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Somebody we know has been having a ball since BH

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  • Somebody we know has been having a ball since BH


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    Hey, an Internet forum called Brawl Hall is mentioned about 1/5 of the way down the page.

    Fuck facebook. People are selling their souls for advertisers. What a rip off.


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      I look at it slightly differently though...

      That guy was maybe at best a 4/10 at flaming and not even that for trolling. We all had our way with him....and not because he didn't care, no, it was because he took himself so seriously that he'd go full Melties if his POV was ignored, brushed over, or taken to task.

      Yet.... He pulled himself out of a rut with the lessons imparted to him, since we're such charitable motherfuckers that way.

      You can't live on soul alone....

      ***tips hat in Gumz' direction even if he's feeding his fam from pretending to be both Right and Left***


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        Originally posted by Madcow Klitzgasm View Post
        You can't live on soul alone....
        But you can live without selling out.


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          That is so very 'Murican...

          ...something starts out as a joke but when they realize there's money in it out come the excuses, justifications, and rationales.
          It's so much easier to fool people than to show them how they're being fooled and lazy/greedy bastards will exploit that every time.

          Praise lucre and damn the consequences.
          "He's not evil; he's just a bit rude." -Graeme


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            Originally posted by cw_ View Post

            But you can live without selling out.
            Their bellies are full yet they aren't eating caviar...

            Now he's on the mainstream radar and I hope he has networks and savings at this point.

            Gumz epitomizes something I've often highlighted over the years... the Parking Lot Syndrome...

            It sounds a bit ridiculous but bear with me here. In every workplace I've had the fortune or misfortune to be in, I've seen that many charitable as well as dastardly acts done or displayed, and sometimes by the same people.

            ....So I devised the "question"...

            If we and our families were behind this security fence and there wasn't a drop of drinkable water bar one 500 ml bottle, what would you do?

            Almost everyone says give it to the worst off....initially, because that's the PC thing to do. But when you start adding in scenarios like old age, pregnancy, infants, the infirm, they still waver around the golden rule.....until you ask them if they're prepared to die or let their children die for another person not of their clan.

            They mostly squirm at that bit...

            I reckon Gumz got past it and hitched his wagon to the reality train...


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              The hypothetical question is a red herring. No life or death scenario exists here. The reality is that he chooses to be a shill.


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                Hah! I really, really wish he explained why he left BH and who did the overly cruel punting. If he catches on somewhere else and tells the misery Brawl Hall dished him for such valuable, free teachings in the way of the rotten, I really hopes one of you finds it and posts the link here like last time...

                - sardonic


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