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Anyone want my TRF password?

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  • Anyone want my TRF password?

    it's "thisplaceisboringdeleteyoursiteasshole" one word

    (I did that in BH, anyone remember? Some spammer got it and was advertising bootleg COACH luxury bags)

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha! as Big Daddy Zeus would say.

    I guess cunty did more damage to that poor mans psyche than he thought.

    OMG what now?

    Nothing, all the people worth a dam are now posting in other groups, all the worthless cunts are left at third fail.

    And there is that false supposition that not being able to post at TRF is somehow a world shattering event.

    But does anyone really still post at TRF, or do they just go there to gloat at how bad the site has become? Maybe poke johnny storm with a stick and watch him yell "cawk". Laugh as TCW post the same gifs multiple times. Watch Bra1in shuck and dive off his stage and land headfirst into his shallow pool of remaining members.

    My Playstation 4 breaking and not being able to play Grand Theft Auto is a world shaking event, not some two bit website that is down half the time and has no one worth reading anymore.

    I have the extra warranty that if any time my PS4 breaks, a man comes to my house and picks it up to fix it and he leaves me a loner PS4 so I do not go through video game withdrawl

    BTW, I had Mrs pickles pics on standby....was hoping to not use them....and now I don't have to.

    And it is amazing that Flea starts a new group and it runs more smoothly and attracts more people in a month than TRF has all year.

    And she is Puerto Rican...not Asian like Bra1in.

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    Asian my ass. Asians know how to make cheap and relatively reliable copies of stuff that others have developed. Considering the templates of FC, BH and especially F4$, The Retard Farm is not a stellar example of this.

    The Retard Farm is about as reliable as an asian driver. When a piece of Mexcrement starts doing a better job of making copies of shit than some parchment faced slanty eyed rice wine guzzler I'll be sure to let you know. Until then, we'll just have to assume The Incompet3nt is of a heretofore undisclosed nationality.

    Mongoloid most likely.


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      No thanks, I already have some. Let me know when you're done with your PO pass.


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        I changed my TRF password today and forgot to write it down and the password recovery email i have on file was deleted because I did not log into my email account enough each day according to their TOS. I can not afford a hypnotic regression session and since that seems to be the only way to recover it, c'est la vie.

        I have a password buddy who i usually call in times like these but flame site passwords are not deemed important enough for them to memorize.


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          It'll come to you in a has to.


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            Getting banned there isn't even worth shrugging about. No, the harshest punishment is when posters shamefully get all those blue hanging dicks they earned stapled onto their vacuous, spacious Franken-foreheads...

            Stop posting in my threads after they reach 100 posts, PLEEEEEAAAASE!!!

            - sluts



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              The US military didn't bother with password buddies either, they just set all the launch codes to the same password... 00000000.


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                The ideal TRF password would




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                  My TRF password: BRA1NSFURRYTWATBOX

                  shhh.... don't tell anyone.


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                    they say the safest password is "password" the reason is they told everyone so many times not to use that word as a password that no one uses it anymore, so who would even bother guessing "password" as your password?


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                      I rarely bother with truly "safe" passwords unless there's a responsibility to do so attached somewhere. Financial and legal considerations are mostly all I bother to really protect against, these usually attract an odd number of alphanumeric and special characters numbering 25 or higher, conform to a series of mnemonic rules I've never divulged to anyone and as such would require a prohibitively extravagant amount of computational number crunching to brute force.

                      Message board accounts? Easily hijacked no matter how strong the password is and (if we're to be honest with ourselves here) easily replaced with no harm done. You'd have to have very little to live for if you'd lose your mind over losing an account or expect anyone to lose theirs if the same happened to them. Unless you've some elevated permissions going on, going to any great lengths to protect it just seems like a pointless waste of time in my books.


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                        the beta fish forum was hacked and they sent everyone emails with all this legal talk, I thought they had our fucking credit card information or something the way they were going on and on about what we should do and what information was compromised. All they required was an email, maybe some people filled out the whole optional address, phone number crap, who knows what the love of beta fish makes people do.