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What does HC expect out of TRF now?

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    Breaking news

    They got poor Johnny spamming for post count, freud on track for a 100 reply medal!!

    Frereka tells freud "no one cares, piss off"

    Exactly, no one cares.

    When you actively encourage posters to piss off, closing down the fucking site is the logical next step. What the hell is the hold up Obi? Close that shit down!

    Vixen clutches her pearls and bellows, "FLEA!, where is Caskur? We need her now more than ever, someone please save us from ourselves"

    Vixen to resign next???


    • cw_
      cw_ commented
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      Vixen thinks panels are for status. ex. ' tag team match between JOO/Flea v Ant/Fecal .. ? losers get banned for 6 months - winners get Global mod status' for 6 months. '

    • JOODOG
      JOODOG commented
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      Vixen just wants to see more nukes dropped on Ant and Feral

      #BLAMECUNT commented
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      So in the face of a flame title not even Stumpy Notits can be bothered chasing and as an extra added incentive Vixen plans to dangle the carrots of janitorships and enforced holidays from the joint? Talk about desperation!!! Will that place still be getting posted to in six months?

      I wonder what the daily stats are for post count in the three months since I left. Yeah yeah, I know it's not an accurate indicator of quality or readability of a site, but I do remember THE MOR0N bragging about it like a latter day Daspinday and not so long after shitcanning me for a couple of dozen examples of the same garbage John-John has been churning out almost non-stop for over a decade now. Something tells me there's days and perhaps even weeks that go by where they are failing to break the triple figure mark... not that it wasn't headed that way when I was still posting there, but the impression I'm getting is that it has gotten worse... much worse.

      And Vixen wants to accelerate that trend? I don't think she's playing with a full deck myself.

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    She's right, I haven't cared to go back and see who has feasted on my turd thread...