as his microphone.

    "He's not evil; he's just a bit rude." -Graeme


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        What would be the point in posting comics at a closed or fly by night forum? Wouldn't you want your content to be publicly searchable and permanently displayed? One option is to host your content as a photo album or blog like PV did with his Hell Toons. That way you control the availability of your content for yourself.


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          I think I can answer this. I seem to recall that Pickles did not wish for his content to be publicly viewable and if I had the time to, I could fish the relevant quote out of Martini's podcast to illustrate it, but suffice to say, it is my recollection that Pickles' return was dependent on which forum was prepared to hand him control of a forum exclusively for hosting such content because he didn't want it to be available to "just anybody".

          At least that's the impression I got from KM. The impression that there were certain people that Pickles wanted to forbid his content from being distributed among select people. Who are we to expect him to become an eternally renown interforum cultural icon if he does not wish that mantle for himself?


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            'Very interesting...but stupid' - Arte Johnson
            What about the 'new people'?


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              Be serious; would you expect to attract new people with half of these talentless vagrants floating about the place, pushing their pizza flyers through the inboxes of all and sundry and begging them to watch their hairpulling contests? Of course not, there's barely anything to distinguish the glorified Amway salesmen that make up Mudcock & Muffcabbage & Associates from the dot-head call center mooks begging you to open your computer security to you over Team Viewer.

              And on that topic, I'll be interested to see just how crazy my security suite goes the next time I'm passing by Venezuela Groundz. There was already a bun ch of suspicious activity being flagged under the old site and if Martini's assurances the new host had "a few more bells and whistles" on it means anything reven tangentially untoward, I'm kind of expecting a fair bit more than just the eternal "browser hijacking attempt" warnings I had been getting previously.