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A 3 part rant

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  • A 3 part rant


    I hate the term "Full throated" as it is being used in the news media


    Senator Boss Hawg, four days after saying black people are lousy swimmers, has yet to issue a full throated apology to the African American community.

    Anderson cooper: "Mayor Scott Dimple issued a full throated apology to the ADL after claiming only 7 Jewish people died in the holocaust"

    This sounds like a search term on "Porn Hub" or something a frog does before catching a fly

    A better use would be:

    Hot dog eating champ Skinny Timmay took a full throated bite out of his plate of hot dogs as he went on to claim his 5th consecutive win at Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest.


    Are pharmaceutical companies allowed to advertise on TV in Canada and Austrlia?

    Well they do in USA and about 50% of the TV spots you see every day are for various drugs.

    Here is an example of what you see in a typical day, and this is the exact order too

    Do you have crohns disease? Is every trip to the store a potential pants shitting accident waiting to happen? Take this pill and regain control of your bowels. The next time you are at the movies you can sit through the whole 2 hours without having to run to the bathroom and punish the porcelain.

    Do you stuff you face with handfuls of opioid pain pills just to get through your day due to back pain? Can you no longer shit? That is called opioid induced constipation. Take this pill and you will be up and regular in no time.

    Got diabetes? Tired of checking your sugar levels and injecting insulin? Take Fukdatshit. One pill a day allows your body to excrete sugar naturally. No more pesky finger pricks. Live life to the fullest and eat what you want.

    Did you use the drug Fukdatshit and suffered irreparable kidney damage? You can be compensated. Call 1800 bad drugs and collect your part of a multi billion dollar settlement drug makers of fukdatshit has made available for injured parties.

    See me. Not my psoriasis. Do they call you a fragile little snowflake because you have white patches all over your body and when you scratch them snow like particles litter the floor?
    With one monthly shot of Bio-illogic, your skin can be 75% clear in 2 years. The only side effect is an incurable brain disease.

    When did psoriasis become an epidemic? Everyone I meet has it now. Must be all the chemicals and antibiotics in the food supply.

    You get the point, and then you have adds for Cpac masks, necklace alerts in case you fall down in the fucking park, stair lifts for getting your fat ass up the stairs and on and on.

    I actually enjoy when a Geico commercial comes on now, so sick of these drug ads


    floyd mayweather vs conor mcgregor

    If the match goes the full rounds and is competitve

    if conor knocks floyd out in the 5th round

    if during a clinch conor's UFC muscle memory causes him to deliver a standing knee to floyds jaw breaking it in 4 places and knocking him out

    the fight may be worth the 100 dollars or whatever they are charging for this spectacle

    But it will probably be 2 guys running around the ring barely touching each other while the crowd boooo's

    or it may be good

    either way i am not paying money to see this on PPV, i will just download it the next day on youtube.

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    You'd pay to watch a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g? You shouldn't. Ever. is very easy to use, you don't need to download and software to watch whatever you wanna any time a major UFC card comes along. The above url is only for sports, but they give their watchers the ability to watch everything from every NFL game to Pakistanian cricket.

    Now you want to watch a movie that was highly recommended to you but your cheap ass sure as hell wouldn't pay a nickle to watch it - download utorrent. They give you a $35 option to get their "supreme" version that is, in my opinion, a must. You can download it for free, but the upgraded version will never bother you with pop-ups or any viruses, and you can watch what you're downloading as it downloads, no bullshit.

    Does $35 sound expensive? I have, at the moment, 97 movies that I just have to have that is one of the weirdest lists you'd see. But once you have the great utorrent, feel free to go download whatever you want from any time you want, as many as you want at the same time: the upgraded utorrent + TPB = everything but an express delivered male blow-up doll (sorry Freud.).

    Movies, music, shows, and really expensive software like ArcGIS can all be free (very risky), or for $35 that scanned for viruses before you choose one off the list from "legitimate" seeders.

    Windows button > Documents > Videos under Music and Pictures. Badda-bip badda-boop...

    - thankless leech


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      Has SSS never heard of Kodi? 🤣

      Why buy the cow when the milk is free?

      (Of course, a VPN with daily log dumps is advisable... which only costs between 3-6 bucks per month... in order to get anything one desires assuming they're tech savvy or willing to invest a bit of time watching some tutorials and playing around until shit works)...

