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The Poofer VS Fat Danny- Final Elimination

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  • The Poofer VS Fat Danny- Final Elimination

    The rules for this 1v1 are simple;

    No fucking run ins- no rabble, no filler
    Any forms of media allowed
    One post each flaming Caskur
    No judges
    Start this bitch on Monday, as season 9 of Fortnite starts tomorrow, and let it run two weeks

    History lesson- Fat Danny and yours truly put on some entertainment. Well, I do, Fat Danny just opens his diary up at random pages and types out his self hatred for being homosexual as flamebait, but to each his own.

    Poofer time 5/13

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    Gonna go suck dick for v-bucks or something? have fun with that.


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      Well, while we wait for pooftard to put down the controller, cheetos, and mountain dew.................. Somebody else brought up something interesting that certainly needs attention: the cheap seats

      Ya know, I gotta say this right now. the cheap seats really fucked themselves when they let a prize like the pooftard go. He was a good little janitor for the gaggle of a fucking sideshow they had going on there. Pooftard had attention to detail, and took pride in scraping up the XXX-tra small comdoms up off the Sploogin-groundz floor, scrubbed the astroglide-crusted shit off every phallic-shaped post, working day and night to keep the spam machines at bay, and did it all with such prose and dedication that it all went wrong. Pooftard got a little too dedicated and began to worry about the health of a certain staff member. Pooftard noted in his podcast she was getting a little chunky and whatnot. I is the fat blob of shit that is giving pooftard a purpose and not slathering black shoe polish on his face to get "suicide by ghetto ape", but he royally fucked by mentioning seemingly dirty words around the mexican strapon manatee like "diet". His career of being the cum cleaner was over until..........

      A booming angel voice lead the poor simpleton to the promised land of flametruth. A place where he had full creative control and the admin wasn't going to keel over dead from a coronary at the age of 45. He was truly a king of the domain. Well, little did we know, flea was fuming and mad. she stomped and snorted, tantrumed, ate a pallet of little debbies, and suddenly got an idea! if she couldn't exploit pooftard's labours for her penis room, then neither will CW. So, she thought of a plan. She was gonna get him addicted to heroin. She packed a big brick of heroin and had it shipped to poofer's doorstep, and then ordered a copy of fortnite for her grandkids. As if the universe was righting itself, guess which ones got which due to flea being an illiterate seacow?

      And then the further downfall of poofer.

      Pooftard was HOOKED on fortnite! pawning off his stuff to go buy V-bucks, skipping work as a glory hole attendant, erratic sleep patterns......and eventually, abandoned his only purpose in
      life and CW had to boot him.

      Meanwhile, Flea was fuming she just lost her star attraction in her band of travelling freakshow, and had to blow the almighty cunt grunt to convene a meeting in order to distribute the new pecking order, and to summon some old and vile faces. Seeing the newfound success of flametruth enraged her because it means yet another person more attractive than her is more successful. What could it be that made flametruth a hit? She banned every decent flamer so she would be the top flamer there, she promoted a guy with a fleshlight in his face as the new star attraction, and even went as far as using bots to make it seem like they are busier. nothing worked for them. Nobody wanted to associate with a shithole that is littered with condoms and spam, and reeks of shit and old anal lube.

      All because they fired the best janitor they had of all of flametown.


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        now that the peanut galley has something to bitch about, lets really start the match.

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      That's the thing about flaming in 2019. Things we used to point and laugh at have become the norm of society. In today's world, if you call somebody a genderbending retard, these SJW types would get mad you used the term "retard" and take the genderbending bullshit as a badge of honour. If you are a fat slob who wants to eat away their golden years, you get a hoarde of delusional fuckheads that scream "fat shame". Calling somebody a "nazi" or a "racist" used to mean something, but SJW's overuse such terms it has become as impactful as calling somebody stupid on a flame forum in 2019. Hell, if you belong to the "right" religfion", you can even fuck anything and have hoardes of people come to your defense.

      While people are stuck in 2006, some in he current year, you got Fucktards like pooftard doing shit in god-knows-what era. Stuck in the stone age in terms of dating by smashing a date over the heads and drag it back to his cave(ever wonder why blandscape suddenly went retarded?). then he has modern trends of buying useless shit like fidget spinners and dumping money into a game people will forget in 2 years tops, but then...he forward thinks to eras that we cannot fathom in our 2019 minds. things like..............

      Animal rights:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	animal rights.jpg
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ID:	819

      Racial relations:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	racial relations.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	ecopoofer.jpg
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      pooftard is always innovating beyond our time. what will he come up with next?