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    Either the great poofer's standards have slipped, or Dovey is yet again is a charity case for the mentally disabled. All she is good for is acting like a jesus themed ballsack rag to wipe my manly ballsweat off on a hot day and for her to give my ass hole a few courtesy licks after I take a dump on the tranny oompa loompa's beachball-sized adam's apple.

    Dovey......sweety..........God just outright fucking hates you. You couldn't get any as a gay man, so now all you can do is catfish questionably straight men into tickling your tackle, and all you got was a coffee and an extreme case of blue balls no matter how many hairy-knuckled handies you give out. When it comes to judgement day, if Jesus wanted to prank his dad, all he would have to do is look at you and say "yep. you're going to heaven", and God would throw himself into the lake of fire at the mere prospect of spending eternity in the same realm as you.


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      I got nothing lol.

      Thank you. :)

      But the scat crap....yanno....that's just fucking gross. I'm not sure you should be talking about standards with all that focus on man ass and poop.

      Is that what you guys get up to around here when the trolls go to bed? Uhg.

      Carry on.


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        So I popped on today to see if the harmless cock gobbler had taken my advice and had taken over the furness to run himself.Seeing as everyone else that has done so previously had sucked according to him.So it should have been easy for the talentless nonce to entertain everyone,right?

        And what do I see when I logged on?

        As per usual old harmless has yet again made the place all about him.Nothing entertaining for the forum members to join in with,just the usual "Flea dumped my sorry arse" wahh-wahh-wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Lulz cunty,you got dumped by a fat, forty something spic whore with 200 kids and a vag the size of the dartford tunnel and you just can't get over it can you little fella?

        Get over it harmless,YOU GOT DUMPED .

        Oh, and I hear they are talking about you at the coffee groundz-


        • Not the reaper
          Not the reaper commented
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          Repetition lmao, your biased is showing.Go make a thread and out of my 124 posts show how many times I've used the word `couch` you dumb flat chested whore.Go go CW meat shielding lulz.Are you after Fleas slopey seconds ms w? Doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

        • #BLAMECUNT
          #BLAMECUNT commented
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          Yeah Ceedub, are you after Fleas slopey seconds? Because apparently Weepy is.

          No Weepy, I am not interested in throwing my throbbing empurpled love gladiator up your mudguts. I'm kind of a lot like your ex-wife in that respect.

        • cw_
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          The definition of repetition includes replicating or copying. Your posting history is rife with examples of copying - at all boards you've cribbed at.

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        Originally posted by Not the reaper View Post
        Cool story, bro.


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          ...the butterballs have spoken! All hail the butterballs!


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            Click image for larger version

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              If I said that I find fatheads unattractive, does that automatically mean I am fat-shaming special snowflakes like Weepy? I think it might. Actually that's probably why he's had a hardon for my ankle for oh-so many years.


              • Madcow Klitzgasm
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                Weepy is currently over at 6fatchicks_pit wailing about another man's ding dong...

              • #BLAMECUNT
                #BLAMECUNT commented
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                I am reminded of a comment you once made to me about a certain someone and her sole purpose for being on the forums vis-à-vis the complete and emasculation of all menfolk in her vicinity. It occurs to me that Weepy has been trying to win her favour for close to a decade now (that I know of) and that would explain a lot.

                Including why he is trying to Bend It Like BEnzover right now.