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The Amazing Brent0 bites off more than he can chew.

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  • The Amazing Brent0 bites off more than he can chew.

    In what is sure to be seen as another "namedrop" by at least one drooling Flametown fuckboi who for some reason can find neither his sac nor the Register button, we bring our readers some sad news: the wrestler known as The Amazing Brent0 has been unmistakably KILT in the ring by being forced to swallow his own foot, but not before having seven shades of shit smacked out of him by some guy who almost never posts and employed nought but words and a picture of himself wearing a cast to render his doughy heart-attack-in-training opponent senseless, lifeless, and like I said, shit-less.

    The deceased, boot-marked, and fetal positioned pile of fucking fail could previously be seen running around the TRF ring, spit-shining his absolutely worthless belt and bellowing like some pissed off Special Olympian about how no one would face him. An impromptu challenge later by someone Brent0 figured would probably forget the place existed again later, and a sustained week-long wedgie was all she wrote. This wasn't Brent0's first experience with public wedgies, as there's a video floating around given out by one of his "friends" that displays the utter humiliation the guy is willing to go through for attention he never got from his rootin' tootin' and (and if his bullet-riddled ceiling is any indication), shootin' white trash brood -slash- dating circle. But we, the other posters, knew better who the actual talent was because we've been fucking paying attention, and it's no secret that if Brent doesn't have an angle (or PII) on someone, he will turtle back up his own asshole the minute a legitimate offer to throw down is thrown his way and we'll all be forced to witness another awkward pummeling the likes of ...

    Well here, DYODW -

    It's almost like you couldn't tell that this artful dodge was perpetrated by the same no-sex-getting, needle-pointing, power-pointing, chest-puffing, no-self-confidence man who threatened to end his life and sic the "cyber cops" on someone for picking on him in no less than two separate occasions, right?

    Wrong. And he'll do it again because people like to set him up to fall because it's so fun. As already predicted by SSS, this shiftless little skinbag will saunter back into the locker room days after the rain of soles has stopped beating against his brainless bowl-cutted bobblehead, his pride in tatters but his determination to make himself look like an even bigger schmuck than the last time STRONGER THAN EVER. To add insult to injury, SSS ended what was widely regarded as the worst one-sided match in quite some time by peppering Brent0's bruised buttocks with a monolithic text brick telling him that everything's gonna be okay. A compliment finisher! How about that, ladies and gentlemen?

    And he wanted to take me on? Yeah, doing matches in the Summer is not something I'm keen on, and not with some fake fuck "flamer" who lost his edge in the 00s, around the same time he won his battle against diabeetus.

    Back to you, Cheryl.

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    UPDATE: SSS has refused to accept the win against Brent as a result of his sad sack beating dummy suffering "mental pain". My only question is, to which YEAR are is he referring? Brent's always in mental pain. He has to live with himself, after all.

    Bets are still in though, that Brent WILL shockingly return to fight Flea after ducking the challenges (official and unofficial) of no less than way too fucking many power flamer opponents in the past 60 days.

    And now for the weather.... high chance of anal polyps rubbing against poor little Brent's embarrassed acne scarred face as he continues to suck staggering amounts of ass.


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      He's been somewhat absent of late. Four days worth of absence. I'd suggest a wellness check but he was so bloody unhinged the last night he was at The Retard Farm that it seems kind of redundant.

      What's the bet it was Miss Betty-Sue Knuckledragger. In the lounge room. With a dildo and a 38 Special.


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        Maybe his kinfolk held an intervention for him, AKA a mercy killing. I can picture it - as cousin Jethro and uncle Zechariah throw ropes around a roaring Brent, brother Jim-Bob swings a well-aimed Louisville Slugger at the glowing red weak spot on his back, currently unprotected by a brace, and aforementioned Betty-Sue shakily readies herself to end everyone's suffering, including Brent's, but mostly everyone else's.


        Will she succeed this time around or will she just put another hole in the trailer?


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          Brent has always been a useless fuckwad. The fat fucking wigger.


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            How old is he? Surely he couldn't be a grown adult the way he's carrying on.


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              He says he's 32, but I figure one of his cheeto-greased digits molested an extra number there. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if Brent were capable of flaming without losing his shit (with or without a supposed death in the family - in the former case I'd suggest anyone take time off from forums), I wouldn't care if he were posting here, but he said it's not going to happen, and I believe him.


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                Not surprising if people close to Brent pop their fucking clogs. Heard he had a sleepover one night and smothered three kids to death with an unfettered bitch tit when he rolled over.


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                  32 my ass, he acts more like he's six. And what's with the nasal constipated voice on him, don't they have schools to teach people how to be radio announcers in the states? It's not like it's a job you employ just anyone to do (though looking at the pay scales these days that could well have changed), you have to be taught how to project your voice, ad-lib, interview people etc microphone technique, research topics, write copy etc etc etc operate various broadcast equipment, cheat competitions, fuck with journalists etc etc etc etc etc...

                  Fucking hell, it's like they just yanked some bimbo off the streets and said "hey, you'll do - make noises at that knobbly thing over in yonder closet" and paid him seven bucks an hour for the privilege. Criminal!


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                    It makes me giggle like a schoolgirl when he flaps his chins about how much traffic he creates and how everyone wants to read his overstuffed wordvomit. No-one in the history of historical things has ever signed up to a site to see something Brent has given birth to. The fat faggot couldn't draw flies if he was covered in shit.


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                      It appears that Hillbilly heroin took another one flametown's marginal talents straight down the back road to a living opioid hell.


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                        Heck, is there a site on the Internet in which Boresnot isn't bitching like some cold boned whore under the cold November rain? I mean, he's so fucking lousy, I can't help but thing of lousy things to say about that lazy balding fucker.


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                          My fan club ^^


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                            Originally posted by Bonesaw View Post
                            My fan club ^^
                            This is the only fan club you'll ever have, dork


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                              Those fans don't even know bonesaw. They'll blow anyone.