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  • Bra1n's latest Meltdown

    Did your objective reality consider that he was placed on moderation status for spamming a similar penis lame over a dozen times, then spamming it again after moderation his status expired? Did your reality consider that the targets of the spam were JS and BEnzo and had nothing to do me? Did your reality count the number of posters who in so many words stated 'good riddance' and 'he deserved it'?

    Nah mang, it doesn't matter what you and anyone else thinks about his actions or mine vis-a-vis 'objective reality' because it's my administration of 'spam' which counts. You are correct that I have no use or value for pieces of shit like him but if i were playing favorites he would have been banned a long time ago when posters like cakur and flea pleaded with me to ban him and it would have been permanent. There wouldn't have been any 'moderation status' to begin with. So based upon those objective truths, you are wrong.

    You know something though, I may well start to impose a negative slant towards those whom i consider shitposters to rid this place of some of the garbage. That sounds like a good idea the more i think about it. There's a reason why private clubs don't allow riff-raff in as members. Especially hitchhicking bums who live in a fucking shoe and have nothing to their name while pretending to be better than others here on account of race.

    One thing has been a constant and never changed though - if a poster receives a warning or is placed on moderation status due to a transgression and they persist in doing what they were warned not to do, they're going to get flushed 100% of the time.

    Of course, he knew that and persisted to post the same penis spam anyways after being warned in order to bitch, moan and create a sideshow about the administrative policies here and to hand the baton to dupes like you who take the bait and unwittingly (or perhaps with full knowledge) perpetuate his troll.

    As for the others who continue to post prolific fag lames and grade school level dross, they have already been placed on notice that things are going to change around here. Either voluntary or by moderator intervention.

    You by all means are entitled to your opinions and you can start a letter writing campaign to the editor if you want to complain about it to someone but it's not going to change anything. By November, malcontents, spammers and those who contribute little or nothing will be a dying breed here

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      first off what is a "mang?"

      "You know something though, I may well start to impose a negative slant towards those whom i consider shitposters to rid this place of some of the garbage."

      one persons shit poster is another persons cunt wrangler

      "There's a reason why private clubs don't allow riff-raff in as members."

      i think this means TRF is going to be a forum version of a Facebook group this Nov

      "By November, malcontents, spammers and those who contribute little or nothing will be a dying breed here."

      numbers just do not make this possible if carried through.

      the only people left will be the admins, feral, maybe fredreka, maybe caskur, the new and improved BEN, maybe Freud if he can find happiness in just posting what he eats and what kind of stuff he has purchased recently

      Like the ripples of a butterflies wings, Cunty has had a dramatic effect on the past, present, and future of TRF......this shit could very well be fucking with the time stream


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        dam i stubbed my toe today....fuck you cunty... it's all your fault


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          He's right about a couple of things though; one of those being that it IS his site to do with as he pleases. If he wants to turn a blind eye to ten years of John-John repeatedly gaylaming all and sundry only to go right off his rocker over a piddling dozen or so instances against one of his chums, then where better to do that than HIS site? He can (and has) made an industry out of the unequal application of his rules and like Doomsday before him he did so in HIS house. I don't grudge him that at all.

          The other thing he was right about is that I did do it on purpose. If there was but one thing about his act in recent times that engendered respect for his act then I might not have embarked upon this course in the first place. Instead he's been going out of his way to erode any semblance of reasonable thinking man's behaviour (at least where I'm concerned) and I don't see anything in it for me to pander to the whims of a petty hate merchant who, having invited me back in to establish my bona fides over two years ago has spent the intervening time throwing obstacle after obstacle in my way and going completely off his rocker when his efforts yielded so little fruit. Well no fruit actually, the #RAGEQUIT of putting an entire VPN on blast for twelve textual PENISes has to rank as one of the more ridiculous tantrums I've ever witnessed from a forum owner ever.

          The poor bastard let the game get to him, so let him get all red in the face and blame cunt. Hillary spent all her time blaming Donald and we all saw how that worked out so perhaps it's appropriate that THE B1TCH of The Retard Farm can spend the next two decades blaming his better and any and all deplorables who use similar vehicles to wreck his little red wagon. It's not going to win him the respects and notoriety he's seeking from a wider audience and for a guy who is studied as he is in political science it seems laughable that a supposed autist can show him up so readily time and time again in terms of how people operate. I've beaten him on that score time and time again and he doesn't like it, least of all because anyone and everyone is now privy to the sorts of stick required to get him unhinged and ranting about people who no longer pay homage to his site, yet nonetheless completely accountable for its woes.



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            PS: I'm stealing your graphic Ceedub.


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              A Sig is born...

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            Twins so far...


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              I read like six pages of that shit earlier and was totally blown away by how publicly Bra1n would self expose himself as an illogical, melted fucking cheese chumpburger as poster after poster beat him down to the point of only replying to posts with Kleenex smilies. I thought his last thrashing from cunT was bad; this however, has set a new bar level. I'm honestly impressed by how much damage was done by "yay I like penis" posts. TCW is assuredly losing their shit over having the gimmick stolen from right under their nose and used to absolutely obliterate their beloved Florida fruit fag hag.