      Paying 35 bucks outright for limited shit....? That's just stupid....


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        Particularly when the free version can be used to torrent a cracked copy of the pro version of the same program. That's right: uTorrent Pro can be torrented. I've done it, though it's much quicker for me to Google up a tutorial on shutting down the free version's adware and spending half a minute in the Advanced Options flipping registry values which gives you the Pro version anyway with precisely zero chance of infection from malware that you might have incurred from relying on someone else to do it for you.

        And Piratebay has gone to hell in a handbox, the MPAA has seen to that. Sure you can still pick up the odd title worth watching, but the quality of releases being offered has dropped significantly since the US started going all out on it and anyone connected with it. These days you need popup blockers, a willingness to go digging through the comments section and a functioning brain to interpret what you find there. Otherwise you're just as likely to find your machine infected with all manner of digital AIDS, something I suspect 95% of TPB users suffer from based on what I've observed on offer there. I get more reliable results from public Russian trackers and the few private trackers I've been invited to. It's still incumbent upon the user to safeguard their privacy with a VPN of course; throwing a few roadblocks in front of Mr Plod is always a good idea. There's always going to be the gaggle of newbs who do little or nothing to safeguard themselves and leave their asses dangling out in the wind, but you need that low hanging fruit to keep you informed of the goon squad's latest battle tactics. Best advice is to recognise when the technologically illiterate are out spruiking their "knowledge" and generally blend into the background - their example willl give you all the advance warning you'll ever need to keep yourself safe.

        Regan: I'd love to get behind your ire for the kinds of drivel being pumped out in the MSM, but the truth is I got that jaded with it a long time ago and these days view it with disdain, if not outright contempt. MSM as a platform has been overtaken in popularity by YouTube and while the production values for the latter invariably suck, the content can run to levels that leave the major news outlets spinning their wheels while going nowhere. That's not to say that everything that shows up on YouTube is a diamond in the rough - its not, but it's put the amateur on a more equal footing with the major production houses and given the casual viewer options for alternative sources of entertainment that aren't beholden to the moguls of last century whose supremacy relied largely on the favours their money could buy them at the government level.

        It won't last of course. Analogues of the FCC will be created to regulate internet content, they may even enjoy some limited success at doing it too, but at present the medium is evolving too fast for anyone, least of all the established order, to keep on top of it. Get used to boorish turns of phrase such as "deep throated"; with a billion and a half voices clamouring to be heard you can be sure of a lot more where that came from.

        "I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable. I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do."
        - Robert A. Heinlein


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          No Fred, the $35 you pay gives you unlimited access to any software ever made, even ArcGIS (which is a pain in the ass but used to build cyber maps). Not only does the $35 option offer any and everything, you'll notice Ro talking about infected software that even comes complete with added adware. You'll never see any of it if you buy the real version - the one you can watch whatever you're DLing as it DLs.

          The $35 is just a one time payment and it's the golden key to the software you want and/or need. For fun, go ahead and use a proxy or log out or some shit and type in whatever you want into the Search section at TPB. You'll see many diferent choices usually up for four pages of them to sort through before crossing your fingers and praying for the best. Then hop onto the real version of utorrent and the list will be very short and all will have the skull and bones by the seeder's nic, meaning they're major players.

          How did their version make the list? It was scanned for any and all baddies before it even made the safe list by utorrent. The free version is far too annoying to deal with. Having paid for it once long ago, that was a fantastic choice. It removes all the bullshit for you even though you have all the add-ons you have to stop that kinda bullshit which it does on net pages, not on large downloads you'll need Revo Uninstaller Pro to permanently torch the unwanted once and for all.

          So in short, don't fuck with the free version of utorrent - pay the measly $35 and everything will run perfectly smooth as you effortlessly think up some sort of software you want to use or keep. It was hilarious to see Ro tell us that you can DL the Pro version of utorrent using utorrent - you can. But you'll then need to crack it one way or another, which is complicated and sucks unless you consider it fun... to save $35 that is the one and only time you'll need to pay that fee...

          - whatever whenever hassle free, not cost


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            Actually I didn't have to crack the Pro version, it was already "cracked" and only needed installing. The Pro and Free versions are essentially the same torrent client, just that one of them has a few switches flipped in it that the other doesn't.

