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  • Fractionation

    The following clip will be a genuine re-enactment on the day Ro shows Freud a picture of his new mother-in-law as Freud shows his own Driver's License that gives his new age away that he was whining about in the Box:

    You fucking nancies will never be such close friends again...

    - suck it

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    This thread is a courteous invitation for one of you two lovers to come on over. A ménage à trois, perhaps? I might even sing another song for you two in order to make Freud feel a little better, and Ro reconsider the thought of having a goddamn woman squatting in homogym ways in whatever the fuck folks call his nameless "place."

    This is our site, so a flurry between top-notchers atop this board would prove where the cruelest posters post - we are. This site may have been erected for an unknown purpose (to me), why isn't anyone turning up the heat?

    - time waits for nothing, including you two fucks


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        Good song. Then again everybody has better taste than me in music and movies and so on and on. So, how'd you fuck it all up before summoning another person do your heavy lifting ( your YT band)? That's right - you called me "mate." to begin. Ro will be so jealous that I anticipate his furious entrance into this room, ignoring me while spitting his worst at you. Good luck, fake.

        Back to you, you've publicly wept about some type of tragic occurrence in your pitiful life or another's, and I don't need any details. Your brilliant "air qwerty" poke at Kaspar is unforgettable and takes second place only one notch down from ATVile's "That sucked, you big fag." which caused an unprecedented rucas that will never be topped.

        You? You haven't flamed anybody else sense then, but you've suddenly appeared - for reason. You're still stuck in the mud and need to figure a way to get yourself out, which you can't/won't. But you've got an invisible speck of dignity left somewhere to call out "HEEEEELP!!!" Everyone could use some more than once in their lives so I'mma here for ya.

        That's right, I'll stuff more shit in your numb-skull through your squinted, bloodshot, tear eyed ducts to the point that you all but completely forget all about whatever the fuck you're whining about in public and, sadly, privately. I'm here to make you unthinkably drop your current painful feelings by giving it to you hard until your grief turns into emnity and all you can think about is my obliteration.

        I'm sittin' right here Bubba, ah-waitin' for your attempt to return in a verve. Are you still able to do so? Wash out the bad with the worse (me) for the best? We will see...

        - professional dickhead


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          Oh, you want a volley of words?

          (Something to tide you over while I look for a proper keyboard, mate... :) )


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            I get it - that's your super secret code for Ro to jump in. Bit too obvious there considering you said you needed a QWERTY after posting without one?

            Good job, libraries can give you some kind of award for proving that real people(ish) still walk into the worthless buildings that cost you and your people(ish) a fat grip to build what was constructed to make its money back and more off late fees.

            Australia may actually get around to voting the aborigines out of office. Hey, you guys are more politically correct than any other group of people on the planet (Africa doesn't count, mentioning its peoples is totally politically shrug).

            I hope that one of those comedic buildings you officially ordained fuck ups actually built will still be open long enough for you to click the POST REPLY button, but I have a bet going about it that cascur may win...

            - *yaaaaawn*


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              Um, yeah... like totally and fucking shit. Right on, bruva. Whoop there it is.

              - easily scared of Windows 10 updates...


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                I honestly believe you're scared - you always are of me.

                However, if you actually own an iphone of any number, now THOSE goddamn updates make you have to do so much and even fuck up the Contacts list. I shi'choo not. It wants to know how well I know the alphabet because it no longer appropriately lists your contacts by the first letter in the list; sometimes one of your emergency drug dealer's nic-name is hidden by a fucking dot that covers three beginning letters.

                Hear me, Apple: I'm a college graduate who just misspelled "colage." I'm the meat and potatoes typa guy who needs his twenty-one digits to do simple, accurate math. I start deeply biting my finger nails and yes, my toenails wherever the fuck I am and how crowded the area is. They smell my feet instantly, watching me chowin' down.

                The plus to this is that the line I'm in shrinks fast. The bad news is that the leavers are behind me and watch in horror while those in front of me turn their trendy, Freud approved music as high as it'll go and all become despised mouth-breathers at the same time.

                Reaching digit 21:

                - too lazy to resize 'em this time - go for it


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                  I'll read this thread when I get a bit of time. Probably shouldn't expect too much of that over the next couple of weeks though,