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Zuckerberg gives liberal party of canada a big fuck you

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      Sounds nothing like Zuckerbutt. Do better.


      • cw_
        cw_ commented
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        Iam not a stick! Iam a real girl; with feelings, a fear of enclosed spaces, and an acute sense of smell.

      • /.
        /. commented
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        Poor workmen always blame their tools... maybe it's time I knocked something out using the native TTS program in Windows to see if I can beat your third party audio crayola collection ya wanker.

      • din365
        din365 commented
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        and yet you didn't use speakonia to make that point. *shrugs*.
        Lets put it this way, I used that program when I had a match against gunzablazin at brawl hall, and it was old then. If you couldn't beat a half-hearted rib at you that was made with an ancient-as-fuck free program, then you would have no hope.