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Aryan nation get a summer job.

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  • Aryan nation get a summer job.

    It was a glorious morning in some shitty flyover state in some

    town that I'm not at liberty to say. Aryan nation was doing

    his morning routine, but today was a bad day, because his aging

    bedpost gave his ass hole a gigantic splinter and had to go to

    the hospital to get it out.

    "holy shit this is getting expensive! I need to get a job and

    some health insurance" exclaimed Aryan nation- as he

    frustratingly opens the newspaper to the classified ads.

    Aryan nation is not a "manly" kind of man to say the least. He

    has the physique of an emaciated Ethiopian, his mental state

    varies from bi curious fantasies and hating on all of them

    niggers, so things that require advanced cognitive skills or

    demanding physical labour was out of the question. And then

    there's the fucking whispy voice! a voice that screams "my

    balls haven't dropped", so aryan nation can't even demand

    respect even if he screams until is cracks like he's on the

    verge of late puberty.

    As he was scanning his buggy eyes through the classifieds and

    categorically dismissing his interest for each one."

    beneath me" as he hooks at a burger king fry cook ad.

    " much of a nigger's job" as he scoffs at a farmhand

    ad. then, it happens! he see's a classified that was almost

    like it was written for him. "fagbear's gay bar is looking for

    a motivated individual for our late shift duties" as the ad

    read. Annie squeed in excitement and bunched his little fists

    into his pink bunny onsie(which has an ass flap) and started

    slappig his incest baby flippers onto the old creaky floors.

    Finally a legitimate excuse to go into a gay bar and NOT get

    grilled about whether or not he was gay. Aryan nation had

    already made up his mind that working at fagbear's gay bar was

    his dream, and they were hiring.

    "What should I wear?" he quietly asked himself. "should I wear

    my salmon pink skinny trousers and cardigan? ugh. too obvious

    and classy for that. maybe some leather pants and and a tucked

    over T-top? ugh! it's a job application! not a date you closet

    fag! I know! skinny jeans and a plaid shirt! it's in fashion

    and I don't look like a nigger! perfect!"

    He rushes to his bedroom and flings open the rickety wardrobe

    he stole from the landfill, and grabs the outfit he had in

    mind. Skinny jeans that were really just regular women's jeans

    that he stole from the salvation army, and the stained up plaid

    shirt some homeless gave him for getting a handy from Aryan

    nation. In a whirlwind of clothes, Aryan nation quickly changed

    into his attire in mind, and rushed out the door.

    "wait..where the fuck am I going?" he asked himself as he

    forgot to get the address off the ad along with other important

    things like his socks, shoes,underwear, and his keys. Aryan

    nation is a forgetful dumbshit, but luckily he's too stupid to

    lock his doors, so he was able to get his undergarments,keys,

    socks, and the address.

    Of course, Aryan fires up his toyota prius....just kidding! He

    struggles to start up his beat up and rusted out 1983

    Volkswagen rabbit that is only running on 3 cylinders and the

    other three are under performning (just like his brain) and burns

    oil to the point the town pays him to drive by a few swamps to

    smoke down mosquito."At least it wasn't built by niggers" he

    says in almost in a 4th wall breaking moment.

    Aryan nation drives down to the address and barely makes it

    before his shitbox overheats and quits. Aryan nation opens his

    car door with a loud creak and climbs out the rusted ball of

    rust that resembles a shitty little hatchback, and feasts his

    eyes on his future place of employment. it is a giant white

    building with peeling old white stucco with a faded green cloth

    awning in front of two doors that stretches out over part of

    the walkway to the entrance. it has poles with chains string

    across them that border the grass around the building, just to

    keep patrons off the grass.It has a concrete walkway the goes

    right to the doors. the windows are high up with old wooden

    frames that you would see in the 1920's or something with some

    of the windows missing panes of glass and being covered up with

    old cardboard.

    "this place is a dump, but at least it looks like it wasn't

    built by niggers" as Aryan nation explained to himself as she

    fluttered to to doors to his new career. Aryan nation opens the

    doors and ascends to the giant open space . rows upon rows of

    seating of wooden tables and metal chairs that look to be 40

    years old with a tiny little bar to the left of the entrance,

    washrooms to the right, and an office in the back that runs

    along the corridor as you go in.there's a large stage at the

    very back with lighting, and on that stage were 4 animatronics.

    hat looks more like a community center that somebody tried to

    convert into a gay bar.

