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    Oh, I'm not worried, though I've perhaps seen a little too much of this "you is a nicswitch" garbage from too many people over the years to avoid rolling my eyes whenever it looks like surfacing again. You know my penchant for breaking out new accounts and for making it abundantly obvious when I do (ie: the "etc" account at TRF is a classic example and slated to become my main there once Eisbaer clocks 1000 posts) and I'd have to figure you're clued in enough to know that whatever my reasons for doing it, hiding my past exploits is not one of them.

    And I am rolling my eyes over Flea's efforts. I stated flat out at the commencement of her last ban at TRF that I wasn't interested at all in following her to wherever she had went, so her rampaging paranoia is wholly on her. You may be interested to know that she had a crack at registering here at least once that I have been made aware of and it wasn't until after her membership application had been rejected that I was made aware it had been made in the first place, let alone why she was denied admittance. That, along with my appointment as an administrator here is why she has a such a roaring hardon for Ceedub, also why she acts the way she does towards Bonesaw whenever he looks like putting in a showing at places she would prefer an outward public boycotting of... and Flame Truth certainly counts as one of these, never mind the fact that his input is (at least as far as I and I assume Ceedub consider it), welcome whenever and more importantly wherever he chooses to give it.

    And that goes pretty much for anyone who posts here, whether they wish to do it openly as you're doing or anonymously as your ...*cough*... friend a few posts back is doing. I'm not going to make any claims on board allegiance, not gonna go rooting about for super secret hidden identities, not going to give a fuck for the effort it involves to be honest. I'm also not interested in brandishing about panels given the slightest excuse to do so and from what I can tell neither are the other two admins here. The idea of policing what form individual creativity takes is partly what led to the boring and repetitive formula bullshit that flaming has all but drowned in these last few years. I couldn't give a sloppy shit what or where anyone posted quite frankly, but if it's happening anywhere I have a say in it then I'd prefer a free rein be given wherever possible and let the posters figure out for themselves what works and what doesn't. Flame Truth is NOT a PG forum, and as long as the content is not outright illegal or choking the life out of other posters efforts unreasonably then I for one am happy to see where it takes us, particularly if it's into new and uncharted territory.

    Then again, that's just my take on this. It's not my forum, that honour goes to Ceedub, but that's how I'm approaching it. "Do whatcha wanna do, be whatcha wanna be, yeah" as the song says.