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    "CNN reserves the right" to dox the creator of a meme if he isn't a good boy in the future? Over a gif of WWE Trump beating up a CNN logo? It's not exactly flattering Trump either and they wouldn't have even noticed this guy's gif if the POTUS didn't troll them by reposting (plagiarizing) it. Now CNN is blackmailing somebody, outing his internet nic, claiming they didn't out his real name because they are nice like that. Sure must be difficult to find his real name from his username and CNN tested it out.

    Why is that company so hell bent on destroying Donald Trump that they don't understand they are losing this war? Now they have everybody on the internet making Trump killing CNN chops. I got tired of uploading.

    CNN reporters are claiming the stupid wwe gif is "inciting violence against reporters" but Kathy Griffin from CNN posts a more realistic beheaded Trump (ISIS flavoured) but she got fired so CNN are innocent. They get caught faking being on location all the time. The majority of the public doesn't trust CNN anymore and rightfully so. How long until they start referring to the USA as a "regime?"

    These CNN assholes are upset about a meme creator now. How is this even news? CNN just had a bunch of people resign for posting fake news about Trump.

    I'm not a political person. Quit voting and hope they go away is my motto. This is not intended to be a political rant. Multi billion dollar companies shouldn't be threatening some meme guy on the internet because the President stole his work. The viewers want them to report the news without bias. How is that so difficult?

    There is a time and place for criticism for Trump as president but not all the fucking time. It's too obvious.

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    A few things occur to me while reading the above. One is that if I wished to be better than these muck rakers, I could probably do no less than actually checking the sources to be sure it's not one of the usual media beatups, another is "fuck it, these pigs have spent the better part of my adult life distinguishing themselves as scum and don't deserve such an effort."

    And journalists are largely scum these days. Oh, you'll still find a gem like a John Pilger here and there, but you have to dig through a profound amount of pigshit to find them. Because it's pigs that sell airtime and if you want a slice of the cake you had better be prepared to root around oinking in a manner becoming of your network's aims which (heh) owes more to how much advertising they can sell than everything else combined.

    I personally don't hold Trump in very high regard, though if I can say anything in his defence it's this: he's managed to weather a particularly ugly shitstorm at his expense by a combined dogpile of turd-people, any one of whom would wilt and fail should the same be waged against them. Yes journalists are people, let me remind you that people are fallible and have been known to behave exceptionally badly towards one another. This is particularly true of those who believe they enjoy the kinds of privilege others are denied. It should come as no surprise to any of you that there exists an abiding "morality" among journalists that they might pretty much do as they please to get a story out there, yet if you ask them how they would feel if it was happening to them the answer is more often than not "but it isn't happening to me".

    And while it's true I haven't worked for CNN, I have worked in enough arms of the media to know that this is endemic throughout the industry. It came as no surprise to me to hear the admission from producer John Bonifield that CNN's obsession over the Trump/Russia connection was completely ratings driven, just as it came as no surprise to hear associate producer Jimmy Carr describe American voters as "stupid as shit", or that he would claim Trump does not have America's best interests at heart as if he (Carr) and the organisation he schills for (CNN) would know anything about the "best interests" of anyone but themselves.

    Well, unless they can bully a meme creator into understanding that it's in their best interests to grovel at the altar of an aggrieved and mortally wounded MSM outlet of course. "Because if you don't, we might just do to you what we've been doing to the Don all this time", right?

    No, WRONG. The only reason these pricks keep getting away with it is because we as a people keep letting them. And it you're under any illusion that it's just CNN doing it, think again. It's not even just the MSM doing it; the worst examples promulgated before the populace has led to a society infested with the same cancer of the conscience as CNN is currently being laughed at for.


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      I don't get why the poster of the meme apologized...

      Sure, he/she had partaken of trolling over a wide range of topics but baiting people online isn't a cut and dry thing. One can be horrible in the pursuit of the troll and not have any real animosity towards their targets. Likewise, a troll also incorporates a bit of their real beliefs or politics as it suits.

      So, the meme creator could have no actual issue with minorities or whatnot, but they've caved in and done a runner because CNN is butthurt and on a yellow journalism rampage.... again.

      He/she should have stood their ground in my honest opinion.


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        Maybe they felt they had something to lose if they did. I can certainly understand CNN seeking to capitalise on it in the manner which they have too, in essence they are sending a message out to impress upon people that they can and will fuck with you no matter when and where they chose to. And there will be those willing to take up the banner proclaiming that this is normal and even required behaviour; after all "this guy had it coming to him", so much so that any impropriety on CNN's part should not merely be excused, but in fact utterly vindicated and ignored.

        Which is all crap of course. Even if you believe this guy was worthy of being blackmailed, CNN are NOT the ones who are permitted to do it. They behaved in a criminal manner in this instance and I for one will be expressing my discontent by boycotting any and all businesses that give them support.

        And I commend that as a protest to anyone who cares to register their discontent. Pass it on.


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