    Aryan nation scans the "bar" for any signs of life that he can

    talk to about the job, when he spots a lady. this 250 pound

    older lady with a pixie cut border lining on a buzzcut, white

    shirt that shows her sagging gorilla tits, and a leather skirt.

    She was sitting there and looking at Aryan nation while she

    takes a big drag of her smoke. then the lady puts her smoke

    down and asks as smoke bellows out as she spoke in a raspy

    smoker's voice "What the fuck do you want, you little faggot?"

    The sudden thunderous voice almost makes Aryan nation shit his

    trousers. Aryan nation turns to her as stiff as a board and

    weakly stammers out "I..I'm to ah...apply for..."

    The old butch lady cuts him off with "Spit it out, you little

    cocksucker! I aint getting any younger"

    Aryan nation stiffly was about to start again before the old

    butch lady roars out with a mixture of a laugh and a coughing

    fit and say "I'm just fucking with you! you here for the

    jizzmopping job, you little fucking pillowbiter? you look like

    you do that shit for free with your tongue already"

    "yeah. That's what I'm here for" Aryan Nation with a relieved

    and cucked tone.

    "well tough shit. you gotta wait for one of those lazy twats to

    show up. Pull up a chair and I'll give ya the rundown with this

    shithole". The old butch lady said as she spread her legs and

    put the cigarette out on her wrinkly old labia.

    "Well? are you gonna sit down, or are you gonna stand there

    jerkin your mini gherkin to my creations? the name is bernice,

    and I created what's on the stage there" the old lady explains.

    Aryan nation now relieved the lady is not going to kill him and

    in a bit of interest, pulls up one of those ancient metal

    chairs and slides up to to table that bernice is sitting at.

    "What do you mean your creations? are you talking about those

    robots on the stage?" asks Aryan nation in a quizzical tone.

    "no, I mean the great fucking pyramids.Of course I'm talking

    about the aninmatronics, you fucking retard.You are still

    correct in calling them robots" bernice sarcastically snapped

    back as she pulls out a zippo and lights herself another smoke.

    "some old geezer who hasn't got a fucking original bone in his

    carcass asked me to make them modeled off some 2014 video game

    or some shit. Real odd fellow. kept shouting boom and couchtown

    all the time and kept calling me mr pickles. real fucking

    screwball" Bernice complains as she takes a big drag from her

    smoke afterwords.

    "There's freddy fagbear, bonnie the bumboy, tranny chica, and

    furfag foxy. Dumb fucking names if you ask me." bernice

    criticized as she waves here wrinkly bingo wing with a smoke in

    between her wrinkly sausage fingers.

    Aryan nation is getting increasingly confused as to this is a

    job interview or a rant from some old homophobic lesbian, but

    still decides to give the lady his full attention because he

    wants to knows if she hates niggers as mutch as he does.

    "look..kid......If you're here about the jizzmopper job, I'm

    gonna give you a warning about those robots. their bodies are

    retard strong and their minds were as sharp as tacks up until

    some dumb cocksucker in new jersey put 500 viewbots into their

    software. Now they are likely to pin you down and rape you

    instead of each other like they were originally programmed to

    do. keep your little pencil neck on a swivel around them".

    bernice says as she puts the cigarette butt out on the table

    this time.

    Aryan nation is now confused. Not about the job, or whether or

    not this old lady hates niggers. but before he could muster up

    whatever courage to ask, bernice stood up onto her stubby

    vericose-veined legs. as she got to her feet, two big fucking

    meat curtains flopped right out of her skirt. like, some guy to

    host a fucking puppet show with those fucking things. Bernice

    walked up next to where Aryan nation was sitting, put her old

    hand on his shoulder, and then said "by the way, I don't work

    here. I was just waiting for the old bastard of an owner to pay

    me this week's installment on those fagbots. 1 more week and I

    own this shithole, and I'm gonna bulldoze this shithole and put

    condominiums on it. enjoy your 5 night here..heh" as she

    chuckles and starts waddling towards the door.

    As soon as the front doors slammed shut, aryan nation heard a

    shuffling from behind the bar, and saw this raggedly old man

    poke his head out to scan the area. Aryan nation just stared at

    the scene as the old balding white man climbed out of some kind

    of hidey hole . "finally she's gone" the old man said as he was

    wiping dust off what little clothes he was wearing.

