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I haven't been paying much attention to Trump lately, but this....

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  • I haven't been paying much attention to Trump lately, but this....

    The video will auto-play when the link is clicked. Now, I've been ignoring the news for the most part. Every now and again, I'll see that either some neo-Nazi 'Murican redneck or self-hating brown terrorist sheepfucker has done something reprehensible because it's all anyone talks about and maybe they're getting tired of making Trump's daily idiocy go viral... but this one is gold. By now it's common knowledge that the guy knows precious fuck-all about anything, but to watch him try and pass himself off as educated and presidential might never get old.

    Here's what I'm guessing happened. He was set to meet with the president of Panama and since FOX and Friends doesn't report on Panamanian goings-on, the best and latest info he had to rely on was hearing about how the Panama Canal was, once upon a time, built. It was undoubtedly a vague memory from grade school that, as luck would have it, had the word Panama in it.

    "Holy shit, I'm in Panama right now." Trump said to himself. "I'd better mention it so people will think I'm a smart man and maybe Ivanka will let me have another Big Mac if I manage to sell it."

    Welllllllllllll.... you didn't. What a jackass.

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    Fucking socialist West Coasters.... the nerve of them, eh?