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Reflections on the Obi vs Blandscape match at The Retard Farm....

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  • Reflections on the Obi vs Blandscape match at The Retard Farm....

    Originally posted by The Wise and Powerful
    Blandscape fancies himself to be a genteel sorta guy. More like a nancy, if you ask most folkers around FlameTown.

    I call bullshit. Watch the attached video clip from SyFy's Blood Drive and judge for yourself what TWAP's style of "Gentleman" is really like...

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    That mp4 was truly sick. As are you.


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        Originally posted by The Wise and Powerful View Post
        That mp4 was truly sick. As are you.
        What's sick about the mp4? There was no nudity (none that I can see), the actors were behaving in a gentlemanly and professional manner.

        Someone's been hanging about the PG rated flame forums far too long methinks.


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          that match was the final straw that broke the back of the mule that is carrying the TRF hosting service on it's back

          if you were going to sign up for PYP you sure the hell aint gonna do it now

          and remember last years PYP ended in a fucking tie because no one could be arsed to even vote so you ended up with another long drawn out fiasco where Obi was yelling at people to "post their reasons for voting blah blah and Feral asking for links to the match because she could not even find the fucking thing"



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            a tie..where did we see that before...last years PYP

            well Obi just killed of the match system in all he needs to do is attack the database and delete it


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              I think it might be time for another multimedia callout. Gives us a chance to show just how hopeless the rank and file at Twitter Rail Forums truly are.


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                TRF is 2 different forums each existing in a different dimension. One contains somewhat readable posts with people making a half way effort and another that has idle chit chat that is of no redeeming value or purpose. These people could be shouting random words in an empty elevator and it would be slightly more amusing to watch than reading the drek that they post day after day. Might as well stop using words in TRF altogether and just keep it to sound effects and gifs. "BOOOM!" "GYPSY FARTS" "SPIT"


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                  Thanks, you just reminded me I needed to "take the pressure down" as Johnny Farnham once put it. I mean I could feel it, rising like a storm in my anus.

                  Now that I've expelled it out of my blurter, I feel much better. "Wherever you be, let your wind go free" and all that.

                  So... which forum do you propose this next multimedia extravaganza takes place on, the TRF with the somewhat readable posts or the idle chit=chat one with all the tourettes behaviour in it?