    "holy shit! I didn't notice ya there. are you the one here for

    the job? no real names, though. I'm BEnzo. I'm the owner of

    this place. Couch! boom! couchtown" as BEnzo stammered and

    blurted out. BEnzo stepped out from behind the counter only to

    see him only wearing a set of assless chaps, sparkly pink

    banana hammock on, and waering one of those tie-on bot ties on.

    He was really scrawny like hime, but also at least 40 years

    older than him and really wrinkly.

    "Don't worry about he getup. this is just the uniform for the

    bartenders. your job is to be the janitor and clean up the

    usual patron's droppings, so what rags you showed up in will do

    just fine" BEnzo explains.

    With the wheels turning in Aryan Nation's head and trying to

    figure out what the fuck was going on, aryan nation just

    thought to himself that he's at least not working for a nigger,

    and decided to roll with this glorified old folks home drama-

    filled dumpster fire.

    "so,that means I am hired?" asked Aryan nation

    "yeah sure. bernice didn't murder you, so that's good enough

    for me. you start right now, so get that mop out and start

    cleaning from last night" benzo kinda mutters out before

    shuffling out of there as if the devil himself was after him.

    "WAIT!"Aryan nation squeals out in a freaked out and confused

    tone. Aryan nation is in this creepyu old building alone with

    no instructions except to clean up with supplies that BEnzo

    didn't even tell Aryan nation where they are.

    "great...." huffed Aryan nation in frusturation. As he started

    looking around for cleaning supplies, he heard what sounded

    like something mechanical moving. "it was probably just the

    fridge or something" thought Aryan nation. However, eve in his

    borderline autistic brain, something kept nagging him to get a

    closer look at the animatronic robots that bernice was talking

    about, that, and he hasn't checked the stage area for cleaning

    supplies anyways to clean up the dried up old cum. some of it

    that Aryan nation gave a bicurious lick to and see what it was


    Aryan nation light loafered right up to the stage and got a

    closer look in amazement of Bernice's handiwork. Indeed they

    were robots like she said and clearly cheap gayed up ripoff

    copies from the Five nights at freddys video games, but made

    real and gay. Freddy fagbear had his top hat and bowtie, but

    was sporting a pink thong with a buldge that looks like it is

    sporting a dick the size of king kong's pinkie finger, and then

    there was the blue bunny that is a copy of bonnie except it had

    lipstick on and sporting assless chaps like Benzo's except

    these one were bigger and had pictures of penis shaped carrots

    at the shins. And then there's he monstrosity called tranny

    chica. it was just a big yellow chicken sporting a gigantic

    strapon. and then there was furfag foxy. literally just a

    carbon copy of FNAF foxy, except the hook was a dildo.

    "Jesus christ. he wasn't even trying to cover up that blatent

    ripoff with the last one" Aryan nation thought to himself and

    chuckled. As soon as he let out a chuckle, the bumboy bonnie

    animatronic twisted its head towards Aryan nation in a sudden

    jolt. Aryan nation just about jumped out of his skin and

    hotstepped it away from the stage. Aryan nation looked back and

    noticed the bomboy bonnie robot was moving

    around."huh....somebody must have forgotten to shut it off"

    blurted out Aryan nation. "that old guy did seem to be in a

    hurry and very forgetful. maybe there's an off switch on it"

    Aryan nation marched up to the stage and walked up the ramp to

    it on the far end and went up behind the bumboy bonnie

    animatronic. just as soon as he approached the animatronic from

    behind, it suddenly bends down and starts saying "fuck me you

    big fag" over and over again. Aryan nation jumps back a bit in

    shock and figures there might be some kind of sensor that tells

    it there's something behind it. Aryan nation just shrugged and

    figures he will leave it alone because he's no robotics expert.

    besides, he figured it would break the eerie silence of the

    place while he does the cleaning he has yet started to do. Then

    just in a stroke of luck, he see's a closet behind the stage

    labeled "cleaning supplies".

    Aryan does a little victory pump and squeaks out "yes!", and

    then proceeds to open the closet and get the supplies he needs

    to finally start his job. As he starts sweeping up the dirt and

    the crusty bits, he notices the "fuck me you big fag" stopped

    10 minutes into his sweeping. "it might have just timed out or

    shuts down automatically or something" Aryan nation explains to

    himself. Then, out of nowhere, the freddy fagbear turns on and


    before tuning its head and looking straight at Ayran nation.

    Aryan nation was deeply unsettled by the lifeless gaze that is

    now leering his way with a gaze that bore right down into the

    deepest and darkest part of Aryan nation's soul. Aryan nation

    just couldn't shake that feeling that there was more to the

    fagbear than mechanical parts and tampered with programming.