            Also, the skull and crossbones logo can be seen next to TPB torrents that have earned it, irrespective of whether you have the pro of the free version of uTorrent, or even without any torrent client installed whatsoever. Those logos denote only that the uploader is a VIP (green) or Trusted (pink) account, they do NOT indicate whether the torrent has been tested or not, something you can get a better feel for by checking the comments section and reading between the lines.

            If you want to pay $35 dollars for the privilege of someone flipping six or seven values in the registry then be my guest. I'm doing fine on the free version personally, the thirty seconds I spent doing the job myself was worth foregoing the registration fee I feel.

            "I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable. I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do."
            - Robert A. Heinlein


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              Well explained, fair enough. The comments are indeed great when they're there. They ain't trolls, they're quality snobs.

              Pro version just keeps me confident that I'm not doing my internet pc a terrible injustice. Wait, I could then root the fucking thing completely outta my soil with Revo Uninstaller Pro! *snap*

              I've never been a mod anywhere and can only record my voice using WAV. So spending under $75 to permanently shield my naughty castle while enabling it to DL sure-fire every time, though most of what I want usually has only 2 or 3 seeders with no leeches, it'll be great to look back on these times after They go back to charging citizens for everything from posting on an internet forum to turning your computer on...

              - what you want when you can


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                Oh the comments can be trollish occasionaly, but usually they run to "installer doesn't work" or "VIRUS!" or similar. TRF style comments are easy to spot and dismiss though when you encounter them, the trick is to balance what you see there and make a decision based off it. If the uploader is known, or has provided clear and easy to understand instructions that hanve the ring of legitimacy, then you can usually scroll past the language-challenged bleats of people who present their woes BEnzo-style.

                /V ratings can be useful too, but you'll generally get a feel for that based on the size of the DL for the most part and the names of the uploaders. YIFY used to be great for torrents of high quality in small file sizes, there were a few other names that would regularly crop up that you knew you could rely on, but lately its all become so fragmented you're really taking pot luck in a lot of cases. Keeping your wits about you is key.

                I do agree wholeheartedly on the topic of REVO however, been running it for a couple of years now. A powerful piece of software, very thorough and easy to use in the default settings. A couple of times I've had to use it to chase out remnants of things that installed improperly and its very handy for that too. But the question of how much protection you're getting by using the pro version of a torrent client as opposed to it's free one is not something that holds a lot of water. The cunts who harass the peer to peer community don't discriminate between the two and from what I've seen neither does the malware. The only thing I can say in defence of the skull gif community is that if they've taken the trouble to get that icon they aren't likely to be doing anything to lose it in a hurry, but thats still not a sure thing and either way it's only applicable to TPB. I get a wider selection of torrents through places like, though you need a (free) account for that and either an ability to read Cryllic or a browser like Chrome which can translate it for you.

                Still don't know why you're struggling with formats other than wav though. Last I heard you were using Audacity and I know that has mp3 capability which you can set at the "save as" screen. There's also a bunch of free software that specifically caters to format conversion (Freemake is the simplest I've found so far) and if you're doing any ripping of your personal music device or cellphone you could be saving a ton of space for more of the same by using it. Not so much a fan of the mp3 format myself despite what you think, but its usable for a reasonable quality as long as you're not unpacking it and resaving it all the time.

                "I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable. I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do."
                - Robert A. Heinlein


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                  Pakistanian cricket. Funny, i have a cable channel that has around 5 hours of cricket highlights each night. Never ever watched it before but then I actually started to enjoy it. Those fans are sure into it dancing in the bleachers and waving foam cricket bats. And you get pakistan commercials for tea or this one where some guy is offering fruit up to some deity before this couple decides to buy a new car.

                  I have never used torrents. Just have to be quick and know where to look and you can download the new movies through a link, not those shitty cam copies but those Korean hacker ones that are DVD quality but have those korean subtitles on the bottom. Just saw Wonder woman yesterday.

                  You tube has all the WWE ppv's the next day you just got to download them early morning before they get taken down

                  Or...i just go down to the secret boot leg store (no gringo's allowed unless you know the owner) and they have all the current movies on DVD, Quality may be spotty unless its a screener or a perfect copy.

                  but i am just kidding, i suggest everyone just go see the movies at the cineplexes or wait till they are on PPV.