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                  I don't know how he can still call it "inexplicable" when I apparently wasted several posts chock full of 'splaining it to him.
                  Some people just refuse to catch a clue no matter how many times you toss it in their direction.
                  "He's not evil; he's just a bit rude." -Graeme


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                    Heh, I just read them. I think you nailed my take on it perfectly and I almost feel sorry for the poor bastard for having to run the gauntlet, not only of your argument, but also the near constant sniping of Joodog, Foxmulder and Freud.


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                      Click image for larger version

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                      There, he's now got an excuse to keep the ban going til January. Shit, he can extend it back to the original no-expire one he flung out there to begin with for all I care.


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                        i did not see this at TRF...must have been denied approval

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                      Originally posted by The Majestic Interguntinental Bloodfart View Post
                      Heh, I just read them. I think you nailed my take on it perfectly and I almost feel sorry for the poor bastard for having to run the gauntlet, not only of your argument, but also the near constant sniping of Joodog, Foxmulder and Freud.

                      Din just yay'd BEnzover too.... :)


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                        What I don't get is all the scuttlebutt saying I "YAY PENISED" people when I only remember doing it to one person other than Benzover one time (and even that I seem to recall modifying slightly, though I might be mistaken). I cannot check the post history of Your Lord And Master (for obvious reasons) but I can almost guarantee you that anyone who can and is prepared to will notice something about nearly all (if not all) of the instances of my little caper...they appeared immediately after a Benzover post.

                        That ought to tell you the nature of this supposed "spam attack". John-John even unwittingly makes the case on my behalf when he whines that I was appearing as the last post on damn near every thread on the first page; clearly I was posting a damned sight more than simply quoting Benzover and providing an inline "Translation: - " to his text. Shit, you don't even need to check the post history to figure it out, though it's instructive to note that while I was extending the bare minimum of response to Benzover's incessant gaylames, I was in fact contributing a damned sight more than that to people who were in a lot of cases putting in more effort than the gutter spamming John-John fluffer. Paragraph after paragraph of it in some cases.

                        Meh, like anyone needs the added confirmation at this point. Everyone knows how irate THE MOR0N must have been by this point and it's mildly amusing to pop past there every once in a while to see his chief apologists contorting themselves into pretzels in the attempt to market his moderation and banning of his principle antagonist without any notice or forewarning whatsoever. Better still, I have THE MOR0N himself handing me the win on another long running dispute; namely his announcement that [b]Ant Agoniser is not banned[b], which really throws a spanner in the works of the whole "cunT is Ant" argument that certain people have been pushing for over two years. This, along with the win of being banned instead of "run off" by anything remotely approaching "superior flamage" is the silver lining that gilds the lily. Feel free to point that out to THE WANK3R the next time he starts waxing lyrical about me "crawling back in" after the ban has expired if you like; maybe he'll hand the forum over to his 2IC as Doomsday did when it becomes painfully obvious that my reappearance at such an unlevel playing field is the sorts of pie-in-the-sky stylings only the severely deluded and completely played spongeheads would indulge in.

                        The Retard Farm is not the only game in town, nor is it the best.


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                        Bra1n banned you because you've railroaded over him with lengthy dissertations over the years and he wasn't capable enough to keep up and fling it back...

                        ...once you started one-lining it in a mocking manner at one of his boys, that was all he needed to justify in his view that you could be finally banned, without any blowback on him, which, obviously happened anyway because posters on flame sites don't like being told how they can flame nor do they stand down when they see others being told the same...particularly in lieu of known double standards and condoned worst practices.

                        It's Bra1n's board. He's perfectly entitled to do as he pleases with it. However, he isn't the only show in town and a board's themed success relies on the quality of posters willing to contribute to it out of the kindness of their hearts and farts...

                        But I'm not at all surprised by his recent overreaction towards you. Hoot and I encountered similar misbehaviour from Bra1n in the politics subforum on presidential election day/night 2016 where we were both temporarily banned for apparently "spamming/flaming" that Trump would win and as the countdown of Rust-belt States, as well as his own State of Florida, demonstrated...we were correct in our analysis (despite his various derogatory comments about Trump NEVER taking the vote and the nasty things he either outright said about Trump supporters or intimated about them in that very same thread)...

                        Everyone on both sides of the aisle in that thread were flaming, debating, and/or outright spamming.

                        What Hoot and I got banned for was gloating...for questioning his unquestionable authority on his own board...nothing else.

                        Over the last few days his constant theme regarding our exchanges is to put it to me that I'll "still be posting" at TRF v3.worthless because I have no other if such a transparently inverse ying yang tactic which saw you be banned for not leaving his ego alone could compel me to storm off in a hissy fit vowing to never grace his forum again as a matter of pride...though if he gauged me correctly from the get go, he'd have realized he's been feeding me my first bread and butter by doing so.

                        He's lost most of his Ban-$ on you... he's in the hole and on a bad bluff that a number of posters around the table are calling. If any of those in turn are banned, or in my case can't be cajoled by puerile and desperate jibes to leave on my own accord, he loses...again... like his hero Hillary.

                        I made TRF. I will un-make it on my terms unless he's willing to hobble his ego and treat posters equally and with the game respect all deserve...or he doesn't get to keep a flame site at all. He'll be regaled as another flame board owner in a long and never ending line of flame board owners positioned somewhere in rank between Serafina, and Rudedog...

                        Which brings me to cw... perhaps the most cunning of any female in flametown and any board owner... she's been collecting databases of defunct forums for well over a decade... AND she doesn't get or show butthurt ever.

                        The future is without a doubt.