    "are....are they alive?" Aryan nation asked in a disturbed and

    frightened way. "no! they're not alove. it is just shitty


    The fagbear stares at aryan nation and watches his every move.

    Aryan nation's fear quickly turned to annoyance, and then to

    raging autistic anger....then suddenly, Aryan nation swivels

    around and screams in a high pitched and crackily cuck voice

    "Stop staring at me, you stupid furfag nigger!"

    As soon as he did that, all of the animatronics turned on and

    looked at Aryan nation. At that point, Aryan nation knew he

    fucked up. The animatronic started walking towards the down

    ramp to go down to the main floor where aryan nation was

    cleaning, and started coming towards him as soon as they got

    down to the floor. Aryan nation drops the broom and makes a mad

    dash to to back office as the animatronic fagbots barrel down

    on the now Scared shitless Aryan nation.

    He makes it to the back office behind the bar,shuts the door

    and locks it."holy shit! they are alive and they're coming to

    rape me!" aryan nation quietly says in a panicked voice so they

    wouldn't hear him. As Aryan nation quietly listened for where

    the fagbots are. then suddenly, he heard the lock click open

    and the door come flying open throwing Aryan nation on his face

    and knocks him unconscious

    "oh shit. I think I killed the scrawny shit" said the well-

    dressed gentleman. "oh well! I hope it gets me out of jury

    duty. hey freddy fagbear! he's all yours and remember that I'm

    with her in 2020!"

    10 minutes later, Aryan nation wakes up bare-assed naked and

    with 4 fagbots staring at him like a fatass stares at an all-

    you-can-eat buffet.Aryan nation tried to get up and make a mad

    dash for it, but freddy fagbear had an iron grip on his ankle

    and wasn't going anywhere. then, he spun around and saw it. the

    big fucking bear dong that was at least as as big as an adult's


    Aryan nation channeled his bentwristed gayness because this

    was secretly his fetish. He was ready for his chocolate cherry

    to be punched in by a big furry dong.

    "fuck me like I'm your little cocksock" squealed Aryan nation

    in a lust-filled ecstasy.

    the fagbots suddenly had a disgusted and horrified look on

    their face. Then, aryan nation turns around and starts reaching

    and flailing at fagbear's cock like he was posessed by a big

    gay demon. Then, Freddy fagbear decides he's disgusted and

    throws Aryan nation right across the gay bar like an AIDS-

    filled frisbee.

    Aryan nation gets to his feet and screams "I'm here! I'm queer!

    I'm conning for your rear!" and starts charging the stage.

    Suddenly a 90 pound scrawny man comes flying at bumboy bonnie-

    which is covering its ass with its robot hands and trying to

    back away at this point.

    The front door opens and in comes BEnzo and a couple of

    bouncers."looks like we have another fag trying to get it on

    with our robots. scoundrel and peaches, take him away!"

    The bouncers easily peel off Aryan nation off their robot and

    throw Aryan nation out the side door. Aside from seing one of

    the bouncer's facepussy, Aryan nation snapped out of his

    fag lust and realized he just lost the one job he ever wanted,

    and the fact he has a giant furry fetish. "oh god! what have I

    done?" asked aryan nation. Aryan nation stay crumpled up on the

    grund and started sobbing uncontrollably at the thought of

    being a furfag.Trying to look at a bright side, Aryan nation

    started saying to himself repeatedly: "at least I'm not a


    about 1 hour of this Aryan nation gets his composure back Now

    he as pissed! Aryan nation did the one thing he could do. he

    booted down to the library and searched out Caskur on the

    internet to convince her to put a hex on the place.

    That week, BEnzo had the best week ever and was able to pay off

    bernice in full and was able to hire a competent general

    manager to run the place into prosperity-who ditched the

    fagbear branding and just turned it into a nightclub with live

    bands.The animatronics were reprogrammed by a competent

    programmer and redesigned into something that wouldn't get them


    Bernice started dating a nice fat girl named Emily Oak. Emily

    was desperate enough to date a fellow fat girl that kind of

    looks like a dude. They broke up 2 days later after Emily ate

    her entire fridge. yes. her ENTIRE fridge. the literal fucking


    And Ayran nation? he got arrested for public nudity at the

    library, and was raped by a big nigger while in jail.

    The end.

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    I just read this whole this whole thing.

    Beautiful ending.